Healthcheck address of the Kubernetes API server with kubeadm

I'm trying to start a Kubernetes cluster on a computer that has two IP addresses with kubeadm v1.13.1. I want the kube-apiserver process to bind specifically to one of them. I was successful in passing the following configuration to kubeadm initbut the healthcheck portion of the Apiserver manifest uses the other (default route) IP address. As a result, Kubelet demolishes the kube-apiserver container due to failed health checks.

kind: InitConfiguration
kind: ClusterConfiguration
Binding Address:

It seems that the localApiEndpoint is not used at all because I can not enter cruft in the advertiseAddress fields without causing errors or warnings. If you misspell localApiEndpoint or advertiseAddress, warnings are raised, which means I did not misspell them.

How can I get kubeadm to properly generate the health check section of the Apiserver manifest?

ansible – Haproxy healthcheck and backend section generation

I have many websites and I want to do an http health check for everyone. Does that mean I need to create a backend section for each site? If so, I have to generate it somehow. Can I achieve this with templates or can I do something like Ansible?

Example of one of the backend sections:

Redirection scheme https if! {} Ssl_fc
Option httpchk GET / heathcheck HTTP / 1.1  r  nHost:
Standard Server Inter 1s fall 3 to 2
http-check expect rstatus ^ 5
server server01 server01: 443 ssl check, no check
server server02 server02: 443 ssl check, no check