one-way functions [on hold]

I would like to know the current state of the art to prove the existence of a one-way function and, in particular, the latest results and the best candidates to fill this role. In particular, I would like to know which papers and articles to read in order to keep abreast of the latest developments. Many Thanks.

hold – How can I use Catch properly?[] to prevent my program from being terminated?

I get the error message that there is an un-intercepted litter and the associated code is returned:

Stop[Throw[$Failed, CURLLink`Utilities`Exception]]

I managed to find the function that caused the error by logging the part of the code that is executed when the program fails, and now trying to use it fishing[] to fix the error. Nevertheless, the error remains fishing[] the part of the code that I feel responsible for. Is there a limit to what fits in? fishing[]?

As far as I understand fishing[] I thought that it automatically intercepts all returned error messages and prevents the program from being terminated. Is my basic assumption about this function wrong?

I did a lot of research in my free time in the last few weeks to fix this bug, including searching the posts on this site, but the correct understanding of the bug fix has hinted to me. I appreciate the help.

Here is a screenshot of the code that gets certain emails from my account:
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