Nginx, which does not add expired headings, does not change the MIME types

I have the following location block in my server block in /etc/sites-available/

    location ~* .(ttf|woff|woff2|eot|mp4|css|gif|ico|jpeg|jpg|js|png)$ {
            expires max;
            log_not_found off;

and that under /etc/nginx/mime.types:

types {
application/x-font-ttf ttc ttf;
application/x-font-otf otf;
application/font-woff woff;
application/font-woff2 woff2;
application/ eot;

At first, the content type of the response header does not seem to change. For example, it shows for ttf Application / octet stream,

Most importantly, expired headers are missing. Any tips?

Merging data in a Google Sheet based on the description of the column headings

I'm relatively new to Google Sheets and I'm facing a small challenge.

I've created a long Google that produced several similar headlines on Google Sheets.

How do I go about connecting multiple lines so that I can filter the data?
I've attached a screenshot of my table with blue arrows showing the columns I need to merge.
Each article must be in a separate line example

homepage – I would like to change the latest post headings in my current WordPress theme

Enter image description hereEnter image description here
I'm currently using the topic "Elixer" in my WordPress site
I designed the homepage according to the page builder theme. But after adding the latest blog post option, it looks so bad. I want to design and give it a box shape in the title – "Latest on BlogLeet" and please tell me how I can avoid the frame shape and these blanks. I want all options with full width.
Thank you very much.

replacement – Replaces subexpressions that match a pattern, unless they are under specific headings

Suppose I have a rule, eg. Re(x_) :> (x + Conjugate(x))/2, I want to apply it to all matching subexpressions in an expression, with the exception of all subexpressions that are somewhere under the head Hold(…) or Function(…) (in every depth). What is the easiest way to do that? Can this be done without explicit filtering of positions?

For example, the result of the replacement in the expression:

{z + Re(a), Hold(1 + Re(b)), Function(z, Abs(Re(c)))}

should be

{z + (a + Conjugate(a))/2, Hold(1 + Re(b)), Function(z, Abs(Re(c)))}

from where Re(b) and Re(c) stay unchanged as they are below Hold and Function,

The Google Sheets data feed has additional column headings in JSON

I have a customer who uses Google Sheets as a data feed. When using the correctly structured URL for the sheet, blank columns appear in the target table. When I look in the Code inspector, I see gsx column heading properties that do not exactly match the column headings.

For example, in the table I'm looking at, the first column is Case Number. This column is empty in the destination table, even though it should be filled with case numbers. When I look in the code inspector (Google Chrome), I open the first row of data in the JSON object and see a key named & gt; gsx $ casenumber & # 39 ;. This key has the property & # 39; undefined & # 39 ;.

In the Google Sheet itself, the case numbers fill this column.

Strange is that the key is # gsx $ casenumber & # 39; also for a new table the property $ t of & # 39; undefined & # 39; Has. The column heading in the Google Sheet is "case number".

The next key in the Google Sheet JSON object is gsx $ caseprefixtoeachcaseisd202cv. This is the key where the $ t properties have the case numbers that I should see in the rendered table. This also happens in other columns.

Is there a way to either remove the first Google Sheet key in JSON or bind the key with the case numbers to the appropriate column heading in the rendered table?

Any input or help would be very grateful. Thank you in advance!

Screenshot with details of the rendered table and the JSON object

Do headlines in SEO still play a big role?

Do you still consider headlines in 2017 as an important part of your overall SEO site?

I'd say h1 is still massively relevant, h2 used to play a significant role as well, but does it matter so much now that we have so many other aspects that cloud the fundamentals?

Many thanks
Whitevox companies

c ++ context menu for extensible tree headings

I have a Qt tree view with a custom tree head. The tree has a so-called mode, by default there are two. Each mode displays a different tree. The mode switch is displayed as a context menu of the tree header.

Having a context menu in the tree header is not that hard. In my case, however, I need to create a tree header so that the user of my code can add new modes. These are the corresponding tree view pointers and an action in the context menu to switch to the new mode.

Below is my code for the tree header. Please let me know if you have comments.

Class TreeHeader: public QHeaderView
TreeHeader (QWidget * parent = nullptr) noexcept;

QAction * getModeAction (const QString & sActionTitle) const;

void addModeAction (QAction * action, eTreeMode mode, QAction * before = nullptr);

/// Overwrite the context menu event
void contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent * event) override;

/// The context menu
QMenu * m_pContextMenu = nullptr;

/// Make connections and necessary data for the specified action
void setupAction (QAction * action, eTreeMode eMode) const;

}; // class TreeHeader

TreeHeader :: TreeHeader (QWidget * parent / * = nullptr * /) noexcept
: QHeaderView (Qt :: Horizontal, Superior)
, m_pContextMenu (new QMenu (this))
std :: vector <std :: pair> mapModeToName;
mapModeToName.emplace_back (eTreeMode :: Mode1, QString ("By% 1"). arg (mode1));
mapModeToName.emplace_back (eTreeMode :: Mode2, QString ("By% 1"). arg (mode2));

// create standard actions
for (const auto & pair: mapModeToName)
// add the action to the menu and set the required properties
setupAction (m_pContextMenu-> addAction (pair.second), pair.first);

setTextElideMode (Qt :: ElideRight);
setStretchLastSection (true);

QAction * TreeHeader :: getModeAction (const QString & sActionTitle) const
for (const auto pAction: m_pContextMenu-> actions ())
if (pAction-> text () == sActionTitle)
return pAction;
return nullptr;

void TreeHeader :: addModeAction (QAction * action, eTreeMode mode, QAction * before / * = nullptr * /)
if (! action) return;

// add the action in the appropriate position
if (before)
m_pContextMenu-> insertAction (before the action);
m_pContextMenu-> addAction (action);

// set up necessary properties for the action
setupAction (action, mode);

void TreeHeader :: contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent * event)
if (auto pTree = static_cast(parentWidget ()))
// make sure we have a populated tree
if (! (pTree-> getTreeModel () && pTree-> getTreeModel () -> hasChildren ())) return;

// Show the shortcut menu for the first column only, which indicates the grouping mode
if (logicalIndexAt (event-> pos ()) == 0)
// Get the current mode
auto eMode = pTree-> getMode ();

// set correct checked states of the actions
for (const auto pAction: m_pContextMenu-> actions ())
pAction-> setChecked (eMode == static_cast(pAction-> data (). toInt ()));

// and show the menu
m_pContextMenu-> exec (event-> globalPos ());

void TreeHeader :: setupAction (QAction * action, eTreeMode eMode) const
// make the action verifiable and check it if necessary
action-> setCheckable (true);

// set the activated state of the action and make the necessary connections
if (auto pTree = dynamic_cast(parentWidget ()))
action-> setChecked (pTree-> getMode () == eMode);

// Establish a connection to change the mode
if (auto pView = dynamic_cast(pTree-> parentWidget ()))
// Establish connection to process mode change
connect (action, & QAction :: triggered, pView, & TreeViewContainer :: onModeChanged);

// set the mode as data
action-> setData (eMode);

Website Design – How can I clean up the headings on my homepage?

I have a simple website where I take notes on different things. I have a few "folders" (themes) and several "files" (items) underneath. My current homepage looks like this:

Enter image description here

For example Java Has Class Design and Collections and collector and so on. I've tried to separate the files by a dot, but I think it's still quite a tedious task to distinguish individual pages.

How can I make it cleaner so it's easier for the eyes to create individual files under a theme?

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