networking – Any low cost solution for using Windows as home NAT router?

Long story short:

I need to replace a D-Link home router with Windows PC for some reason. How can do it without paying $500 for a Windows Server license?

Full story:

I’ve been a Linux & Mac user for my whole life and I have my own computers in office. Recently the upper-level decided to further enforce monitoring effort, by forcing all of us to install 3 different set of monitoring softwares on computer, otherwise the network access will be blocked. Needless to say, there are only Windows version available.

As a full stack coder, I’m not going to change my coding workflow. I’m planning to set a spared old Windows PC as guise, to satisfy those control freaks.

Problem is, I’ve no idea how the monitoring software works; I don’t know whether it’s proactively connecting to some server, or passively listening to some TCP/UDP ports on the given static private IP address. I’m now using a cheap D-Link home router to share the network link to my two working machines, and I need to enable port forwarding for HTTP access to my woking machine, so I can’t just put the Windows PC behind NAT and set it to DMZ.

So, I need to setup a NAT server on Windows to share Ethernet connection to another Ethernet NIC, for two of my own computers. I fully aware how to set up packet forwarding and IP masquerading on Linux system, but I’ve no idea how to do that on Windows. I tried to search on internet, but after few hours reading I can only find 3 different types of solutions regarding this topic:

  • Set up NAT in Hyper-V. If I understand it correctly, it works only for internal routing between guest OS and host OS. This is not what I wanted since I need packet forwarding between two physical NICs, and I don’t think it would be a good idea to run a Linux guest OS solely for this purpose.
  • Set up TCP forwarding using netsh command, but seems this only works for TCP but not UDP. I need to forward UDP too for my project under development so this doesn’t work for me too.
  • Install Windows Server. Yeah it works but it costs $500+ for a minimal essential licensing.

Is there any other 3rd party tools for this ? I don’t mind paying for software but $500 is a little bit too much.

Which home security system is the best?

Hey guys,
My wife and I recently moved to a new home. My wife was injured a few years back, has trouble with mobility control, and is often bedridden. In our previous apartment, we mostly depended upon some devices such as Alexa, an ADT system, 2 Kevo locks, and a Nest thermostat. These devices allowed her to control mostly everything by voice or her phone/iPad and were very useful.
The new house is somewhat big and hence presents some possible issues. With its five exterior doors, five…

Which home security system is the best?

2013 – Moving a Home Page Same Site Collection

I have a migrated site (from SharePoint 2016 to SharePoint 2019). My migrated site doesn’t have some of the same features and same look that are found on modern site in SharePoint 2019. I want to get the migrated modern page site features and look for my migrated site home page. How can I do this? These are some methods I was thinking but don’t know if this is smart way

  • create a new page using the modern experience
  • create a new page in a new subsite in the same site collection and save as template and make it my new home page

Probably not right on any points. Can you help?

cloud – How do you call a place where one can safely leave a home built computer and connect it to a high-speed Internet?

I found out today about AWS’s and other cloud providers’ outbound data throttling with huge fees for anything above 10GB and I wondered if I could use my own home built computer as a private cloud. It has everything except a high-speed connection, so if there was a data-centerish place, where it could be safely left connected to the web that would solve so many problems (assuming it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg as well…).

App Windows – East Imperial Magic Browser Recovery 2.3 Unlimited / Commercial / Office / Home Multilingual | NulledTeam UnderGround

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Discover Web browsing histories in all major Web browsers!​

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Content-aware analysis discovers browser-related records even in corrupted and incomplete files.

Extract user’s logins and passwords;

Discover social network activities, accounts and credentials;

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Perform comprehensive analysis of user’s online activities in multiple Web browsers.

No matter if you cleared Web browser history, deleted a user account or uninstalled the Web browser, Magic Browser Recovery will help you recover the records. The tool will scan the entire hard drive via low-level access, discovering and displaying all supported Web browsers that you have ever used on your computer, and recovering their browsing histories – even if they are no longer available.

More often than not, it’s not just a browsing history database that is cleared – it’s the whole bunch of files being physically deleted. If this is the case, no other tool can help but Magic Browser Recovery!

Magic Browser Recovery scans the entire hard drive including the file system, allocated and unallocated data blocks in order to discover deleted browsing history databases. Once a Web browser database is detected, Magic Browser Recovery automatically recovers (undeletes) the file, analyzes the database, extracts browsing history records and displays them so that they are easy to view.

Unlike similar tools that extract information from Web browsers based on existing files found in the file system, Magic Browser Recovery analyses information from individual data blocks on the hard drive. This allows our tool to find and recover deleted files, and extract valuable data from broken, incomplete and even partially overwritten browser databases.

As a result, you’ll be able to see which Web sites were visited even if the user cleaned their browser history or used the Incognito mode.

Magic Browser Recovery can recover more than just Web browsing history. Bookmarks, saved forms, addresses, phone numbers, logins and passwords are automatically extracted and displayed. By accessing the user’s logins and passwords, you might be able to review their communications in social networks, their activities in chats, forums and online games.

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You’ll be able to discover which sites and individual Web pages the user accessed during a given period of , how much they’ve spent, what Web searches they ran, and so on. You’ll be able to discover the number of s a certain page has been opened, which resource they came from, and when was the first the user opened a certain page or Web site.

Powerful filters are available in instantly discover Web sites that belong to certain categories. For example, firing up the “gambling” filter will discover all gambling-related Web pages opened by the user.

The social network tracker in Magic Browser Recovery helps recover information about the user’s activities in a given network. Discover their login and password, find out the dates and s a social account has been accessed, and discover a lot more information in just a few clicks!

Access to deleted files may be limited if you are using an SSD drive with automatic trim function. SSD drives actively purge files that have been deleted in order to maintain performance and provide the highest write speeds. As a result, using Magic Browser Recovery on an SSD-equipped computer may return less information compared to computers equipped with traditional magnetic hard drives.

official site does not provide any info about changes in this version


Window boxes – country air for your home – Other Money Making Opportunities

Window boxes in a way increased the air of the country. They call tall buildings beautiful old style and welcome. The exterior of the house and an amazing aspect and appearance. Because they are fairly heavy material for window boxes that should be properly considered. But you can have different options. The Custom Tuck End Boxes that are commonly used are made of wood. Planters install wooden windows in your home country. But what about modern homes that can operate without the use of wood? Materially, wood is definitely beyond the reach of planters. All you need is a content that can be easily found in the template to create a home template. It should be lightweight for easy installation. It should be against all that nature can throw.

PVC window boxes are heavy duty, solid window boxes. There are solutions that wood growers do not rot. They can be easily installed without any further maintenance. They are easy to clean and do not crack, crack, split like wood. Whatever the type of window in your home, PVC can be easily created to match them. You don’t have to worry about paint because it will always look new for a maximum of fifteen years. Another great benefit you get from using window boxes is that PVC window boxes are cheaper.

You may use other materials. Window boxes can be made of tempered glass for architecture, vinyl plastic or fiberglass. Why not compare with PVC? As PVC window boxes, all three materials are resistant to rot, extremely strong and very attractive. But everyone suffers. Hard or tempered glass takes time and is more expensive than PVC used in flower arrangements. Vinyl plastic was used before the invention of PVC. The paint does not stick easily to the vanilla, which results in a lot of paint application. In other words, when you can use PVC Updated, why use white plastic vinyl, which is lighter as a raw material, more durable, paintable, easier and cheaper? Fiberglass is more difficult to install, heavier and more expensive than plastic window panes. If you do this yourself, you must be skilled with the tools.

You can connect to the Internet for PVC window boxes. But, for quality PVC window boxes, you can check out the flower pots. PVC window boxes are their feature. If wood is too much for you, get PVC window box flower boxes. They can paint the window box to paint and feel like wood. They have several standard models, you can choose. If you do not see a specific design for your home, you can order a custom box, PVC window to match the shape and feel of your home. Once you place your order, shipping usually takes 2-4 business days. Your vinyl windows to your door flower box window box l. How fast it takes. They even teach you how to install.

If you plan to add a country to your home, get a PVC window box. You do not need to use wood for window boxes. PVC window boxes have all the advantages of wooden planters and more.

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