Spells – How are ghostly guards allowed to enter and leave their maga's home?


We have a magician with a ghostly guard who is founding a new covenant. One of the first tasks is to occupy the aegis of the hearth (AM5, p.161). Since the ghostly guardian has a power score, we understand that they would be excluded if they weren't given a token or part of the casting.

What is the mechanism to admit a guard?

The two options that were clear to us but that included a follow-up question were:

  • Do you get a token? If so, how can you carry a token at all?
  • Are you part of the casting? If so, how can you participate in casting a spell?

wp query – WP Job Manager plugin – Lists only the 12 job categories on the home page for jobs

I use the wp Job Manager plugin and I only try to list the twelve job categories on the front page according to the jobs they have. The job categories with more jobs come first. I managed to list the job categories using the code above, but the problem is that the sorting and number of categories didn't work as expected. Any suggestions?

'; ?>
                                     ) ) as $cat): 
                                        'post_status'    => 'publish',
                                        'posts_per_page' => '12',
                                        'orderby'        => 'tag_count',
                                        'tax_query' => array(
                                              'taxonomy' => 'job_listing_category',
                                              'field'    => 'term_id',
                                              'terms'    => $cat->term_id
                                        ) );
             $count = $the_query->found_posts;
           '.$cat->name.' ('.( $count ).')'; 

            '; ?>`

* New * Business Opportunity Invitation – Join my team while sitting at home

Hi Guys,

First things first, I'm not trying to sell anything here. I don't own this business. I want to make progress with like-minded people in the company described below, and that's what it's about.

TLDR – worldwide highly profitable business in a health and beauty niche. English speaking team for leaders only and "want to be leaders" to create a double work system that we share in our team and can be as high on the ladder as anyone can by maintaining perseverance and focus.

So … I'm building a team. A team made up of one of the two types of people or both. One – people who want to make money who want to drive a new Mercedes as a company car every year, and two – people who only want to help someone around them who has some kind of health issue or want to improve their own health.

The company is based in Poland and is very successful. You have developed a different approach to MLM. I'm sure many of you haven't heard of it yet – you definitely can't find it if you use a search box on this forum. You put the person in the middle. Business, personal growth, health. 3 clients for whom they stand.

You can build a serious business with them and do it very well if you spend part of your time doing things that work. I want my team to get there by helping each other so that all of our team members are real leaders. You can grow at your own pace and become a better version of yourself as your family / friend's health improves. So there is a win-win situation. Of course, as with anything worthwhile in life, if you do very little, you simply won't make a living and won't be unemployed.

Since everything in life is worth something, nothing is free, but the products on offer are exceptionally good, so quality is there. There is currently nothing comparable on the market. People I know personally will withdraw from the doctor's medication after a while because their results will be significantly better for various large or small, nutritional or age-related diseases. That is why the real value is the health aspect and the improvement of people's lives. Personal growth and living off it is only a very nice side effect.

There are ways not to make it expensive. Details are important. If you don't want to use or give away products yourself, there are other ways to make them cheap for you. I'll show you. Learning and educating yourself is the key. There are presentations, interviews and many aids. I will share that with you too. One of the not very common features is that you get a certain percentage of a company's income in addition to the normal payment system – just a great company to work with. The company is growing quickly, no wonder … Behind everything is a serious doctor and laboratory tests. Anything to give top health products on the market, no wannabe placebo scam.

They have partnered with prestigious Polish clubs and associations: football, skiing, karate, dancing, volleyball and handball. This is further proof that they are reliable and that other companies trust them. The physical address, the production factory, many certificates, management seminars. I think their approach is professional.

Health awareness and the company itself are becoming increasingly popular in Poland, and the company is only a few years old. In addition to Poland, Italy and Ukraine are two countries where this business is currently growing fastest. It is becoming more popular everywhere. Do you see a pattern? You have the chance to build a strong online branch in your country. Products are sent worldwide by courier, product labels are country-specific and the company offers quick support with questions in different languages. Another very professional approach.

I am very skeptical of dodgy products and companies, especially those with which you can earn from home. So I monitored this company for two years before I came to myself. Now I'm sure it is. Everything makes sense here. It is different, something that people are looking for, only that they do not know that it exists. It also hits the most popular niches. Health and lately also beauty. Everyone here cares about others, improves life, business and health – this is not just about making money! That's why it works. Brilliant idea. If I send you more data, you will see. And the money you can get with it is absolutely amazing. Remember that you need to be smart and do something either online or face to face.

I look forward to expanding my team so that we can work together. I want to help you understand it and become good at it. When you log in, I added you to my structure. You don't have to do it now, just when you are ready. Some prefer to test products immediately, others prefer to learn something first. The most important thing about the structure is to know how to build it so that people who sign your invitation receive incentives – money for their products. If someone who has invited you (you register under his name) knows what he is doing, he will generate part of your income by intelligently inserting others into the structure. This benefits you more as part of a team. If someone is greedy, they can make you only use them, but structure and team will suffer. Don't be greedy or follow greedy leaders.

I left my email below. I don't want to be accused of spam because my website link is here. Also, I will not share a company name at this time because I want you to make an effort to contact me. This keeps the whole negativity away, at least I hope so, from this post. Although there will always be someone who finds a conspiracy theory behind everything.

I've been living in the UK for a few years now. I am Polish, so I know about this company (my friend told me about it for 2 years until I decided I wanted to join. My nature is anti-BS because I have seen a lot of online scams). Guys, it's worth a lot of time for the process. That's how I started. What's the worst thing that could happen? And for the majority of you, it will be so good that you will never look back. Time for a change. Something new in your life, especially during a pandemic, when typical companies are no longer reliable and when health is so important. People around the world need to protect them from the inside. Your consciousness is now on the roof and everyone cares about their health.

Remember, it's not about selling products to people. It's about showing how this company can grow them in three important aspects of their lives that I mentioned above, and if they're interested, we'll give them tools to do that.

I am looking for valuable people who want to be part of it and who also want to receive training. My website is updated with new entries every other day. I will also be active on YouTube with the first presentations in a few days. I haven't found a single English-language presentation that is worth it. Also, the English speaking community has been pretty poor for this business so far, so I'll build it up. The company has English materials, only marketing outside Poland has the potential to grow like crazy. It's time to make it big. My team will really make it worldwide, are you there?

This post is already too long. Write me an email and I will personally invite you and explain everything in detail. It's free to check and see the potential. Sorry, but I am not reading any messages in the forum inbox. Ask me any questions you have here:

IPB image

Why don't people take the Stay at Home Order seriously?

I decided to go for a walk in my neighborhood. I live in Keller, TX, in Tarrant County, which is currently home.

When I went for a walk I noticed a house with party balloons in the front and a couple of cars parked outside. It looked like they were celebrating a child's birthday. I could see a bouncy castle in their back yard and heard children playing. As I continued my walk, I noticed a group of children riding bikes together. It looked like a group of friends playing outside.

I am very surprised to see groups of people hanging out together. You shouldn't do that. When I got home, I told my wife what I saw and she was surprised. Recently, one of my son's friends rang the doorbell and asked to play with my 6 year old son.

Why don't people take the Stay at Home Order seriously?

node.js – port on 443 on my router (BGW210-700) cannot be forwarded for hosting home server websites

I am trying to forward to port 443 of my ARRIS BGW210-700. However, an error message is displayed: "The port range 443-443 in service conflicts with the port 443-443 managed by the device". I cannot forward the port in the firewall under NAT / Gaming to host a web server from my local computer the internet. But for port 80 it is, but I need my page to be https. Is there an ideal way I can get my router to forward 443?

for more information:
My server is a NodeJS
https nodejs native module that I use
Domain name brought by Godaddy

macos – Mac migration over the home network

I am trying to migrate all MacBook Yosemite 10.10.5 settings, apps and data over a home network to MacBook Catalina 10.15.2. I have the initial computer configuration on the same network with different computer names but the same user name.

I disabled the firewall on both and started the migration assistant on both. "To Another Mac" in the book "Michaels Mac" and "Von Mac" in the "Tamara & # 39; s MacBook". I immediately see that "Tamara & # 39; s" sees "Michael & # 39; s", but "Michael & # 39; s" does not see "Tamara & # 39; s". Shortly after I tried to start the transmission, the "Tamara & # 39; s" reports that it is not possible to communicate with "Michael & # 39; s".

The strange thing is that until this moment "Tamara & # 39; s" sees "Michaels" and I select "Michaels" for the migration, but after pressing "Next" the error is "Michaels MacBook" cannot be reached . Make sure both Macs are turned on and connected to the same network. ", Followed by a suggestion to disable the firewall. However, the firewall is turned off and they are on the same network, and" Tamara & # 39; s "sees" Michaels "…

What could be the problem here and how do I fix it?

schengen – stranded abroad and cannot return home

Our residence is in China. My spouse is a Chinese citizen, but I am not (I am a dual national from the United Kingdom and the United States). We have visited relatives in Europe, which is only a temporary residence for all Involved. Our relatives leave Europe for a new destination. We don't really have the means to stay longer. My spouse can return to our country of origin, but I am currently suspended.

What possibilities do we have?

Edit: My spouse is not authorized to travel to the UK or USA. Earlier applications for both areas were also rejected.

Encryption – How do I decrypt the home folder from another computer using fscrypt?

I have 2 machines (Machine1 & Machine2) running Ubuntu 18.04. Both computers use fscrypt to encrypt the base folder (using the login passphrase). How do I decrypt the machine1 home folder when I remove the hard drive (HD1) from machine1 and connect it to machine2?

Suppose hd1 is sdb and is mounted in / mnt / hd1 /
The following commands run as User2 from Machine2

>>> fscrypt status

filesystems supporting encryption: 2
filesystems with fscrypt metadata: 2

/                    /dev/sda2    ext4        supported      Yes
/mnt/hd1             /dev/sdb2    ext4        supported      Yes

>>> fscrypt status /mnt/hd1/
ext4 filesystem "/mnt/hd1" has 1 protector and 1 policy

7db5baf4xxxxxxxx  No      login protector for user1

0000ed45xxxxxxxx  No        7db5baf4xxxxxxxx

>>> fscrypt unlock /mnt/hd1/home/user1
fscrypt unlock: user keyring not linked into session keyring

This is usually the result of a bad PAM configuration. Either correct the problem in your PAM stack, enable
pam_keyinit.so, or run "keyctl link @u @s".

>>> fscrypt unlock /mnt/hd1/home/user1 --unlock-with=/mnt/hd1:7db5baf4xxxxxxxx
fscrypt unlock: user keyring not linked into session keyring

This is usually the result of a bad PAM configuration. Either correct the problem in your PAM stack, enable
pam_keyinit.so, or run "keyctl link @u @s".

Do I only need to unlock User1's home folder when I'm logged in as User1? Can User2 unlock the home folder if he has User1's login passphrase? Can it be done from another machine?