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Topic: Healthy food blog from a nutrition coach. Healthy tips, popular recipes, products reviews.
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linux – How to show docker logs until container becomes healthy

I’m trying to create CI infrastructure for a project. We deploy application with docker. It usually takes some time, to start up application. I would like to see in my gitlab job logs my docker logs…. but I would like stop displaying them as soon as application will start returning 200 on selected endpoint.

I already have a healthcheck configured for my containers in docker-compose file if that would be helpful.

I would like to avoid checking health check status manually and displaying parts of logs with docker-compose logs --tail, because then I could get duplicated lines. So maybe I should use some kind of queue file?

Do you maybe know any tools which could simplify this?

Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated. :]

How to know how healthy sql server database now?

Maybe it is a little odd question but I am getting more into a DBA roll at my company.

So I want to know how healthy SQL database is now (before I started to work with it).

Then, in a month or so, I want to check again to see how healthy database is and compare it to previous state.

Basically is any way I can take like a snapshot of the database now and snapshot of the database later? And then see what’s been approved, so I can track my progress.

Any source of information would be great.

docker – I’m trying to setup Envoy as a front proxy but I’m running into “no healthy upstream”

I’m trying to figure out how to setup Envoy as a front reverse proxy. I have a very contrived frontend (nextjs that just does a fetch to the backend) and a mocked api in nodejs that has two stubbed endpoints. The source is on github:

I’m using docker-compose with the primary entry being docker-compose-dev.yml. It sets up 1 frontend container, two api containers, and an envoy container. Envoy’s config is dev.envoy.yml which gets copied over as a volume.

If you would like to see it run locally, I have a setup command in the Makefile to prep the containers and a dev command which basically runs docker-compose up.

I don’t see any errors from Envoy and the services are reachable directly via their ports (3000,7000, 7001) but Envoy returns

no healthy upstream

… once you get past the invalid cert warning, of course.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

λ ~/Projects/learning-envoy/ master* make dev
docker-compose -f docker-compose-dev.yml down && docker-compose -f docker-compose-dev.yml up --remove-orphans
Removing api1     ... done
Removing api2     ... done
Removing envoy    ... done
Removing frontend ... done
Removing network learning-envoy_learning_envoy_mesh
Removing network learning-envoy_default
Creating network "learning-envoy_learning_envoy_mesh" with the default driver
Creating network "learning-envoy_default" with the default driver
Creating api2     ... done
Creating api1     ... done
Creating frontend ... done
Creating envoy    ... done
Attaching to frontend, envoy, api1, api2
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/ initializing epoch 0 (hot restart version=11.104)
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/ statically linked extensions:
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.filters.listener: envoy.filters.listener.http_inspector, envoy.filters.listener.original_dst, envoy.filters.listener.original_src, envoy.filters.listener.proxy_protocol, envoy.filters.listener.tls_inspector, envoy.listener.http_inspector, envoy.listener.original_dst, envoy.listener.original_src, envoy.listener.proxy_protocol, envoy.listener.tls_inspector
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.transport_sockets.downstream: envoy.transport_sockets.alts, envoy.transport_sockets.raw_buffer, envoy.transport_sockets.tap, envoy.transport_sockets.tls, raw_buffer, tls
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/ envoy.client_ssl_auth, envoy.echo, envoy.ext_authz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, envoy.http_connection_manager, envoy.mongo_proxy, envoy.ratelimit, envoy.redis_proxy, envoy.tcp_proxy
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.stats_sinks: envoy.dog_statsd, envoy.metrics_service, envoy.stat_sinks.dog_statsd, envoy.stat_sinks.hystrix, envoy.stat_sinks.metrics_service, envoy.stat_sinks.statsd, envoy.statsd
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.grpc_credentials: envoy.grpc_credentials.aws_iam, envoy.grpc_credentials.default, envoy.grpc_credentials.file_based_metadata
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.dubbo_proxy.protocols: dubbo
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.thrift_proxy.filters: envoy.filters.thrift.rate_limit, envoy.filters.thrift.router
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.transport_sockets.upstream: envoy.transport_sockets.alts, envoy.transport_sockets.raw_buffer, envoy.transport_sockets.tap, envoy.transport_sockets.tls, raw_buffer, tls
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.clusters: envoy.cluster.eds, envoy.cluster.logical_dns, envoy.cluster.original_dst, envoy.cluster.static, envoy.cluster.strict_dns, envoy.clusters.aggregate, envoy.clusters.dynamic_forward_proxy, envoy.clusters.redis
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.dubbo_proxy.route_matchers: default
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.access_loggers: envoy.access_loggers.file, envoy.access_loggers.http_grpc, envoy.access_loggers.tcp_grpc, envoy.file_access_log, envoy.http_grpc_access_log, envoy.tcp_grpc_access_log
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.filters.udp_listener: envoy.filters.udp.dns_filter, envoy.filters.udp_listener.udp_proxy
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.retry_priorities: envoy.retry_priorities.previous_priorities
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.dubbo_proxy.serializers: dubbo.hessian2
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.dubbo_proxy.filters: envoy.filters.dubbo.router
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.health_checkers: envoy.health_checkers.redis
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.thrift_proxy.protocols: auto, binary, binary/non-strict, compact, twitter
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.thrift_proxy.transports: auto, framed, header, unframed
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.resource_monitors: envoy.resource_monitors.fixed_heap, envoy.resource_monitors.injected_resource
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.tracers: envoy.dynamic.ot, envoy.lightstep, envoy.tracers.datadog, envoy.tracers.dynamic_ot, envoy.tracers.lightstep, envoy.tracers.opencensus, envoy.tracers.xray, envoy.tracers.zipkin, envoy.zipkin
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.filters.http: envoy.buffer, envoy.cors, envoy.csrf, envoy.ext_authz, envoy.fault, envoy.filters.http.adaptive_concurrency, envoy.filters.http.aws_lambda, envoy.filters.http.aws_request_signing, envoy.filters.http.buffer, envoy.filters.http.cache, envoy.filters.http.cors, envoy.filters.http.csrf, envoy.filters.http.dynamic_forward_proxy, envoy.filters.http.dynamo, envoy.filters.http.ext_authz, envoy.filters.http.fault, envoy.filters.http.grpc_http1_bridge, envoy.filters.http.grpc_http1_reverse_bridge, envoy.filters.http.grpc_json_transcoder, envoy.filters.http.grpc_stats, envoy.filters.http.grpc_web, envoy.filters.http.gzip, envoy.filters.http.header_to_metadata, envoy.filters.http.health_check, envoy.filters.http.ip_tagging, envoy.filters.http.jwt_authn, envoy.filters.http.lua, envoy.filters.http.on_demand, envoy.filters.http.original_src, envoy.filters.http.ratelimit, envoy.filters.http.rbac, envoy.filters.http.router, envoy.filters.http.squash, envoy.filters.http.tap, envoy.grpc_http1_bridge, envoy.grpc_json_transcoder, envoy.grpc_web, envoy.gzip, envoy.health_check, envoy.http_dynamo_filter, envoy.ip_tagging, envoy.lua, envoy.rate_limit, envoy.router, envoy.squash
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.retry_host_predicates: envoy.retry_host_predicates.omit_canary_hosts, envoy.retry_host_predicates.omit_host_metadata, envoy.retry_host_predicates.previous_hosts
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   http_cache_factory: envoy.extensions.http.cache.simple
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.resolvers: envoy.ip
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.358)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/   envoy.udp_listeners: raw_udp_listener
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.391)(1)(warning)(main) (source/server/ No admin address given, so no admin HTTP server started.
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.394)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/ runtime: layers:
envoy       |   - name: static_layer__0
envoy       |     static_layer:
envoy       |       envoy:
envoy       |         resource_limits:
envoy       |           listener:
envoy       |             learning_envoy_listener:
envoy       |               connection_limit: 10000
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.394)(1)(info)(config) (source/server/ loading tracing configuration
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.394)(1)(info)(config) (source/server/ loading 0 static secret(s)
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.394)(1)(info)(config) (source/server/ loading 2 cluster(s)
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.397)(1)(info)(config) (source/server/ loading 1 listener(s)
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.431)(1)(info)(config) (source/server/ loading stats sink configuration
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.432)(1)(warning)(main) (source/server/ there is no configured limit to the number of allowed active connections. Set a limit via the runtime key overload.global_downstream_max_connections
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.432)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/ starting main dispatch loop
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.437)(1)(info)(upstream) (source/common/upstream/ cm init: all clusters initialized
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.437)(1)(info)(main) (source/server/ all clusters initialized. initializing init manager
envoy       | (2020-07-31 02:57:45.437)(1)(info)(config) (source/server/ all dependencies initialized. starting workers