8 – Hide items when loading, then show and reset when you click the filter to hide them with the general data filter

Maybe the title is not very clear, I will try to explain it better.
I have an isotope view where taxonomies (as a link) are filters and nodes are elements. In addition, I have to display the taxonomy descriptions (shown as full entities) when clicking on the appropriate taxonomy filter. The taxonomy description appears when I click the Taxonomy Filter link, and related nodes are filtered.
If I click on the general (*) data filter text, I have to hide the taxonomy description again.

I was able to find a way in an HTML demo and am trying to reproduce it in drupal8, but that doesn't seem to work, so I need help.

What I did:
I have assigned the general (*) data filter a class with the name "delete filter" and other filters a class "Filter Show" for Javascript selectors.
I have assigned two classes to the elements that I need to hide (the taxonomy descriptions) called "Categories" and "Elements to Hide". I also created a "Items to Show" class that replaces the "Items to Hide" when a filter is clicked and the JavaScript code is executed.

Here is the HTML code of the filters:

Then the code for the default hidden items (or page loading):

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And here is my simple custom JS code:

  $(".filters-show a").click(function(){

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    $(".clear-filters").click(function () {

The first part of the code works. If you click on a filter of my view, the link given above shows the taxonomy description and the associated nodes. But when I click on the "Tutte" link (filter with data attribute = *), the class is not added.
Note that I wrote the CSS lines so that the "elements to be hidden" overwrite the "elements to be displayed".
In an earlier version of the script, I also removed the items-to-show class, which seems to work in HTML but not in Live Drupal, which means:


I tried to split the code into two JS library declarations, but to no avail: the second JS doesn't load at all, can't understand why.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you so much!

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