hive – Has using overwrite saved my from inserting duplicate data?

I set up a pipeline to insert data daily. The query is a simple grouped count:

CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS schema1.import_table AS
    count(distinct(p.persona_id)) as persona_count
    schema.table1 p
    schema.table2 m
    ON m.metric = p.metric
    AND m.backapp = p.backapp
    yyyy_mm_dd >= "${hivevar:yesterday}"

INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE schema1.final_table
PARTITION (yyyy_mm_dd)
DROP TABLE IF EXISTS schema1.import_table

I deployed this to run starting on 2019-01-01, three weeks ago. So a job was scheduled every day from 2019-01-01 up until present day, and then continue to run once per day once caught up. In each scheduled job, ${hivevar:yesterday} is passed a date to use i.e. on the job scheduled for 2019-01-01, the script is passed the date string to use in place of ${hivevar:yesterday}.

I noticed an error in my query, in that I did >= instead of =. This means I’ve been getting counts for every day since the scheduled job date, instead of just the scheduled jobs date.

So when the first job ran on 2019-01-01, it would have actually inserted for every day up until present day. Whereas my intention was to inserts one days data at a time. Then on 2019-01-02, it would have dropped every day in the target table except for 2019-01-01 and then inserted the data, due to the OVERWRITE on the insert clause, is this correct?

All in all, has the OVERWRITE saved me from duplicating data despite my error of using >= instead of =? Is the biggest issue here that I would have wasted a lot of resources for the earlier scheduled jobs, as I would have been dropping and inserting the same data every day? I assume now that the job has caught up and >=${hivevar:yesterday} would now be >=2020-09-12 so we don’t count for as many dates, using less resources so it’s not so much a problem.

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Salvar os resultados de uma query em csv – Hive do HortonWorks

Por favor, eu tentei o código abaixo no Hive 1.2.1000. e houve um erro. Como eu posso extrair os dados de uma query em um csv sem criar uma tabela?

hive --e 'select * from product limit 10;' | sed 's/[[:space:]]+/,/g' > ~/output.csv;


FAILED: ParseException line 1:0 cannot recognize input near 'hive' '<EOF>' '<EOF>'   

Hive Mac Wallet Migration – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

So I left Bitcoin for a while, and had transferred some of my bitcoin into a Hive-Mac wallet. Well I recently found out that Hive discontinued development and that the previous versions are no longer compatible with the newer versions of OSX.

I noticed that Hive-Mac used the bitcoinj library, and ostensibly this is the format that the wallet is in too.

Would I have any luck trying to recover the wallet into another application that runs on the bitcoinj library (and if so, any recommendations on which app), or do I need to try and run an older version of OSX so I can get the old version to build, then go from there?

hive – Spark – how to rename a column in orc file (not table)

We a hive ORC table which is being populated with spark jobs. The problem is hive table has a column name “ABC”. however while loading on the job, we loaded ORC file with column “XYZ”.

some of the orc file has “ABC” column and some of the orc file has “XYZ” column. And hive schema has “ABC” column.

How do I merge both these columns into “ABC” using spark?

current Solution

  1. Create tempoary hive table.
  2. insert records from main table where abc is not null
  3. Change column name to xyz in main table and load temp table where xyz is null
  4. Change column name back to “ABC”
  5. insert overwrite main table with temp table.

hadoop – Hive UDF protocols not available

I am trying to transfer my Hive UDF logs either to the console or to a file. However, it doesn't seem to work. My Hive UDF uses log4j with console appenders.

I tried to make them available File while connecting to beeline. But even then I don't see any logs on the console.

 !connect jdbc:hive2://;ssl=true;transportMode=http;httpPath=gateway/emr-cluster-top/hive;sslTrustStore=/etc/pki/ca-trust/extracted/java/cacerts;trustStorePassword=changeit;hive.log4j.file=/home/gshah03/

After that, however, when I tried to check that hive.log4j.file it complains that it is not set.

d> set hive.log4j.file;
|              set              |
| hive.log4j.file is undefined  |

I cannot set this property at runtime.

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HIVE SQL IF ELSE statement, then create different tables

Here is the logic I want:

if hour(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) % 2 = 0
    THEN create table table_1 AS
    **same select statement**

else if hour(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP) % 2 = 1
    THEN create table table_2 AS
    **same select statement**

If the hour is an odd / even number, the name of the build table differs. The select statement is exactly the same.

How do you do that?

hive – SQL filter only if each unique value contains more than N records

Here is my sample SQL statement:

FROM my_table
WHERE DAY = '${date}'

For example 3 unique names in the "Name" column: Alice, Bob, Clark.

Alice has 5 rows, Bob has 9 rows, Clark has 12 rows.

I want to add a filter if rows with the same value are> 10 rows. & # 39; Clark & ​​# 39; fulfilled in this case.

How do I add that? under WHERE?