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Woes at Liquid Web – not ethical – my honest criticism

I think I've been with Liquidweb since they took over wiredtree customers. Given the rising prices for panel racking, I agreed to switch to another control panel offered by Liquid Web. However, it looks like I'm still being billed $ 50 for January for the month. And after constantly complaining about repairing the overloaded bill because I refused to pay the overloaded bill because I asked them to migrate to another control panel to avoid price increases on my bill. They only managed to credit me $ 20 for the next month. I doubt that these credits will actually be used next month, given such an unethical approach that this issue requires switching to a different provider. We all like to make money, but I don't think it is okay to use unethical and underhanded methods to bring a little more money to your customer.

I am not sure if they did the same for other customers who also applied to migrate to interwok to avoid a bill increase. If your customers have had billing issues in the past, but were very unethical to me, the amount may not be too high, but if I see my website being blocked today as it asks me to either credit me with the correct amount Correcting the invoice (which is easy to do when I'm in the hosting business myself, I know that this is not a daunting task), I just go crazy and rethink my decision if that's the case A little thing who were willing to take their client’s server offline, and if there were ever any other problems, they’ll most likely not really care.

Anyway … my little but honest review of liquidweb, I'm not sure when companies will start using ethical practices, time to find a new and hopefully honest / ethical host.

Dems, if President Hillary Clinton had ordered the strike against Solemani, would you know that you would vigorously defend that decision? Be honest?

If she had sent 5 units to get him, she would be called a genius, a true hero who handled the situation like a true leader.

The Democrats praised Obama when he had Navy Seals with women and children go to Bin Laden's house to kill him and drag his body to the streets. Women and children were killed in the raid, and Obama was lauded as the true leader.

Obama interrupted the television broadcasts to Brag about what he did and how he stopped the terror.

Trump had a terrorist general and his bodyguards (no women or children) and not in a residential area killed and abused his power

Democrats are hypocrites and they know they will lose the 2020 election.

What is your honest opinion on the trump errors so far?

Ignore WT Door, who is an expert in Moscow trials because he lives there. He just tries to earn his trolling ruble from the GRU.

My honest opinion is that this was the source of many political achievements, but we knew that would happen. The Democrats have held a hearing on whether Trump has committed a criminal offense, and the Republicans have tried to hold their own hearing the Biden and the Whistleblower and literally anyone other than the one it is supposed to be about. If this is the best defense Trump has, it is not a very good one.

I still do not think the Senate will vote to remove Trump, but I do not think they would, even if they have video evidence that Trump is murdering a Hobo. The claims of the whistleblower were very well supported by each witness, even though it required several attempts by Sondland.

Paperwork – Is it a known fraud or an honest mistake at the Border Crossings in Cambodia not to stamp the Entry / Exit Form?

A month ago, I arrived from Thailand in Koh Kong to Cambodia and received an additional $ 7 charge, which is generally considered fraudulent on the Internet. Koh Kong is considered to be less fraudulent than the big crossroads at Poipet, but is still fairly fraudulent.

Yesterday I tried to return to Thailand at one of the small border crossings near Battambang, which has a good reputation for not having any scams. It was the penultimate day of my visa, so I was sure everything was alright. But the officials told me that I miss a stamp on my entry / exit form. I knew that I got my entry stamp in the passport because I checked it immediately. But I did not know that I should also check the form.

I tried to return to Koh Kong before my visa expired, but the distance was too big. I should make it at lunchtime tomorrow, a day later.

Could this be another scam people know about? That they purposely omit the stamp to know that the visitor is sent back to his intersection and probably remains too much now? Will you probably try to charge me more than the official one-day overnight stay fee? Do you probably waive the COD charge because the missing stamp is your own mistake? How much should the fee be in 2019?



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Imagine spending $ 500 to become a sponsor, and we're doing a "1" tournament for a grand prize of $ 500. A player can either spend $ 10 to participate in this tournament, or share your business or page, leave a comment.
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Please be honest, does Trump make America great again?

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