Restoring WhatsApp chat history either fom local backup or from Google Drive

  1. I have my WhatsApp chat history backed up on Google drive till June 2017. After that I stopped the Google Drive backup.
  2. I have local Database backup file having data from August 2018 till today.

Question 1 – Now when I uninstall and reinstall the WhatsApp, will it restore data from Google Drive + local Backup both?

Question 2 – How do I restore data only from Google Drive?

Question 3 – How to do restore data only from local backup?

Question 4 – What will happen if I backup current local backup to Google drive? Will it corrupt my old back up on Google drive? Will it overwrite my existing backup on Google drive

Erase history change history lose information replace information algorithm as a person

We cannot change the history of a person because we cannot travel back in time. Suppose that the person were a computer algorithm. Suppose there were a computer matrix, like a noncommutative math matrix. Is the Cloud like that? Could we completely delete and erase something in the algorithm, and by doing so erase its history, and then replace it with an alternative history? Can information be permanently lost? Can lost information be replaced by new information put in its place?

Selling Amazon aged buyer accounts with a purchase history

I have many Amazon aged buyer accounts with a purchase history. I want to sell them.

US Amazon aged buyer accounts
CA Amazon aged buyer accounts
UK Amazon aged buyer accounts
Spain Amazon aged buyer accounts
Germany Amazon aged buyer accounts
France Amazon aged buyer accounts

Are available for sale.

Per Account price 10$
Accept: BTC and Paypal ( Friends and Family only )
Provide Account email address and password, Email address comes from Gmail yahoo or fakemailgenerator .

Support: Before the first login account I will replace new accounts if there logged-in issues. But After the logged account, there is no refund or replacement.

Contact Telegram: sabujdc
Skype: sabuj_geo


WhatsApp update erased the chat history. What has gone wrong and is there any way to restore it?

Seems like WhatsApp update has erased all my WhatsApp history. Is there any way to get it back? (Without paying for third party tools, if possible)

I bought a new Android phone (Realme 7 Pro) and wanted to transfer my WhatsApp data from the old iPhone to the new Android phone. Seems like there is no way to do it easily so I had to buy a third party app that helped me to transfer the data.
I connected both phones using USB, the app read WhatsApp messages from my old iPhone, then installed WhatsApp on my new Android phone and imported all the messages. After the successful migration I deleted WhatsApp on my old iPhone and all seemed to be fine.

Then I was experiencing certain problems with WhatsApp and got a suggestion that I might need to update it. I then found WhatsApp in Play Store and there was a button reading “Install” on it. I got a bit surprised about why it says “Install” rather than “Update” but I thought that’s just the way it is on Android. I then downloaded WhatsApp and got 2 WhatsApps on my desktop. I tried running the new one and it asked me to confirm the number. I then closed it and wanted to open the old one and realised that it was gone…

I don’t have backup of my WhatsApp history on iCloud either so I can’t get it from there.

I have previously backed up my iPhone using iTunes though so I might be able to get something from there, but still wondering what has gone wrong on my Android phone. How could WhatsApp installation just completely bin everything from the previous version?..

Thank you very much for any information/suggestions 🙂

safari – Can I recover my history?

safari – Can I recover my history? – Ask Different

quantum mechanics – Beam Splitter Toy Model History Weight Calculation

Given this modern of a beam splitter (see picture), and the two possible histories:

Yc = (0a) • (1c) • (2c) • (3c) • (4c)
Yd = (0a) • (1d) • (2d) • (3d) • (4d)
for f=4,

how do I calculate the weight of history Yc and Yd. I know Yc=Yd=0.5, but how do I calculate this? I hope I have provided enough information to answer this question. The material comes from Robert Griffiths “Consistent Quantum Theory” pg. 140-142.

Thank youbeam splitter toy model

batch – Using bitsadmin without clearing script history

I’ve built a *.bat script that uses bitsadmin in order to download a specific file after some actions the user has to do.
Problem is when download starts, all script history disappears and only the download action is shown on the top of the window:

Is it possible that the download information would procced from the same place and won’t clear all the screen?
I know there’s an option to downloaded a file silently using a VB script, but I really need the download process information (speed, percentage, etc.)

Thanks a lot 🙂

nintex – Workflow history is not available for the Completed workflows in SharePoint Online

We have Nintex workflow implemented in SharePoint Online.

If the workflow is completed, then there is no data available under Completed workflow.

enter image description here

But if the workflow is In progress then the workflow data is available under running workflow.

Also, this behavior is observed with items that are more than 1 month old.

Can anyone help here to understand what is exactly happening here?

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