High CPU with Adforest WordPress theme

Hello, I have some problems with my WordPress theme AdForest. Support repeats only the same sentences and nothing really helps me. It has been tested in all possible ways, with plugins, without plugins. We upgraded to the highest VPS plan we could find, and the problem persists. The main problem with the topic is that it overloads the CPU. I think it's the unstoppable loading of the thyme script … just look at the screenshots. And imagine what happens when 10 users are logged in at the same time. I stopped the heartbeat control and it stopped too, but they annoyed me in the new version. There is no such thinking. I have updated and guess what. It's the same damnation again. And now ALSO with switched off heartbeat problem pressists. I contacted the … last time today and the answer was We are working on it, but this answer has been the same for a long time … Is there anyone with a solution? I am strugeling with the support and there is no solution of months already.

Scrshot 1. prnt.sc/nquu04

Scrshot 2. 10 minutes later – prnt.sc/nquz52

At this time, two users and 3 administrators were logged on. Screenshot 3 – prnt.sc/nquy94
ONLY the plugins supplied with the theme are activated. I've activated the wordFence plugin now because I thought this might be an attack, but after seeing the logs in the console and … with plugins enabled, I did not change anything … We've got it before too tested Themes plugins tested, the results were the same … There are no problems only when Heart Beat is turned off, but as I said, I need it because of the Autoposter plugin

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InnoHosting does not invest in bauble software that supposedly boosts performance (after all, software can only be as good as its hardware) – we do not go the cheap and easy way. Instead, InnoHosting is investing in high-end hardware that offers significant performance improvements than any software-based solution ever could. Multiple 15,000 RPM SAS drives, IBM eServer, 8 GB RAM, hardware RAID, just to name a few. Not only the hardware high-end, but all servers are slightly charged, so all websites are loaded quickly and smoothly.

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High DPI and dual boot

I have Ubuntu installed over a Windows 10 installation and now have a dual-boot system successfully. However, the startup menu, which allows me to select the operating system to start, is extremely small. How can I fix this so I can actually see the menu items?

high iso – Why are pictures on my Canon 6d with "lower" ISO dark?

I have Canon eos6D camera, and I have a problem with ISO. When photographing in daylight or in bright interiors, my camera always chooses an automatic ISO sensitivity of over 500, sometimes even over 1000. When I photographed outdoors in the evening, the ISO sensitivity was over 2000 or even over 5000. When I did it set it lower, not automatically, pictures are very dark. Is something wrong with my camera? Prior to 6D I had Canon 1200D and there were no problems with low ISO (about 100) in the open air.

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Ford Mustang 2019 Blue 2.3L

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