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Create 5 permanent PBN TF 20+ High quality Homepage Dofollow Backlinks

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Amazon – Allow AdSense to be approved on the website's empty homepage pages

I have a websiteand I plan to have a growing number of projects (Blogs / newsletters / journals / photo books) on a backend system – something like:

http://website.com/projects/( selected project )

Since all projects are thematically and naturally different – some are aimed at an adult audience -, I really do not want that projects contain a lot of information. Maybe just a central logo or words that explain what this section is for, not what it contains.

My main plan is to direct people to the projects through social media, forums, groups, and offline media to reiterate why I do not need it projects Content included.

The problem is … I definitely want to mine projects The easiest way to achieve financial gains is with something like AdSense and other networks for adult-oriented work. However, if you register with them, you must specify a domain as the root directory for the content of your site. This is a problem because:

  1. The root is a business page and has nothing to do with my projects.

  2. The /projects/ Page is empty as above.

  3. If I had registered a completely new URL, it would still have a blank page as an index.

How can I register my website in these networks?

The same applies to Amazon Affiliates!

$ 50 WordPress Partial Homepage Design Contest

This is a contest for the content section of a WordPress homepage. Basically, the header and footer are already designed and I just need a good layout for the main content area.

The website is (IMG) , The design you submit should contain the header (everything up, and including the video) and the footer (gray section at the bottom of the page). If you want to change the header or footer, this is not required. However, it is welcomed when you find something that is even better.

The main purpose of this contest is the content area (between header and footer). You can take a look at the various content areas on the website to get an idea of ​​some of the things you can include (see Services drop-down list; on each individual service page, only sub-items currently listed on this page are listed available). Be creative and do what you think best. Take a look at other drone photography websites and see what they do. Add icons to the services / subservices and just paste the text of Lorem Ipsum. Currently there is a quote on the homepage that you can keep if you want (again according to your wishes).

An example drone site is (IMG) "data-url =" http://coyora.com/SAMPLE.png (Note, however, that this is a one-page site, while the site you design for is multi-page, so we may not need any content on the homepage.) The content of this sample site is actually very similar to what it does We want to have it on our website, although obviously it should not be copied exactly.

I have attached a sample color palette, which I have planned below. However, changes are more than welcome.

If you have questions or something is unclear, please let me know. The winner will receive $ 50 via PayPal. The competition ends in about 48 hours. If the winner is ready, it may be that he has more work for the design of the other pages.

Thank you so much!

(IMG) "data-url =" http://coyora.com/Colors.png

HostinFive website problems? Each link redirects to the homepage

I am a customer of this provider who is trying to perform various actions on his site, but regardless of what I click, the site is redirected to the homepage.
I've tried this on multiple devices to get the same effect.

Is someone else a customer who experiences this?

Did you know what would cause non-customers this problem for a website?

I contacted the direct support e-mail, but wondered what to do if I do not get an immediate response.

How to declare a canonical tag for the homepage?

Canonical tags should tell search engines which pages you prefer. They themselves do not mess up SEO, they help it. However, it is a level of detail that you want to watch out for.

For example, I can have a strong page on a topic and several smaller pages that, although appearing similar in the eyes of a search engine, help to make the topic more complete. These smaller pages could use a canonical tag to point to the page with more complete content. I'll come back to that.

Another example is where a product page can have options given to the user via parameters. The parameter pages may have a canonical tag that points to the product page without parameters.

If a 301 redirect exists, no canonical tag is required. Easily redirecting HTTP to HTTPS and example.com to www.example.com does not need to be covered by canonical tags.

Ask yourself this one thing. If a user tries to access my website, where should he go? You already define this with your redirects.

For all my pages, I use a canonical tag to point to the page the user is on. If I feel like I can rule out the search efforts by over-ranking pages in the search, I'll just create a canonical tag for all the pages I do not want to find in the search, and point to the page I'd rather find would like to search.

For example, on a website, I created a page on a topic that is very detailed. This is the page that everyone who is interested in my topic should visit first to get a complete overview of the topic. I've also created smaller pages that cover sub-topics on the larger page, which should not be fully discussed in the overview. I refer to these pages for readers who want to understand one or two paragraphs in more detail.

Because these pages, the summary pages, and the subtopic pages handle the same topic in different ways, there are duplications and search engines may not map the summary pages to the subtopic pages. For this, I create a canonical tag on the sub-topic pages to refer to the summary page that gives preference to the overview.

This does not mean that the subtopic pages are not found in the search. It just means that the overview is preferred over the others.

Regarding your homepage, I always recommend that the homepage refer to itself, as the users see after all the redirects. Your site should only be found in one direction. For example, if a user sees your website through www.example.com and example.com, you will not be able to edit your search queries. This is because both are different websites in the eyes of a search engine. If you redirect example.com to www.example.com, let search engines know that www.example.com is the desired site.

If you redirect all HHTP requests and all example.com requests to https www.example.com, HTTPS www.example.com is the canonical tag you should place on your homepage. It is not necessary for you to create a canonical day for it. Many, however, recommend it just like me. It certainly does no harm.

Manually Creating 25 Homepage PBN Backlinks TF & DA is 20+ to receive Skyrocket SERP with blogger links for $ 5

Manual Creation 25 Homepage PBN Backlinks TF & DA is 20+ to receive Skyrocket SERP with Blogger Links fo

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What do I need from you to start my work on PBN?

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  • Optional: Would you like to use your own article? (Send if you have, otherwise we will use spin items).

Note: I do not publish content on adult, porn, betting, casino, and gambling websites.


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wp query – The font change was stopped after deleting my homepage

I accidentally deleted my homepage. I have a custom theme. I have called the recovery page from the Recycle Bin, but there is another new page than my home page. I've searched my pages and see a different page setting than my homepage.

I also noticed that the font size in WordPress does not work anymore, although I tried to uninstall my theme. Nevertheless, I see the font changes that I have just made on my phone. Is there a solution?

Hide homepage ads in Google Adsense Auto Ads

I do not want Google Adsense car ads to appear on the homepage of my site. With AdSense, you can create a URL group with specific rules. However, if I use the "Select URLs for your group" feature, I can not filter out the homepage without also selecting all subpages. So if I filter example.com, example.com/blog will be filtered as well. Is there a way to select only the homepage?