dnd 5e – Can my artisan use an infusion to make a hold bag every day to make a profit?

in the Eberron: Uprising from the last war, p. 57, under the Artificer class description, is in the Infuse Item section:

Infuse an object

Whenever you have finished a long pause, you can touch a non-magical object and infuse it with one of your artificial infusions to turn it into a magical object. (…)

Your infusion remains in one item indefinitely (…)

You can infuse more than one non-magical object at the end of a long pause. The maximum number of objects is shown in the Infused Elements column of the Artificer table. You have to touch each of the objects and Each of your infusions can only be in one object. (…) If you try to exceed your maximum number of infusions, the oldest infusion ends immediately and then the new infusion applies.

It becomes clear that you cannot use the same infusion for one object, at most one Bag of holding at a time and if you created another, the first would cease to be one Bag of holding.

If you skipped the city after selling one before making a new one (making the one you sell back an everyday bag), you could theoretically make a profit, but your reputation could soon catch up with you …

dnd 3.5e – I play a Marilith demon who is the leader of an evil campaign. How should I hold the party together after I've reached very high levels?

During a while of playing a 2e session with multiple 3.5e conversions, I've recently (over the past 7 years) been experimenting with how to play bad campaigns and monster characters like Mind Flayers (with whom I really do well bin), A Gloom (part of an epic level opening game), Baatezu, trolls, fairies, sprites, Hunefers (another epic level launch campaign), bugbears and a small hand full of other monsters.
In this campaign we played for 2 years and reached levels between 64 and 76

Current party

  • Nuetral Evil Medusa (Level 72 Wizard / Archmage 5)
  • Chaotic evil Marilith Tanar & # 39; ri (Level 77 warrior)
  • Chaotic evil Vrock Tanar & # 39; ri (Lvl 38 Barbarian / Lvl 34 Legendary Dreadnought)
  • Chaotic evil Succubus Tanar & # 39; ri (Level 66 Bard / Level 2 Rouge)
  • Legal Evil Noble Efreeti (Level 20 fighter / Level 48 fire elementalist)
  • Neutral evil Greater Barghest Chameleon (Lvl 56 Assassin / Lvl 20 Perfect Wight)
  • Chaotic evil Vampire drow (Level 32 Black Guardian / Level 20 Cleric / Level 24 Divine Emissary)
  • Neutral evil Corpse Tear Linnorm (Lvl 60 Necromancer / Lvl 18 Dread Necromancer)

I have a little problem figuring out how to keep this diverse group together. The blood war, the personal problems and the ambitions in the group make us a little nervous. Each of us struggles with personal goals. During our time we fought the armies of heaven, slaughtered many Baatezu / Devils, looted villages, fought against the forces of good, fought against the Harper, including fights against the selected Mystras, and basically devastated most of the planes. Now, after a while, as our power grows, some of us are a little further away from others and others have become a little suspicious, which has caused many to create secondary plans and safeguards just in case. I don't want this to get out of hand because this campaign is too amazing to end. I need a solution that does not involve a common enemy (for certain reasons) or money. So how am I going to string this happy band together?

Movement – (2d) The jump height changes randomly and it's not because I hold down the spacebar longer. It's just random

Sometimes the jump height is so high and sometimes it jumps normally. How do I solve this? Code:

with UnityEngine;

public class PlayerController: MonoBehaviour

(SerializeField) private LayerMask platformsLayerMask;

public Rigidbody2D rb;

public float MovementSpeed = 100f;

public float JumpingHeight = 100f;

public BoxCollider2D bc;

public float fallMultiplier = 2.5f;
public float lowJumpMultiplier = 2f;

public Animator anim;

void Awake()
    rb = transform.GetComponent();
    bc = transform.GetComponent();

void Update()
    if (IsGrounded() && Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space))
        rb.velocity = new Vector2(rb.velocity.x, JumpingHeight * Time.deltaTime);


private bool IsGrounded()
    RaycastHit2D raycastHit2d = Physics2D.BoxCast(bc.bounds.center, bc.bounds.size, 0f, Vector2.down, 1f, platformsLayerMask);
    return raycastHit2d.collider != null;

void HandleMovement()
    if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.A))
        rb.velocity = new Vector2(-MovementSpeed * Time.deltaTime, rb.velocity.y);
        Debug.Log("Going Left");
        transform.localScale = new Vector2(-1, 1);
        if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.D))
            rb.velocity = new Vector2(+MovementSpeed * Time.deltaTime, rb.velocity.y);
            Debug.Log("Going Right");
            transform.localScale = new Vector2(1, 1);
            //no keys pressed
            rb.velocity = new Vector2(0, rb.velocity.y);
            Debug.Log("No key pressed");
    if (rb.velocity.y < 0) //reponsive jumping and falling
        rb.velocity += Vector2.up * Physics2D.gravity.y * (fallMultiplier - 1) * Time.deltaTime;
    else if (rb.velocity.y > 0 && Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space))
        rb.velocity += Vector2.up * Physics2D.gravity.y * (lowJumpMultiplier - 1) * Time.deltaTime;



USA – Situation: Hold an F1 visa from University X and would like a visa from University Y.

This is a situation where you would like to know what would happen. I am an international student planning to study MS in the United States.

Suppose I received the student visa (F1 visa) from a specific university. Now I want to withdraw from this university and go to another university while I am in India myself. Therefore I will apply for the F1 visa again. But I didn't pass the 2nd interview. Can I go to the 1st university now or will the 1st visa be revoked?

Who will Trumpkins hold responsible for their recession?

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pathfinder 1e – Can I hold on with Sneak Attack?

In order for the hunter to deal sneak attack damage, the target of the hunter's attack cannot be protected from precision damage either The hunter must flank the target or The target must have lost their dexterity bonus to the armor class.

A creature that is prone to precision damage and has the stuck condition suffers a -4 for skill, but does so Not loses his skill bonus against AC and is Not automatically flanked by the creatures that deal with it.

So if a hunter succeeds in performing a griffin check to maintain the griffin he launched against a suitable enemy, choose the attack option, and attack with a light weapon – like a Vetala vampire's claw attack – that hunter adds the attack typically stealth damage to the enemy only if for some reason the opponent is denied their AC skill bonus or if the attacker flanks the enemy.

The state clamped – a heavier form of the state clamped that can be inflicted on an enemy in a fight –does Causes the pinned creature to lose its dexterity bonus to AC, so a suitable enemy who is pinned can usually be dealt stealth damage.

dnd 5e – Can I hold on and push?

If you are knocked on your stomach, you cannot deal with it

Welcome to Stack Exchange first!

According to the rules for pliers, emphasize mine:

The target of your gripper must not be more than one size larger than you and must be within your reach, With at least one free hand, try to capture the target by (…)

No character status limitation specified. To fight a lying opponent, simply declare your fight and throw the corresponding check.

However, the gripper's target is not subject to additional penalties to escape the gripper, since escaping from a gripper does not require any movement action. Again according to rules:

Escape from a Grapple: A creature with Grappled can escape with its action. To do this, it has to Success with a strength (athletics) or dexterity (acrobatics) check challenged by your Strength (Athletics) check.

As for your second question, which could possibly be a separate question:
Grappling has no negative effects on the grappling character
There are no other rules that I can find.

Evaluation – Are Hold Attributes Mathematica's Way to Implement Lazy Pattern Matching Alla Haskell?

I read this and have difficulty understanding it lazy Template; In particular, I am amazed at the server-client toy problem and why there is a "problem" of matching "… too early".

The reason why I ask that Here This is because I can understand something Mathematica and it is the only context I can use to approach the topic of pattern matching in Haskell.

I can understand the difference between a Mathematica function HoldThey are arguments that are not.

Is that a real analogy?

Can anyone give a brief explanation if the two functions are similar?

Of course, I would be happy about every clue, every impulse and every source in the right direction, although I would prefer something relatively concise and, if possible, relevant for the way pattern recognition works in Mathematica.

Neil Peart, drummer at Rush, has died. Will the Iibtards also hold Trump and Putin responsible?

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