oa.operator algebras – Trying to understand Haagerup tensor product $B(H)otimes_{rm h}B(K)$

I’m self reading Haagerup tensor product of operator spaces. Understanding it properly, I’m trying some examples. Let $H$ And $K$ be Hilbert space. Let $B(H)$ and $K(H)$ denotes the spaces of bounded and compact operators on $H$?

Can someone explain me what is $B(H)otimes_{rm h}B(K)$ and $B(H)otimes_{rm h}K(H)$? Are these spaces completely isometric to some well known operator space?

Is there any reference/lecture notes where I can find these kind of stuff?

P.S: The same question was first asked on MSE here.

Backup – How do I get the contents of an HTC .hbk file without buying an HTC phone?

I have broken the USB port on my HTC One phone and can not recharge it.

Before the battery ran out, I did all the necessary backups, including SMS, which created a .hbk file. I've been looking for a solution, but the only one I can find is to copy that file to another HTC phone and restore the messages that way.

Since I have no intention to buy a new HTC phone Just to get my messagesHow do I extract the contents of the .hbk file on a PC (Linux or Windows)?