Are social media marketing services really helping a company to make sales?

In small and medium-sized businesses, social media, especially Facebook, help your business a lot. Not only do you get traffic, engagements, and visitors through social networks. They also help you increase your brand awareness, sell your products and services faster and more cost-effectively. Facebook has many types of advertising based on your business, and you can run any type of ad that goes with it. Example: CPC, Boost Post, Get Like, Get Lead, Video View, …

Anyone helping to duplicate my SquareSpace website


I've created a Squarespace website,, and need to make 3 more copies of it to create sites that are similar but have different locations and small differences.

I did not know that you can not do it that easy in SquareSpace.

Anyone can duplicate the site or suggest an alternative method to copy the site without spending hours and hours manually creating the site

like to pay for a service.