amazon web services – AWS – EC2 Auto Scaling Health Check in relation to Cool Down

**I’m a bit confused and need some advice.
I have and ASG, health check is 5 minutes to marked the instance healthy and default cooldown is 4 minutes. I have a scaling policy that will check if the cpu usage is at 70% for n datapoints for 1 min and add n of instances.

Will I have an issue? Does the scaling policy add to the default cooldown timing? My understanding is I will have an issue due to my default cooldown being less than my health check time.

Scenario : When new instances are launch and health check hasnt passed yet(5minutes) and another scaling happens(4minutes). Is this an issue or valid statement?
Hope you got my point.
Thanks in advance.**

customs and immigration – UK Public Health Passenger Locator Form: Privacy and Data Retention Period

How long is any information supplied through the UK Public Health Passenger Locator Form kept for, when some EU citizen travels from the EU to England by plane, as of now (or 12 July 2020: it doesn’t matter because the information supplied through the form may vary, but the retention policy will probably stay)?
The form says that

the information you provide will be used by the Home Office and Public Health England, as described in the privacy policy.

Now such privacy policy, under section “How long we keep your personal information for”, is rather vague. I will analyze some relevant portions here below:

We will keep your personal information for as long as it is necessary for permitted purposes.

This doesn’t convey anything.

In the borders, immigration and citizenship system, we maintain a long-term record of immigration history and immigration offending to support future decision-making and enforce penalties.

This suggests they can keep this data forever.

Personal data will be typically retained for 25 years after a decision to grant settlement or naturalisation and for 15 years after the last action in other cases.

This suggests they might keep this data for 15 years.

At the border, passenger name records data is retained for up to 10 years. Advance passenger information may be retained for 10 years.

This is unclear, because “advance passenger information” is generally used as a technical term, often abbreviated by API, which until the start of this year essentially meant “Passport No / ID No”.

However, it should be noted that the Jay Inquiry, which commenced in February 2015, has placed a moratorium on the disposal of all records throughout the Home Office, including all operational records and case files. This is currently in force and will remain so until further notice. It does not apply where there is a statutory requirement to delete data.

This again implies they can keep the data forever.

I haven’t tried calling the “Form and self-isolation helpline” yet, but I doubt they’ll provide any further information. Furthermore, I’d prefer reading some published governmental policy paper rather than hearing by phone from some unknown employee.

Incidentally, the Republic of Ireland is extremely clear instead:

This form and any copies of it, and any updates that you send using the (email) email address, will be destroyed 28 days after your arrival, unless the form is required for law enforcement purposes.

health – Can I get infected from driver even when masks are worn?

Suppose I take an Uber taxi, me and driver as 2 persons only in the car. And the driver is COVID positive. I’m not positive. When I enter the car, there are no coronaviruses inside, in the air and on the surfaces. The driver is wearing a surgical mask and gloves. I’m also wearing a surgical mask and gloves. I’m sitting at the very back of the car (3 compartments car, like a car with 6 seats in 3 sections). And then the journey starts.

The driver sneezes once during the journey and coughs 2-3 times as he has mild symptoms, but he’s still wearing the mask.

Now this is is just imagination, but I’m soon going to travel to my hometown by taxi. I’m considering the worst-case scenario. So I wanted to make sure if it would be safe or not.

Can I get infected through the air (sneeze/cough droplets coming out of mask from the driver and entering through my mask) in this situation? I don’t see any other possibility of getting infected.

health – Is there any drugstore that is open 24 hours in Bangkok?

Interesting answer from Vovicon on, pointing out one can look at street view/pictures to try to spot a 24 hour open sign (and hope that the opening hours are still accurate: calling the business, if their phone number is disclosed somewhere, might be a good idea to confirm):

(…) businesses here are still very bad at updating their listings on Google maps (on more generally online). (…)There’s a franchise called”Bangkok Drugstores” which has many branches and seem to maintain their Google listings better. You can see for example this one is listed as 24h and just checking street view/pictures you can see it says “24h” on their main signage:

We can indeed sign a 24 red sign on the entrance door:

enter image description here

Another example of a drugstore that is open 24 hours in Bangkok?: JC Pharma:

enter image description here

It’d still be more convenient to have a centralized, up-to-date list of drugstores with their business hours/days instead of having to manually spot “24” on the images (or Google or others could help by deploying some text detection algorithms to automatically extract business hours).

healthcheck – received cc flood from google health check

from last 4am UTC ,our nginx received many request from google,

same url:/agent/api_member_de

same rate:14k/min


same useragent:”Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/5.0)”

top 10 ip

count remote_addr:











beacause the IP is from goolge health check we can deny it。

help me know what happend

I have checked no any health checked is like it in my gcp account

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