I will do english to hindi translation for $2

I will do english to hindi translation

I can translate word to word from English to Hindi and vice versa, also if required can change the context and make it more understandable, more catchy and simple. Can provide a guide to understand languages , meaning of phrases, synonym, antonym or your query about understanding the manner in which a particular word or phrase is used.

Even send me a topic or some rough content, I will provide you a beautiful article summarizing all your content.


Looking for Hindi Article Writer

I am looking for "Hindi" article writer.

Please enter your price for 500 words.

Do you need prices for:

– Write articles in Hindi (500 words)

Or (This is optional – Prices for the translation of the English article into Hindi per 500 words) –

Thank you very much.

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Keyboard layout – How do I install a Hindi dictionary for Ubuntu 18.04?

I recently installed Ubuntu 18.04 and plan to move all of my activities from Windows 10 to Ubuntu 18.04. On Windows, I was able to type with the English-Hindi transliteration keyboard with transliteration dictionary. This keyboard helped me type Hindi with the English keyboard.
I'm looking for something similar, but couldn't find one. I have installed a Hindi (Wx) keyboard and a Hindi (Phonetic) keyboard that work well with some difficulties as there is no dictionary that could help.

Is there an English to Hindi dictionary for phonetic transliteration for Ubuntu?

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