dg.differential geometry – For a fiber bundle $f:Mto S^1$, is there a point whose Horizontal lift is a circle?

Let $f: Mto S^1$ be a Riemannian submersion, and also a fiber bundle. $M$ may be non-compact, possibly with boundary. For $xin S^1$, consider the fiber $f^{-1}(x)subset M$. Is there a point $pin f^{-1}(x)$, such that the Horizontal lift of $S^1$ beiginning at p also end at p? If $M$ is the Mobius band, there exist such points.

Issue with horizontal scrolling in Google Sheets

I didn’t find anything about this specific issue online, so I’m trying my luck over here:

When I’m scrolling horizontally in google sheets, the whole document is jumping a few columns forward and never let me go back to the first columns.

For example, I’m at the beginning of the document (column “A”) and start scrolling to the leftright with the scrolling bar >>> suddenly jumps to column “G” and the whole document acts like column “G” is the first column now! can’t go back to column “A” unless I’m using the arrows on my keyboard.

  • It’s happening to all of my google sheets documents even the old ones.
  • It’s happening from every computer that I’ve tried (2 PC, 1 Macbook)
  • It’s happening also to my partner that using the same documents from a different computer and location.
  • I’m using Google Chrome

Thanks everyone!

html – Orientación Horizontal con css @page

Estoy tratando de configurar una página html para su impresión. Necesito que la misma sea en orientación horizontal, para lo cual, según investigué, usando css, debería agregar el estilo,
@page{ size: A4 landscape }
además de configurar con
@media print{ /* estilos para impresión */ }
Pero cuando trato de imprimir (Ctrl + P), el navegador Chrome, solo me muestra la orientación vertical, y no me da la opción “Diseño” para cambiarla.
Probé con cualquier otra página, y en algunas si muestra esta opción y en otras no (aquí me parece que hay en la estructura de cada página que yo ignoro).
¿Existe alguna forma para que en la vista preliminar ya tenga predeterminada la orientación horizontal?
Espero que puedan ayudarme.
Un abrazo.

java – Application Horizontal and Vertical Scaling

I’m hoping the experienced Java developers here can share some insight about this problem we have been trying to solve for so many months.

We’re currently building a Java web application that uses Jetbrains Xodus as its database. The web application itself is pretty much “done” except for a major issue which the database by design is not designed to be used on a horizontal-scaling environment(I may be wrong), plus the fact that we’re pretty much constrained in using NGINX Unit as our application server.

The problem with Horizontal Scaling

Our server is not a typical server that processes just CRUD database requests and can return a response quickly, it processes custom logic that can take up form 0 to 10 seconds (the hard limit) depending on the logic. This brings us to the problem that if the application is not scaled horizontally then these request processing becomes a “blocking” problem. It blocks other requests for seconds.

The problem with Vertical Scaling

Given the first problem, vertical scaling is our next best option, however NGINX Unit (at least it’s Java runtime) does not play well with this, it’s runtime can only do single thread processing of a request. Thus, even we scale up the cores and memory of the server Unit will just process the request in a single-threaded fashion, making it a “blocking” problem also.

This brings us again to the notion of why we don’t just scale horizontally by configuring Unit to spawn more processes (since you can hard set Unit to allow 1 to n processes), the problem is with the database, Jetbrains Xodus is accessed by the application through an embedded Java object which is locked into one process. Accessing it from another process while it is locked to one will not work. So currently, we run our Unit at the max of “1” process.

We’ve tried to solve this by using off-heap caching, but the database object can’t be serialized so this object can only go as far as the heap of the application process, other processes cannot access this object. Also tried to research on sharing objects across multiple Java processes but looking at it, it seems it not a reality atm.

What could be the best approach to solve this within given the given constraints? Using Jetbrains Xodus and NGINX Unit.

usability – Is it right to use horizontal scroll to show information related to the same content in details page

You should use the vertical scroll for the ingredients.

The main reason being is that it isn’t clear to the user if there is actually anything to scroll. For example, in your screenshot, is there an ingredient after “Lemon”. We can’t tell.

Sure, you could style it so it is obvious and it partly solves the problem. However, that then adds a non-intuitive experience for the user, because suddenly you have a mix of vertical and horizontal scrolling elements.

On top of that, the ingredients is an important part of the recipe that the user will most likely want to scan first, before they even need to look at the method, etc. So having this take up a big chunk of the vertical space isn’t really a problem you need to worry about, because it’s likely that is what your users will want to see in that space anyway.

Plus you get the bonus of seeing the quantities next to the ingredients (as per you last screenshot).

In summary, we can provide lots of good reasons for a vertical list, but we don’t really have any counter-arguments that warrant considering a horizontal list.