Permanently disable syntax highlighting in Notepad++ for all file types

I am trying to persistently turn off all syntax highlighting for all document types at all times. I understand that I can go to the menu and select "Language > None (Normal Text)" each time I open a file but that is a pain to do every time since it is not remembered. I have disabled all languages in the preference window (Settings > Preferences > Languages) but it still continues to recognize and highlight the syntax for my files. I don’t think this has always been the behavior but I don’t know how to stop it. Thanks for any help.

Notepad++ preferences window showing no languages selected

Notepad++ .ps1 document open showing PowerShell syntax highlighting despite disabling all languages

keyboard – Auto-correct highlighting instead of bolding

Running Android version 11, this change happened very recently with a new patch. Now instead of autocorrect bolding the center word it will correct mine to, it highlights it. This is extremely distracting, as now I have a teal/blue box flashing, flashing, flashing in my peripheral vision as I’m typing. How can I make it stop highlighting and go back to its previous behavior?

After highlighting text in body of email it gets unselected [ gmail ]

When reading a post in gmail if I highlight some text in the email body a split second later that highlighted text somehow reverts to being normal text not highlighted so I have to highlight same text again ( I am trying to copy text from gmail post )

This happens across all browsers when reading gmail

How to shut off this behavior ?

I am doing this highlight of text manually with the cursor nothing automated here … this bad behavior in gmail started a couple years ago however previously it was never an issue

plotting – highlighting certain points on List Line Plot

I have a list made out of points {x,y(x)} which I’m plotting using ListLinePlot.
I would like to highlight two point and plot a big dot (marker) on them with different color, lets take two point, for example, x=4 highlighted with the color yellow, and x=20 with the color red.
The model:

n = 100;
f(x_) = x^0.5 + 4;
ListLinePlot(Table({x, f(x)}, {x, 1, n}))

Any help?

Is there any method to make PDF print out nicely for highlighting on Google Chrome?

This problem happens on Google Chrome but is also on the Mac, so I am not entirely sure if it is a Mac related issue or Chrome issue.

For some webpages, such as Google Chrome can print it out as a PDF, but the first highlighting would show the highlighting is off. This has been happening for more than a year:

enter image description here

It doesn’t happen if it is printed by Safari, but Safari sometimes has some issue such as the content column quite narrow. Is there a way to make it print out suitable for highlighting if it is on Chrome? It might be a Google Chrome issue or it might be somehow related to how macOS support printing but as a PDF file. Since printing as PDF is particular to Mac but not on Windows, so I am asking this on Ask Different.

front end – Syntax highlighting for own functions only for certain symbols

For simplicity, let’s say I have defined my own function f that takes in exactly one input argument which is of the Symbol type like this:


Now, I want the input argument to show up with Syntax highlighting (with the colouring on symbols like in D() or Plot()) for certain input symbols when I call the function.

Let’s say I want the green-ish syntax colouring to show up when the input argument is either a,b, or c. Colouring for other symbols can stay as it is (i.e. blue).

How do I achieve this? (The attached picture is what I want to achieve.)

example colouring

Note: I am using Mathematica version 12.2.

Approval Queue Spam Link Highlighting

Admin submitted a new resource:

Approval Queue Spam Link Highlighting – Lists all links for messages that get caught in the spam phrase filters

When a thread/post/whatever gets caught in the spam phrase filters, it will also show a list of links that have been placed (as they can be hidden easily within e.g. commas or periods)
(IMG alt="Screenshot from 2021-04-04…

Read more

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Syntax highlighting fails after renaming build.gradle to build.gradle.kts in Android Studio

I am trying to move my Android project Gradle scripts from Groovy to Kotlin. After renaming .gradle files to .gradle.kts and syncing the project almost all code in these files becomes underlined as incorrect. Despite this my project builds and runs properly. I think that this is Android Studio bug, but I don’t know how to solve it.

enter image description here

Is there any ideas?

css – Highlighting or changing the color of text in react component

Hi all I am fairly new to react and am working on building a site. I have a keyword component that displays the definition of keywords when hovered over. Here is the code below:

import ReactTooltip from "react-tooltip";
import { useRouter } from "next/router";

const Keyword = ({ term, oneliner, queryName }) => {
    return (
            <a href={`/background?tab=glossary#${queryName}`}> 
                <a className="glossary" data-tip={term}
                    onClick={() => { window.location.replace(`/background?tab=glossary#${queryName}`); window.location.reload() }}
                <ReactTooltip id={term} type="dark">

export default Keyword;

I would like to differentiate the text a bit more, as it stands it is simply in bold, I have seen other solutions proposed online but these are all for words given a chunk of text. I want to change the color of all words that are key words without specifying what they are. I tried running mark on it but it provides an ugly yellow highlighting which is not what I want. Any ideas on how I can change the color of the text for each of these keywords?

syntax highlighting

Olá estou tentando fazer um editor de codigo na web. E quero colocar syntax highlighting igual esse do stack overflow onde durante a edição do codigo ele deixa a sintaxe com cores diferentes.

Alguem pode me dar uma ideia de como fazer isso?