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cruising – How easy or difficult is it for a tourist in a hire car to visit Palestine from Israel for the day?

I will be arriving in Ashdod in Israel on a cruiseship on or around 1st December and I am now planning the shore tour, were I plan to hire a car and drive in to Jerusalem and cross over in to Palestine, before driving through Palestine and crossing back over in to Israel en-route to Bethlehem and Nazareth, before meeting the cruiseship in Haifa next day.

However I understand Israel’s and Palestine’s political situation is a little unbalanced just now, so I am looking for advice regards to how best to make the crossings safely and easily.

I have already looked up the government travel advice website and I did not find anything conclusive regards to which checkpoints one should use et cetera, so perhaps would be best getting advice from someone that knows the procedures or has experience in touring Israel and Palestine.

cruising – What are the requirements for a tourist in a hire car crossing over in to Palestine from Israel for the day?


I consulted Gov.uk regarding the question i am asking but i find their explanation extremely inconclusive.


So, on November 23rd i will likely be easy jetting to Greece to catch a November 24th Mediterranean cruise which includes two days in Israel.
We arrive in Ashdod on day 5 and on day 6 the cruise arrives in Haifa. So what i plan to do is take an extended shore tour and hire a car from Ashdod and drive to Jerusalem and then cross over in to Palestine at Lifta and then take road 60 back in to Israel en route to Nazareth and Bethlehem before heading to a hotel in Haifa in order to get back on the cruise ship the next day.

However i am not sure about how easy it will be to cross in to Palestine, as i know the political situation in this region is very awkward.

Is my route plan and itenary possible? What crossing points should i use? Apart from my passport and car log book, what other documents will i require?

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germany – Can I hire a mobility scooter in Dortmund?

Yes, that’s possible. I found at least one company that is renting mobility scooters.

On their website (only in German) you can find the pricelist (under Elektromobil / Scooter 6km/h). You can pick it up, but they also offer a delivery.

This kind of medical stores are called in German Sanitätshaus You can search for it and probably find other stores in Dortmund that are renting scooters.

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Is it compulsory to hire a local certified guide for trekking in the Great Himalayan National Park?

I am a fairly experienced and soon to be technically qualified(meaning Advanced First Aid and Wilderness Skills certification) Himalayan trekker. I wanted to know if hiring a guide to trek in GHNP(Great Himalayan National Park) is compulsory or not as I wanted the hiking group to consist of just my friends and I .

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