How do you hide messages individually after they are visible for a specific time?

Tries to hide the messages one at a time, depending on the creation time
So far, I have this, but it does not work very well in a few moments, it does not wait for the 15s and in others it wipes them all together

I need that for all news

vendor / magento / module-ui / view / frontend / web / js / view / messages.js

I'm just overwriting a test

/ **
* Copyright © Magento, Inc. All rights reserved.
* For more information about the license, see COPYING.txt.
* /

/ **
* @api
* /
], Function (ko, $, Component, globalMessages) {
# Use strictly & # 39 ;;

return Component.extend ({
Default settings: {
Template: & # 39; Magento_Ui / messages & # 39 ;,
// selector: & # 39;[data-role=checkout-messages]& # 39 ;,
// isHidden: false,
// listen: {
// isHidden: & # 39; onHiddenChange & # 39;

/ ** @heritdoc * /
initialize: function (config, messageContainer) {
this._super ()
.initObservable ();

this.messageContainer = messageContainer || config.messageContainer || global messages;

this.initAutoHidden ();
return this;

// / ** @inheritdoc * /
// initObservable: function () {
// this._super ()
// .observe (& # 39; isHidden & # 39;);
// return that;

/ **
* Checks the visibility.
* @return {boolean}
* /
isVisible: function () {
return this.messageContainer.hasMessages ();

/ **
* Remove all messages.
* /
removeAll: function () {
this.messageContainer.clear ();

/ **
* init hides all messages automatically
* /
initAutoHidden: function () {
setInterval (function () {

var date = new date ();
var now = date.getTime ();
$ (# Div. Message: not (.error): visible #). each (function () {
var message = $ (this);
if (message.attr (& # 39; created time & # 39;)) {
var timeCreated = parseInt (message.attr (& # 39; time-created & # 39;)));
if (now - timeCreated> 15000) {
//message.removeAttr('time-created & # 39;);
message.hide (& # 39; blind & # 39 ;, function () {
message.remove ();
}, 500);

} else {
message.attr (& # 39; created time & # 39 ;, now);
}, 1000);

8 – Hide the password field during user registration?

I did not enable this option:

[ ]    Email confirmation required when a visitor creates an account

If I remove the check mark, the user must enter a password when registering. The problem is, I want the user to be able to register without a password and also not receive a new login email. This is because a user who logs on to the site can log in immediately. I can not use the blocked state for the user. I need the user to avoid being blocked. And then I added a new "real confirmation" box after clicking on the link in my own custom email.

An even better solution would be if I could use Drupal's login method, but the user can log in even if it's not verified. Maybe there is something that already does this?

Customization – Installed WordPress in a subdirectory and custom URL for Site / Home to hide the subdirectory from the URL, but logged in problems

OK, I've installed WordPress Core in a subdirectory (/ wordpress) next to my WP table of contents, and adjusted the site url and home URLs accordingly:

define (& # 39; WP_SITEURL & # 39 ;, & # 39; https: // & # 39;. $ _SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] , & # 39; / wordpress / & # 39;);
define (& # 39; WP_HOME & # 39 ;, & # 39; https: // & # 39;. $ _SERVER['SERVER_NAME']);

This works as expected, the frontend of my site is available at and the backend at

Unfortunately, when I browse my website, I am not considered logged in, so the admin bar is not displayed.

So if I am at – no admin bar (even the body class does not reflect logging in).

However, if I add the WordPress directory there,, then yay, I get the admin bar (and the body class now indicates I'm signed in).

How do I need to configure the site to hide it? / WordPress Directory but also be logged in on the site? Should I put the siteurl and home URLs in the same place and use a few htaccess rewrite tricks?

8 – To hide menu links for specific groups in the Open Social distribution

The Open Social distribution uses the group module. For pages with group content, a group menu (tabs) is displayed.
The tabs are configured in the social_group / file.social_group.links.task.yml
Defining links like:

route_name: view.group_information.page_group_about
title: About
Weight: 15
route_name: view.group_events.page_group_events
Title: Events
Weight: 20

route_name: view.group_topics.page_group_topics
Title: Themes
Weight: 25

However, these menu tabs are the same for all groups.
I want to hide some of these tabs for specific groups.

I received a tip from one of the module supervisors:

Msgstr "Hiding Certain Tabs on a Group Basis … This is possible
and we did that for a customer before. You could accomplish this by
Add "something" to the group entity where you can save
which tabs are displayed and which are not. To get all the tabs that are available
In a group, you can use the LocalTaskManager and the
getLocalTasksForRoute method to get the needed ones

After saving it to the group or config, you can call it
hook_menu_local_tasks_alter. There you can influence which local takes
be displayed and which not. "

So what I understand is that I can create a term tag field in the group entity that allows users to select the tabs available in the group. The selected terms should match the visible links of the social groups (tabs).

The tip above, using LocalTaskManager and so on, is beyond my comprehension (as a site builder, not a programmer) and I would like to know how to do this more accurately.

sharepoint online – hide element in IE in custom NewForm.aspx or EditForm.aspx

In the habit NewForm.aspx or EditForm.aspx, the ribbon is hidden and the following is added:

ieAttachBtn is needed only in IE. In Chrome and Edge, this works without it. Is there a way to show / hide this?

based on the browser?

I have inserted the following code after PlaceHolderAdditionalPageHeadthe warning works but the .getElementById (). style.display Not.

Hide / disable microphone option on the Android soft keyboard

I want to hide the microphone in front of the soft keyboard in my current application.

I've tried these possible solutions for the same thing.

Disable the speech-text (micro-phone) key on the keyboard with the soft entry in Android programmatically

However, this solution does not work at all.

I found an unexpected thing when addType = "textFilter" is added, then it works for me, I mean, the microphone is hidden.

But if possible, I would like to have the exact solution to the problem, because if I take over the mentioned "textFilter" thing, it can break down later.

I tried it on below. versions

  1. Pie (API-28), device – Pixel2XL
  2. Marshmallow (API-23), Device – MotoE3Power

Javascript – SharePoint 2010 Hide SP list boxes based on the status of another box in the new forms, editing and view forms

I have an SP 2010 list looking for an option to hide fields from the new forms, edit and view forms based on the status of another field. Below is the code I have been working on for the new form, but the status field is not queried. Suggestions or help on this topic would be very grateful.