Why did medieval Europeans believe in horoscopes and astrology when they weren't Christian in nature?

I just had to look it up.

Interesting quick search. The father of the zodiacs, how they were used etc. All Europeans …… 🤔

Zodiac has the letter z like Zionism in it …..

Look at the oldest sign that is fish …… (2 fish🎭) …….. umm🤔

I found the following …

What is the oldest zodiac sign?


"Fish" is the Latin word for "fish". It is one of the earliest registered signs of the zodiac, with the two fish already around c. 2300 BC BC on an Egyptian coffin lid.

Sources): Egyptian coffin lid?

How are Europeans the father of zodiac astrology?

A historical pattern from HIST "Orians" .. 🤔

[ Horoscopes ] Open question: Leo and cancer women are beautiful?

As a ram man, the most beautiful women I have ever seen are either cancer or lions. This also happens with celebrities. I also think that Virgos and Libras can be beautiful. BONUS: In your opinion, list the most beautiful earth sign.

Jennifer Lopez
Mila Kunis
Elizabeth Gillies
Jennifer Lawrence
Adelaide Kane
Kate Beckinsale
Sandra Bullock
Lori Loughlin
Cara Delevingne
Karlie Kloss

Ariana Grande
Sofia Vergara
Selena Gomez
Margot Robbie
Nicole Scherzinger
Priyanka Chopra
Princess Diana
Meredith Mickelson
Gisele Bündchen
Sara Sampaio Back to you to the person who called me an idiot! ;] By the way, don't you like zodiac signs? Just go away and pretend it doesn't exist. I never said that Leo is an earth sign. I know it's a fire sign.

C Program code for displaying horoscopes with dates

    int main()
        int iDayOfBirth=0,iMonthOfBirth=0,  iMultiplyDOB=0;
        printf("nWrite The Day of Your Date Of Birth(1 to 31):t");
            printf("Please Enter The Correct Day Number.n");

            printf("nWrite The Month Of Your Date Of Birth(1 to 12):t");
            printf("Please Enter The Right Month Number or Day Number For Februarynt");

            printf("nYour Astrological Symbol is:tAries");
            printf("nYour Astrological Symbol is:tTaurus");
            printf("nYour Astrological Symbol is:tGemini");
            printf("nYour Astrological Symbol is:tCancer");
            printf("nYour Astrological Symbol is:tLeo");
            printf("nYour Astrological Symbol is:tVirgo");
            printf("nYour Astrological Symbol is:tLibra");
            printf("nYour Astrological Symbol is:tScorpio");
            printf("nYour Astrological Symbol is:tSagittarius");
            printf("nYour Astrological Symbol is:tCapricon");
            printf("nYour Astrological Symbol is:tAquarius");
            printf("nYour Astrological Symbol is:tPisces");   


I do not know why my compiler does not compile the if statements that evaluate (iMonthOfBirth * iDayOfBirth). Help me if something is wrong in the code.

In your opinion, which zodiac signs have the best symbol, which has the worst symbol 🦁 🦁 ⚖️ 🦀?

1] Capricorn are beautiful mythical creatures, half goat, half mermaid

2] Gemini or twins, this twins group reminds me of carnival masks or love couples

3] Virgin the Virgin, these beautiful female characters represent femininity virgin flower

4] Leo, this strong animal reminds me of Royality and Heraldry

5] Aquarius, these signs remind me of water, ocean, mermaids, aquatic beings

6] Fish, like the fish of his neighbor, remind me of the secrets of the ocean and of aquatic creatures and mermaids


7] Aries: Aries is cattle and the 7th creature in the rank of the zodiac beautiful creatures

8] Sagittarius: This character is represented by and Object- The arrow

9] Taurus: Like his neighbor Aries Taurus is cattle

10] Scorpio: Scorpion is a arachnid …

11] Libra: Libra is the only sign represented by an object, ulgy scales !!! This is a sign that ugly scales of objects are lifeless. It also reminds us of the verdict, the tribunal, politics, politics, British money, law and the judge. These signs are the truly beautiful Libra also has the worst season of the year! I know that you are a Libra, through your claims in your question we can see that you are a jealous Libra, but here is the truth. I'm not a bitch I'm a narrator of unfortunate truths

12] Cancer: Course! This sign reminds us of illnesses and hospitals

[ Horoscopes ] Open question: Why are fish so damn rude?

Like Jesus! I do not understand it, although fish should be nice, caring and compassionate, but no! All the fish I have seen and met in my experience are the most rude people I have met! Even celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Tamar Braxton, etc., show no TRUE fishes characteristics. They are so irritable, unhappy, mean and too heated. I only met a fish girl from 2 years ago and she was nice, sweet, smart and happy and behaves like a real fish, but the rest is mean. She was born in February, so the fact that she's a February fish could be a reason. The worst fish I have met in my life were my eighth grade teachers. Oh god, I hated her out of passion! She was so unprofessional, she called our class stupid, was unhappy, was a liar, cursed in our class, did not accept students for who they are, and even went so far as to kill one of her classmates! I'm sorry for fish who read this, but my goodness! What's wrong with you? Even scorpions, lions and rams are better in my experience! Please, I need answers, why fish are like that and also libras, why are some so rude if they are to be nice people? Incidentally, I'm a twin. ,

Who do you like more? Angelina Jolie (twins) or Jennifer Aniston (Aquarius)?

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