Famous Digital Asset Management Company: XRP Will Be History At The End Of 2021

Phil Liu, co-founder of New York-based digital asset management company Arca, thinks XRP will "be history" by the end of this year.
Liu made the following statements:
—- "I don’t see a viable alternative to replace XRP sales, other than the U.S. investors getting out of the U.S. They will have to start from scratch because Ripple will lose all profits it made when it was a US-based company. " —-
What do you think about these statements?

windows 10 – How to view file explorer operations history?

File explorer maintains a record of a list of operations (copy, delete, move, new, rename) performed in the current explorer process, so that if you change your mind, you can undo the changes (Ctrl+Z) or redo the changes (Ctrl+Y).

I am using Windows 10 20H2, I have pinned undo and others to Quick Access Toolbar. And the edit button in the menu is greyed out.

enter image description here

The undo and redo buttons will be grey if there is nothing to be undone/redone, and will be blue if there are operations that can be undone/redone. When the undo/redo buttons are active, hovering the cursor over them will display a message that will show the specific action that can be undone/redone, and will show the filename of the file on which the operation is performed(Undo Move of File.txt). It will not show the filename if multiple files are involved(Undo Move).

The undo/redo history will be cleared if explorer.exe is restarted, seems to indicate the history is stored in RAM; The history will also be cleared if one of the following three is performed:

1, Permanent deletion of a file (not moving to $RECYCLE.BIN); 2, Creating a shortcut and trying to undo creation of the shortcut after the shortcut is saved; 3, Performing a file operation that requires administrative privileges.

File operations performed by other programs(i.e. cmd, pwsh) will not be recorded in explorer’s history.

Question: How can I view this file explorer operations history?

I had seen two similar questions here:
Viewing Windows Explorer’s complete Undo history and Get history of file operations in Windows?

However none of them solves my problem, as

  1. I am not trying to monitor file operations performed to a specific folder but rather all operations performed in current explorer process;

  2. Process Monitor will only display operations performed after its launch, not before, and the number of events recorded increases really fast, thousands new events per second, most of them are by explorer.exe, and this is when I am not performing any operations, even if I filter by Process ID and view File Summary, a folder will be recorded even if the folder is only queried and not modified…

Can Bitcoin.org precalculate bitcoin history and distribute it instead of requiring every new user calculate it for hours?

I am trying to set up a desktop client of Bitcoin Core, downloaded from Bitcoin.org. The process requires me to download about 350 GB of data of all bitcoin transactions, but there is an option to prune it to size of user choice like 2 or 4 GB. Since the history is the same for all downloads, why not precalculate these 2 or 4 GB and distribute it to new users? Why it is required that they process all the data by their computer?

macos – History of OpenSSH in Mac OS

What is the history of OpenSSH in Mac OS, i.e.

  • when did Mac OS switch to OpenSSH, and
  • which versions of Mac OS since then shipped which version of OpenSSH?

My quick initial search did not turn up much, but I’m hoping such a resource exists.
This information would be useful, e.g., to figure out since when certain features (e.g. “netcat mode -W”) are supported in Mac OS.

P.S. The spelling “Mac OS” here is used loosely and not meant to denote a specific era of the operating system.

❕NEWS – A Trader Screams Fraud After BTC’s Largest Recovery In History | Proxies-free

A Trader Screams Fraud After BTC’s Largest Recovery In History

This January 12, when the BTC fell to the levels of 30,000 dollars to later have the largest recovery in its history, around 20% in 12 hours, a trader sees that this movement is marked by a manipulation of the market, since first the prices fall helped by the advice of sale of the asset manager Guggenheim added to the interruption of purchase in the exchangers Coinbase and Kraken, now the asset management company is waiting for the permission of the US authorities to buy BTC through Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC).
What do you think about this BTC move?

How to delete Google Chrome Omnibox Search History / Omnibox Suggestions

Whenever I type a non-address-text into Googles Search Bar, it seems to save it and present it to me in the future (the entries with the clock icon).

My “web & app activity” is set to “off” and there is no “activity history” to delete, yet the suggestions still are there and every term I search for gets added.

How do I prevent Chrome from saving these, for good?

magento2 – Create custom import history entry in magento 2

I’m using a custom import products code and i want to add a new import history entry when i use my custom import
and create an error report csv file while imported file is invalid.
Any help please !!

this is my custom import code:

public function importProduct($rowData){

$csvModel = $this->csvFactory->create(('destination' => self::PATH_FILENAME));

$importModel = $this->importModelFactory->create();


$sourceModel = MagentoImportExportModelImportAdapter::findAdapterFor(

$isValid = $importModel->validateSource($sourceModel);
if ($importModel->getProcessedRowsCount() === 0 || 
    !$isValid || 
) {

try {
    echo "sucess import";
} catch (Exception $e) {
    throw new Exception($e->getMessage());

linux – Bash history limited to 1000 even with HISTSIZE=-1

On my old notebook (Debian sid) I had this in my ~/.bashrc and it used to work (e.g. history was more or less unlimited and it was being saved on each command):

export PROMPT_COMMAND='printf "33)0;%s@%s:%s07" "lucio" "t470" "/home/lucio/virtualbit/progetti/workspace/vscode/teom/websi"'
export PS1='(e(1;31m)u(e(1;33m)@(e(1;36m)h (e(1;33m)w (e(1;35m)$ (e(0m)'
export HISTFILESIZE=9999999
export HISTSIZE=9999999
export HISTTIMEFORMAT="%d/%m/%y %T "
shopt -s histappend
export PROMPT_COMMAND="history -a;history -a;printf "33)0;%s@%s:%s07" "${USER}" "${HOSTNAME%%.*}" "${PWD/#$HOME/~}""

I coped over the same ~/.bashrc on my new notebook (Debian sid like the old one) and verified it’s being applied:

$ echo $HISTSIZE

Then I tried with HISTSIZE=-1 in my ~/.bashrc with same results: my history is being cut at 1000 lines. Any clues?

Who do you think was the greatest person in history?

I was born in France and I am a woman so I am going to pick a French woman.I pick Joan of Arc.She commanded the armed forces of an entire nation and drove the English out of France thereby ending the 100 years war.She managed to do all of this by the age of 17.She also demanded equality in an age when women were not considered the equals of men.She really was the first feminist in history,and for this I admire her.
Who do you pick and why?

public transport – Where can I see the usage history of my CharlieCard?

I am currently traveling in Massachusetts, USA.

Where can I see the usage history of my CharlieCard (issued by the CharlieCard in Boston, Massachusetts, USA)? I.e., I would like to see a log such as:

2017-02-14 19:12 - 46 USD  (1 ticket)
2017-02-14 16:57 - 48 USD  (1 ticket)
2017-02-14 16:56 - 50 USD  (recharge)
2017-02-14 10:42 -  0 USD  (1 ticket)
2017-02-14 10:15 -  2 USD  (1 ticket)

One of my goals is to ensure I haven’t double-tapped the card.