How to force Google Docs “Replace URL with its title” on heading links to instead replace the URL with heading text

I need to be able to more efficiently change a link to the heading text the link points to, without having to do cumbersome steps.

This a workaround for the more ideal feature that, as of 2020-05-22, has yet to be implemented by Google: How to insert links to headings in Google Docs without brute force (incremental completion and narrowing)

See the image below which explains the problem. Below that image, see the steps to reproduce this problem:

enter image description here


  1. Open an existing Google Doc, or create new one.
  2. Add a heading.
  3. Click on the link of that heading inside the Outline view to the left.
  4. Move the mouse into the browsers address bar, select the URL, and type CTRL+c to copy it into the clipboard.
  5. Move the mouse into the document, and type CTRL+v to paste the URL.
  6. Left mouse click into the URL just pasted.
  7. See the popup (see image below).
  8. Notice that it has the text of the whole document, which is not what I want. Instead, I want that to be the heading text of that section.

I do not want to workaround this by having to edit the URL text, or have to use method of adding links to headings using CTRL+k, as that is taking up too much time when this operation is done many, many times during an editing session: It is cumbersome because it forces you to scroll down a list of all headings in the document, versus driving to it directly, and that list of headings can be quite large. As the number of headings increases, it becomes impractical to scroll down that list every single time to find the heading.

linkedin – Create an index in the article that references heading types

I wonder if it is possible to add an index that references certain types of headings in a LinkedIn article.

Suppose I have an article with the following structure:

A little bit about me (heading 1)

About (heading 2)

Projects (heading 2)

Services (heading 2)

And I want to create an article index that allows me to refer to headings 1 and 2 and press 1, for example. I would go to that particular part of the article.

Icons – I want the user to toggle a column heading to sort a grid by a date field. How can I design ASC / DSC intuitively?

I'm sorry I posted this in response. I am not sure if this is actually an answer. But I still can't comment on it.

I see two different problems here. First, whether the ascending order should be represented by a triangle pointing up or down (or similar symbols). Second, whether this icon represents the current (now) or future status (after clicking).

As for the first problem, my intuition as a Windows user says (and maybe we should see the convention of the operating system or other widespread user interface for most of our target users to decide) Up arrow to upgrade (a >> z, 1>) > 9), although the results are displayed from top to bottom. But there is no study / evidence I can show here.

For the second problem, I apparently answered @Wilbert to this thread with the following conclusion:

(…) It is not clear whether the column heading icon shows the criterion that is currently used for sorting, or behaves like a button that sorts by clicking the icon.

Well, I agree with him. So I asked myself two situations that might make more sense to me:

  1. We only use the sort symbol in the column in which the sort is located
    applied and representing the current sorting; or
  2. We use the sort icon for all columns, but represent the future
    Condition after clicking.

The first options seem more intuitive to me because the column selected for sorting and the sort order are explicit for the user. On the other hand, the user has no explicit means of knowing that clicking in a column heading sorts the results (although this is common sense). So this is the option that I would use.

The second is exactly the opposite: While it becomes clearer to the user that clicking on the columns sorts the results, it is not clear what the current sort criteria are (the sort column and the sort direction).

I would like to hear that there is a widespread convention, but as far as I have been able to find it, there is none. = /

Forms – Can a heading be a substitute for labels?

Chrome’s lighthouse continues to report that “form elements have no labels associated”. provides more information on:

Labels ensure that form controls are properly advertised through assistive technologies such as screen readers. Assistive technology users rely on these labels when navigating forms. Users of mice and touchscreens also benefit from labels because the label text is a larger click target.

However, I am not convinced that I have to make changes for different forms because:

  • There is a text above the form that describes what needs to be completed
  • There are placeholders in the input itself (and some also have symbols)
  • The text boxes have the same vertical height as the buttons (and are wider). Some of them are multi-line text areas that are definitely large enough for a goal
  • These blank forms have only text input or are email / password logins, so it's not difficult to keep track of what's going where

In addition, I think it would be strange to put the previous text on a label (and unexpectedly) and not that it would work if the text referred to the two email / password fields.

Examples (parentheses indicate a text field / area with placeholders that are not to scale):

Log in with your email address and password:


(Write your update ……

Do I need labels in such cases?

2016 – Remove the link from the quick start navigation heading

Is it possible to use quick start headings as categories that are not links themselves? I don't want the headings to be clickable.

I tried to set the web address to empty. javascript: return true;etc., but SharePoint is quite strict because it is a "valid" URL.

The current heading does that, but I feel like it's a special kind of heading.

My best bet seems to be removing the links with some js on the master page, but that seems a bit choppy.

Is there a better way?

sharepoint online – How do I edit the font of the column heading in the "Quick edit" view?

I'm having trouble using style tags to change the font color in the heading of my list in the quick edit view. This problem only occurs in the quick edit view … I successfully changed the header properties (color, font, size, etc.) in non-quick edit views with the following code:

.ms-vh2-nofilter, .ms-vh2,, .ms-vh2a, .ms-vh, .ms-vha {font size: bold; Color white; Font size: 1.05em; }}

What am i missing Is there another CSS class that deals with the headers in quick editing?

Update: The use of the following code was recommended, but does not change the text in the column headings in the quick edit view.

  /* Change column header font properties */

.ms-vh, .ms-vh2-nofilter, .ms-vh2,, th (title = & # 39; reason & # 39;) {font size: bold; Color white! important; Font size: 1.05em; }}

It looks like this:

Headings in the quick edit view

This is how it should look (not fast appearance):
Normal view