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Here is the list of categories of people, countries and organizations holding bitcoin and the amount they are currently holding.
Countries are holding 259,870 BTC equivalent to $10,134,190,000 , private Companies holds 341,383 BTC equivalent to $13,313,937,000
ETFs holds 861,879 BTC equivalent to $33,613, 281,000, public companies hold 190,640 BTC equivalent to $7,434,960,000
This gives a total of 1,653,772 equivalent to $64,497,108,000. As at the time of this update. Share your thoughts.

magic items – Does a Body Decay in a Bag of Holding?

A Bag of Holding is airless, and a creature it placed inside it will suffocate. My question is, if said creature were left in the bag of holding after it expired, would it decompose, mummify or simply be dead without any effect, as if it were vacuum sealed?

My instinct is that it would mummify, but that would mean water vapor would leach from the body. Would it then begin to decompose? And what would happen to that water vapor?

slack – Holding Enter enters the message multiple times

Sometimes, my Slack client is quite slow and if I accidentally keep the enter key pressed for a second or so, multiple copies of the message are posted on the channel. Today I spammed the entire channel with 8 copies of the exact same message in rapid succession.

To avoid this from happening again, can I disable this behaviour? Or is this a bug?

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When it comes to fiat currency, there are many things that can be done as a form of investment. Either you can invest in the cryptocurrency market or the stock market, and for many that do no prefer to take this risk they can simply just leave their fiat currency in holding such as a savings account until needed, earning small amounts of interest. However, in recent years it seems that holding fiat currency is not a good idea, with socks being the much better option. If you had 1 dollar in 1947, it would now be worth just eight cents. But if you had that one dollar in the stock market, it would be worth over 250 USD. Do you think that this will cause more businesses to rather invest their profits in the stock market?


dnd 5e – Bag of Holding and fragile items

Unfortunately, there are no rulings on the interiors of extra-planar items

The most popular are the Bag of Holding and Heward’s Handy Haversack.

The biggest hurdle is that it is never mentioned whether or not items in the luggage can interact with each other. In other words, if I put in a handful of dirt as one action, and a pitcher of water in as another, will I pull out mud?

This is important as if the characters can put items in one at a time, and they cannot interact, then there is nothing to “bump against” to cause damage. Although external forces against the bag may cause a problem to be addressed later.

The closest we can get to figuring out interaction is with the Haversack:

Retrieving an item from the haversack requires you to use an action. When you reach into the haversack for a specific item, the item is always magically on top.

Since the item retrieved appears “on top”, there must be something below it. Therefore items do at least interact during the process of retrieval. As a DM, I would go so far as to say that they are always intermingled, but the retrieval process floats an item to the top.

We also can see in the description that it’s always described as a “space”. The term space does not imply any sort of organization. When you put money in, there is not a special compartment just for holding coins. Nor a separate vault for armor, and so forth.

There is also the matter of orientation. Would putting said pitcher of water in the space always remain upright?

We do know a certain amount of air exists due to the rules of breathing creatures listed for the Bag of Holding. So the items put in do not exist in a vacuum; hot things cool, cold things warm up, and the two may interact and cancel each other out. This also means items placed inside are not in some bubble that conforms to the object.

Now, with all that said, nothing would indicate that exertion on the outside of the bags would have any effect on the inside as items exist in a different plane.

There are rules for if the bags are pierced or torn, but no rules on crushed. So in theory, you could have a T-Rex walk over over bag and it would be fine, so long as one of its claws didn’t rip a stitch.

So depending on what the “fragile” item is, the players may or may not be safe.

❕NEWS – Bitcoin Miners Holding Bitcoin Rather Than Selling It | Proxies-free

CryptoQuant analytics chart from Miner Direct Selling Index Chart on Twitter which shows that Bitcoin miners have been holding most of their BTC and have been moving very small to exchanges since March this year. Bitcoin moving to exchanges has been dropping.
If this update is as it is said , what do you think will be the implication of this at the moment and later in the future?

dnd 5e – Can I use the Two Weapon Fighting bonus action attack while only holding one weapon?

No. The rule (PHB, page 195) for fighting with two weapons says:

When you take the Attack action and attack with a light
melee weapon that you’re holding in one hand, you can
use a bonus action to atlack with a different light melee
that you’re holding in the other hand.

None of the upgrades for two weapon fighting remove the part where it says “different weapon”, so you need to actually attack with two different weapons.

Also, keep in mind that by default you have to use two light melee weapons to qualify for two-weapon fighting, and the Mace is not light. So your Tabaxi probably can’t use two-weapon fighting with it at all.

legal – If someone becomes unconscious due to a cocktail of prescription medication, would they be held liable for holding up the flight?

I have a friend who has travelled to the U.S, Canada, UK, and Australia a few times. He is prescribed the painkiller oxycodone (Oxycontin) by his GP and an anti-anxiety medication, diazepam (Valium) by his psychiatrist.

He says that he takes it normally but I know that he’s teetering towards addiction as he now takes an added dose for sleep as well. He’s taken these on flights and slept deeply as well as totally forgot his experience. Knowing that he’ll build tolerance to it and have to take larger doses, I imagine there’s a time that will come when hill suffer an overdose particularly as these are both CNS depressants.

If he were to take these on a flight and then become unconscious to the point where the crew couldn’t arouse him from his sleep, would he get charged for disrupting the flight when he lands? I believe that a pilot would have to deviate the plane from its original destination.

dnd 5e – What happens if you put a bag of holding inside another bag of holding in Barovia?

Curse of Strahd explains the “you can’t leave” aspect of Barovia:

No spell-not even wish-allows one to escape from Strahd’s domain. … spells cast for the purpose of leaving Barovia simply fail, as do effects that banish a creature to another plane of existence. These restrictions apply to magic items and artifacts that have properties that transport or banish creatures to other planes.

(emphasis mine)

5e’s Bag of Holding includes the warnings:

If the bag is overloaded, pierced, or torn, it ruptures and is destroyed, and its contents are scattered in the Astral Plane.


Placing a bag of holding inside an extradimensional space created by a Handy Haversack, Portable Hole, or similar item instantly destroys both items and opens a gate to the Astral Plane.

One of the meta-rules of D&D is “specific beats general” – that is, a more-specific rule can override a more general rule. The Barovia rule is more specific than the Bag of Holding’s rule – it applies only in one place (where the Bag’s rule applies “everywhere”), and it explicitly states that it overrules other, more general rules.

Thus, within Barovia, Bags of Holding cannot spill creatures into the Astral Plane, nor can a Bag of Holding and a Portable Hole create a portal which allows creatures to enter the Astral Plane. They can be destroyed, of course.

It’s unclear whether the non-creature contents of an exploding bag would be ejected to the Astral Plane, however. FWIW, this GM would probably allow Strahd to choose, much like he can make himself the target “spells that allow contact with beings from other planes”.