SQL Server – Query Table / Table hints for the history table when using the FOR SYSTEM_TIME clause

Probably a rather short question, but is there any way to specify using the query table hints for the history table? FOR SYSTEM_TIME Instruction when querying Temporal Tables? I do not suppose, but I wanted to check it again before I throw the towel on this.

Here's a DBFiddle table that shows a basic breakdown of the different methods I can use to give hints for a query. The only way I can pass query and / or table hints that interact with a history table is to convert the query to a UNION ALL between the tables "live" and "history" instead of using them FOR SYSTEM_TIME Clause.

If you try to specify a history table hint, use the FOR SYSTEM_TIME Clause I get the following error:

Message 308 Level 16 Status 1 Line X
Index & # 39; <> On table & # 39; <> & # 39; (specified in the FROM clause) does not exist.

If you try to specify a query hint that references the history table when used FOR SYSTEM_TIME Clause I get the following error:

Message 8723 Level 16 Status 1 Line X
Query can not be executed. Object & # 39; <> & # 39; is specified in the TABLE HINT clause, but is not used in the query or does not match the alias specified in the query. Table references in the TABLE HINT clause must match the WITH clause.

These errors are both meaningful on the surface, since the query does not specifically refer to the history table, but there is another query hint, a trace flag, and so on, that I can use to continue using it FOR SYSTEM_TIME Clause and specify hints against the progress table?

c # – Scheduler Control – Design Hints

I'm trying to recreate this control in WPF: https://javascript.daypilot.org/demo/calendar/index.html

It's hard for me to find the right approach.

At first I tried using DataGrid, but I still do not know if that works.

I found a nice timeline control https://github.com/xceedsoftware/wpftoolkit/wiki/TimelinePanel that has a behavior I want. It would be a matter of inserting into a DataGrid, but I am not sure if this is possible I also need the ability to resize events and move them between different days.

Is it technically possible to use DataGrid for it, or should I create my custom grid control from scratch?

Wild Worlds – Are there any rules / hints for calculating the coverage of a target?

Are there any rules / hints for calculating the coverage of a target?

The rules on page 99 describe the four categories (easy, medium, hard, and almost total). But how can you consistently determine the coverage of a target on a tabletop with miniatures?

… I am a group of GM who are avid war players …

seo – Where can I find a list of all hints for removing DMCA from Google Search?

We've received some emails from Google about removing DMCA from Google's search results.

Google has been notified under the terms of the Digital System
Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) that some of your materials supposedly
violate the copyrights of others. The URLs supposedly
At the end of this message, infringing material can be found.

We deleted some of these messages some time ago, before removing the copyrighted images from our website. So we are not sure if we have processed all e-mails.

Is there a way to access the list of all DMCA distance notifications? How can we see the remaining unresolved DMCA messages?

Modeling – Hints for modeling my microservices

I have to tackle this problem: we need to model some services that target the entire process of customer registration:
– this includes the registration of personal data (name, last name, e-mail address when scanning his ID card …)
– contact information: with e-mail and address (with proof of domicile)

The customer account is created as soon as the e-mail address has been confirmed (via a link sent to its e-mail address) and the account is effective once all the scanned data has been checked by a back-office user.

The customer has access to his information and could, for example, change his name by providing evidence (a copy of his new identity card). If the back office user validates the scanned card, the change of the customer name takes effect.
A variation could be that the change is in effect and can be reversed later if the validation process of the scanned document is rejected.

For the microservices part, our architecture looks like this:
– We have developed a customer microservice
– Since we have many (scanned) documents for validation: We have created a proofValidation microservice.
All our integration is point to point because we do not use a message queue (some of us find it complicated to manage and could think more or less the same thing with a database).

However, I'm not sure how to make this service available to a UI: for example, to do the name update:
Should I create a high-level service that is responsible for processing the process (a kind of orchestrator) and undo it if the scan of the scanned document is rejected? If this high-level service needs stamina for a rollback, is not it ridiculous to have only one or two tables?

Another possibility is to handle all use cases in the customer microservice: in this case, however, this service might evolve more frequently as the requirements for the registration process change.

Hints, Tips, and Suggestions: Creating a Website | Proxies-free

Greetings to my colleagues, the following are some guidelines that relate to the difficulties associated with the webmaster, creating, owning and managing a successful website.
Although this article is short, it is mainly aimed at new arrivals who are interested in joining the game. It does, however, contain hints, suggestions, and guidelines, and it contains just about everything you need as a newbie to websites and the process that goes with creating such a process. Of course, it can also be useful to people who already have a website, provided that this is a better website.
However, if you had an idea for creating a website, I would suggest that you read this article carefully and then think again.

Based on my experience, I have written this to serve as a starting point for new webmasters. It's never too late to become a webmaster!

Let's start without further ado, first and think no further, but think the following:

Everything depends on the above word. You get a paper and a pen by your side, calculate everything, including costs for domain, hosting, theme, design, SEO and Coders. Write down everything you think is worth spending, and believe me, that's the things!

Think big, think competition, think money, think success.

You need creativity, an easy-to-remember domain with a matching extension behind it.

Is it money Or maybe for a good cause .. huh?
It is important not to lose interest in the website. You have to focus on the essentials all the time. Make it more interesting for others and for yourself.

What do you expect in 6 months from your website?

Why is?
Do not just go ahead, do not create another forum, that's by far the clich├ę you can do.
Forum means community, community means members, members mean commitment, engagement means time, time means work, work means team, you can not do it yourself!
Forums require a lot of work and effort, which means much more than would be the case with a blog or a regular website.
However, if you have decided on a forum, you will find a team of experienced members who need to support you as an employee.

Healthy life, fitness, IT, make yourself a niche, not the most difficult, but not the least popular.

Let's face it, shall we?
There are probably many sites that do the same thing as you are planning to do and have been around for a while.

You have to study your competition, what makes you so good? Your longevity, the content or the community?
Either way, you have to come up with some of it.

Time consuming!
Managing a website is a very lengthy process that requires thorough thought before it can be realized. Do you have time to manage it yourself, or do you need help?

One month has passed, your website is up and running and provides decent traffic. However, as soon as something is on the right path, something has appeared. You need to stop focusing on it and do more important things.
Think about it very carefully. You can either work with someone in a joint venture project by investing a lot of money and sharing the profits, or you can either get help from your friends for a limited time.

You already know, there are about 250 websites that were created at the time I write and you read this article.
You need to think about what differentiates your site from the other trashy sites than every minute.
Will it be content or design? Maybe they are members?
I do not know, you know that.

As you know, Illegal does not translate well in money, but also in jail terms. Therefore, it must be legal enough to allow Google Ads to do so. Why not use other options like banner ads and others?

Okay, guys, did you answer the boxes with a detailed plan, how do you plan this?
The paragraphs above are what makes you special. You should use it better.
Once you find out, there will be a lot of time and money to invest, but you'll know the rest when you get there.

But we can also help you with your website. Do you need the thoughts or suggestions of others?
Feel free to post your site in the Site Reviews section. We speak our honest opinion.
If you need a partner, make sure that you post a topic in the Community Cooperative section that contains enough information to get prospects to work alongside you.

Good luck.
Oh, and did you like this article? If so, you ungrateful bastard just know that I've spent a couple of hours writing this article, and click the Like button below that post!

nikon d3400 – Hints for improvement with a kit lens

Some of your previous answers have not been well received and you run the risk of being blocked from answering.

Please note the following notes exactly:

  • Please be sure answer the question, Enter details and share your research!

But avoid

  • Ask for help, clarification or answering other answers.
  • Make statements based on opinions; secure them with references or personal experiences.

For more information, see our tips for writing great answers.

Hints for analyzing single (large) C # classes with SonarQube and related problems

I'm doing an internship in a small business that works on a part of a system that runs on a foundation already written by another company (many companies are working on the same project). This is basically a 1: 1 translation of an old COBOL system in .NET technology. Since they do not have enough time, they are executed as often as possible, which does not increase the quality of the code. The aim of my internship is to create a thesis after my work in this small company, based on transforming some functions or classes (between which are developed in this small company) and the principles of software engineering (mainly patterns ) to follow. the branch to which my doctoral thesis relates.

To underline the results of this work, my professor told me to use a static code analyzer such as SonarQube or Kiuwan. I have already configured and hosted a working SonarQube 7.4 server on Amazon AWS.

At this point in my work, the question is: how can I only analyze this class on my own? Advantages and disadvantages.

I have two options:

1) In Visual Studio, create a project to make this class self-sufficient with stubs and mock items so that it comes to life itself, with the goal of being analyzed before and after re-engineering.

-> The main problem with this option is that this class I am working on consists of about 12000 lines of code. It is therefore easy to believe that it refers to many other classes. Therefore creating stubs and mocks would be a pain …

2) Use a built-in feature in SonarQube to exclude entire folders or analyze only selected files / folders.

-> I've already analyzed the entire project, which consists of about 350,000 lines of code, using the standard SonarQube rules. It has given me a result in all areas (quality, mistakes, safety …). The problem is that even changes are made And making this class (which I'm working on) a diamond of technology would not (obviously) change the overall quality of the software.

The structure:

The project has three independent branches: backend, client and DB communication. I work in the backend area.

The backend got its own .sln file (the file I used for the entire analysis of the project in SonarQube) to which a link exists .csproj Subprojects. I fed SonarQube with one of them .csproj and it was able to analyze it.

Apply option 2:

On the sonar server in the project's Preferences, there is a tab where you can exclude what you DO NOT want to analyze and INCLUDE just what you want to analyze. Since I was interested in the second option, I inserted the field sonar.einschl├╝sse I wanted to analyze the name of the class, then I created the project, sent the blob to the SonarQube server, which analyzed it and … nothing happened, on the project page of Sonar is just "No project analyzed yet" appeared.

So my questions are:

Question 1) Should I analyze a single class with SonarQube? By feeding it directly from the original bug project, or should you better extract the class, insert it into a new project, and serve it with stubs and mock? Given the complexity of doing so.

Question 2) According to the above description, how can the sonar only analyze the class I was feeding? Is that practically possible? What have I done wrong?

I asked the same question for stackoverflow, but they told me to post it here!

Thank you in advance for the help you will give me!