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Hot to change the master data in Google Sheet

I have a table with an overview of the calculation of some income-related taxes
Now all tax percentages are set for a specific year
I want to create a list of master data: the percentages per tax year

and then I have a drop-down list where I can select the tax year
To switch the master data, the tax percentages and parentheses to the percentages of the year (for the complete sheet)

Offline Advertising Hot from the Press!

Ok, it's been a while since I put down a thread and wrote it. So I thought I would take the time to give a little off-line promotion technique that I use.

I own 2 offline companies

As we all know now with the economy, it is hard to own your own business and actually get a reward. Economic times like these are no more than 20 years. That's just a little worse than the last one.

The problem in today's society is fear. The only way to defeat fear in a financial struggle is to innovate and get people to do things for you for free. Owning a business and marketing a business are two different things. Without proper marketing, your business will fail or simply never build a customer base. Since advertising is so expensive nowadays and the profit-loss ratio in advertising is so thin, I came up with this plan.

I had to win more business. And so I did it ………………

I wrote a post about CL. The subject was:

Make calls from your location

Make calls from the comfort of your own location.

All leads receive $ 15.00, just 3 leads per hour for $ 45 an hour

Earn easily $ 1,000 a week

Get off the couch and call now!

Please call *********

Work for a real local business.

  • Location: ******* and surroundings
  • Compensation: $ 15.00 per lead.
  • Teleworking is fine.
  • This is a part time job.
  • OK to mark this site for people with disabilities
  • OK, so the recruiters can contact this job poster.
  • Phone calls to this job are fine.
  • Please do not contact the job poster for other services, products or business interests.

Since it was very difficult to fix the telemarketing on CL, it took awhile for the thread to go crazy. This ad worked and the boy has always done it.

After the announcement, I received between 30 and 40 calls a day. I received so many calls every day that I could not answer every call.

From this point on, I pre-qualified her by phone. Actually, I did not want to be honest as long as English was decent and the voice was nice. I explained to them that they just had to read from a script I had written or memorize it would be better. For each person I would give them a letter in the phone book. I explained that after they had done all this letter, they made a fortune and could just get a new letter. And for every estimate they got for us, they got $ 15. I told them I had some girls doing this for me, and they estimated 7-10 estimates daily. I explained then, it's just a numbers game that for every no they get, there's a yes right around the corner.

Then I would say, if this is what you may be comfortable doing from your own phone, say so now. Of course everyone said yes! So I would say it's great, give me your email address, and I'll send you over the text to read it to your new leads and new success with our company. Nice to have you on board. Once you have received the email and have read it, please call me so that we can look into the details in more detail.

I would send that to you:

Please follow the instructions for your new position:

That's all you have to say when you call:

Hello Mr / Mrs. _________ My name is __________ I am at ________ and I am calling you, because tomorrow we will have someone near you and would like to set up a time that would be good for you, so that we can stop by and give you an estimate of _________. What would be a good time for us to see your ___________.

As soon as the customer says yes.

Please make a note of your name. Phone number and address. Since you set the dates, make sure that you specify at least 1 hour between periods so we have plenty of time to reach each estimate.

Please do not make appointments until 9 o'clock in the morning
At any appointment, please call me on my mobile so I can make sure this time is okay and I can also specify the times for each day already set. If someone can not do the estimate the next day, ask him what day and what time is good for him.

If you have questions about the different types of things our company does, just tell us: ________________________________________________.

If you ask for the office number, please indicate it


Disclaimer: All leads are being reviewed. When I say verified, I mean, I'll know if they're real leads or not. If you get caught, how you tried to steal from our company, and send us wrong leads. You will not work for _______. and discard your position.

1 lead equals $ 15.00.
A lead is a definite appointment with a reputable consumer who is looking for ________
All payments are made every Friday night.
It is always best to call at 18-20. All hours daily are fine, but these are the best 2 hours.

I am a contractor in my niche for my offline company. That is, we do a service for someone. It can be a residential or a commercial.

That worked as if you had no idea. We got more and more leads than we could handle. The more the worker the better. You could make white pages or yellow pages.

Since that time, I've done this about three times in different niches for the use of online marketing through telemarketing. I'm sure if you sit around long enough, you can also come up with some serious benefits. The best part would be for someone who starts a new business. Just tell them that you keep the first weeks and pay every 2 weeks. That way, you could easily make enough money by then, from all the leads you've been forced to pay. It's a fool proof and there's so much more you can do with it.

Good luck .

I wrote that quickly. So forgive missing parts. Just ask if interested.


hot spot – Hotspot in Ubuntu 18.04 via external credit card (iBaton)

I use a laptop with Ubuntu 18.04 and two WiFi cards

  1. PCI wireless card

$ lspci | grep -i network

03: 00.0 Network Controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter (Rev 01)

  1. external WLAN card (USB)

$ Isusb

Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0bda: 5776 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Bus 002 Device 002: ID 0438: 7900 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b: 0002 Root Hub of Linux Foundation 2.0

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 0cf3: 3121 Atheros Communications, Inc.

Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0438: 7900 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b: 0002 Root Hub of Linux Foundation 2.0

Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b: 0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 Root Hub

Bus 003 Device 003: ID 148f: 7601 Ralink Technology, Corp. MT7601U Wireless adapter

Bus 003 Device 002: ID 3938: 1031

Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b: 0002 Root Hub of Linux Foundation 2.0

My laptop is connected to LAN, and now I want to create a hotspot.
my laptop pci wificard is not working and i want to use the external wificard (USB) to create the hotspot.

Could you please suggest how to create the hotspot using the USB device?

Is fabricated food hot?

When an assistant uses the spell fabricate Would the food be hot to prepare a party?

Assumptions are that abundant raw materials are available. The assistant masters the cooking of tools (actually has expertise). The magician has prepared the spell.

Does a raw chicken and vegetables turn into a hot stew?

Troubleshooting – Are these colored pixels in the raw image (displayed in the Dcraw software) dead, hot, or stuck?

In any case, no photo professional – I tried to take RAW photos via CHDK on Canon S3 IS as .DNG.

I'm working on Ubuntu 18.04 and when I open this .DNG photivo, Rohtherapeeand I think so too darktableI can not find much out of the ordinary.

However, when I try to use dcraw (to create a .tif) or something that is used dcraw directly like Nufraw (whether standalone or GIMP plugin), I get these colored pixels:


(Note that you did not let go of denoising at 750 and checked in "Hot Pixels" Nufraw – not even if I move the slider "hot pixel sensitivity" all the way to the right (to 10,000)

So I wanted to ask:

  • Are these what they call "hot" or "dead" or "stuck" pixels – if so which ones? If not, what are they?
  • Why do I only see her in dcrawprocessed processing and not in others (Rohtherapee, photivo)
  • Can I get rid of them? dcraw or Nufraw yourself and if so, how?

EDIT: As in the comments, here is a comparison between two photos with the same camera open Nufraw, with view anchor top left in the picture and zoom 200:


It looks like the pixels are in the same place, but they do not look the same. For example, the colored pixel indicated by the red arrow is blurred left blue and horizontally, reddish on the right, and blotchy vertical.

EDIT02: Getting closer – it turns out when I click on "Pre-Exposure" under "Warnings" NufrawThese pixels start flashing:


Well, why would I even like that? on I do not quite understand underexposed pixels that are surrounded by many that are not underexposed (or are they still related to "hot" / "stuck" pixels?) – even if those colored pixels are mere warnings, they will still be in Gimp imported (After you have made the workaround in Bug # 1791138: "RAW files can not be edited in GIMP under Lubuntu 18.04" error: ufraw package: Ubuntu)

I've also noticed that these color pixels are not affected by denoising in Nufraw – it's as if denoising is only applied to "underlying" pixels in the image, while the colored pixels are in an "overlay" layer of its own and stay untouched …

So they're probably some kind of warning – unless I can not say how to get rid of them once I've imported them into Gimp (or converted them to TIP like in dcraw -Tmypic.DNG) …

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Differences between Hot Standby and Warm Standby Postgresql?

I'm confused about the differences between the database replication methods mentioned in a postgres wiki page, which is best for the normal situation?

  1. Warm standby / continuous archiving / log shipping

    offers high availability


  2. Hot Standby / Binary Replication / Streaming Replication

    Used for read-only queries



  3. PITR