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dnd 5e – What is the highest average charisma skill check a solo character can get, without using magic?

I was building a character that had levels in Feywanderer ranger, that gains Otherworldly Glamour which allows you to add wisdom to charisma checks, and then I noticed Samurai fighters get Elegant Courtier which has the same bonus.

Emboldened by the fact they stack, I started to look for other class features that let you reroll failed intimidation checks or gain advantage.

It made me wonder, what is the highest possible charisma skill check by a solo character?

(This means no spells, or magic items and no outside assistance except by summoned/created creatures, e.g. a familiar using the help action is ok, but a party member using flash of genius is not.).

❕NEWS – Bitcoin runs to the highest level ever: more than doubled in value since the beginning of the year | Proxies-free

Bitcoin, in the last month has made a leap of more than 50% (This thanks to PayPal that has entered payments also in cryptocurrencies). A further 15% increase, only in the last week. And totally, since the beginning of the year, it’s revaluation exceeds 150%!
For Bitcoin it seems to have really gone back three years, when the most well-known cryptocurrency in the world, in the autumn accelerated an “endless race”, reaching its never-reached peak, close to $ 20,000!
And the future predictions inherent to Bitcoin, still continue to be optimistic!

resolution – How can I get the largest MB and highest picture quality from my Panasonic TZ100

I am an amateur (have been for many years) who is trying to take photos of jewellery for poster quality print at A2 size. The image of the jewellery needs to be able to look good at about 1/3 of the size of the poster. I am trying to work at the highest quality resolution and image size, so have experimented with taking images at the L setting as a high quality jpg, and shooting in RAW.
Issues I am coming up against is that, shooting as high quality jpg, the jpgs are ending up at about 3 or max 4MB and as I need to actually crop into the shot image to isolate the jewellery, that’s not good enough resolution.
In RAW, I am having to use the silky pix software to “develop” the RAW files into jpgs. I am not familiar with silkypix, but have ferretted through it and tried to find the options to save at highest resolution – I opted for the photo retouching setting and highest possible quality – and the file is now only 6MB.
I have opted for the TZ100 as I wanted a camera that would hopefully be relatively easy to use – and it comes with a 1inch 20MP sensor… so I thought I would be getting nice big files.
Can anyone suggest a solution? I have read the manual but it doesn’t say anywhere how large the files are that you can save at -just three settings, L, M or S for the jpg sizes, or RAW .
Have I got the wrong camera?
I have been trying to look online for info on the TZ100 but haven’t found any good resources that aren’t more than a basic overview or review.
I am thinking of looking at a photography course as well, but photographing jewellery is SUCH a tricky thing not many courses focus on this sort of thing.

cthulhu dark – What happens if you reroll and the new highest die is lower than the original?

I was reading the Cthulhu Dark rules again, and I noticed something that wasn’t specified.

The section on rerolling says, in part:

If you included your Insanity die in the roll and you’re not happy with the result, you may reroll (all the dice). If you didn’t include your Insanity die before, you may add it now and reroll.

Afterwards, look at the new result. As before, the highest die shows how well you do.

It does not say anything about what happens if the highest die after rerolling is lower than the highest die before the reroll. Do you still use the new roll if the highest die is lower than the higher die before rerolling?