Flash – How can I use a flash that does not work with the non-standard hot shoe on Canon lower-priced cameras?

Do not use your YN560 IV in a hotshoe. Instead, use it as a flash outside the camera. Jump from the ceiling or use it in your hand. Use your built-in ETTL-Blitz 2000D to trigger S2 Optical Slave Mode on your YN560 IV.

The S1 mode is triggered when a flash is displayed, which is a problem with the ETTL pre-flash.

The S2 mode is triggered on the second (main) flash and ignores the ETTL pre-flash.

Which flash units can be used with the non-standard Canon hot shoe of low-end camera models?


Canon's own EX flash units should all be compatible if they are not fully compatible. The official word of Canon on their leaflets and websites for bodies without synchronization contact is:

Flash units other than EX-series flashes or flash units of other manufacturers can not be used. Not all features of the Canon EX series are supported.


In April / May 2019, Godox released firmware updates for compatibility with T7 (aka 2000D, 1500D) and T100 (aka 3000D, 4000D) for the following devices:

  • TT350-C mini-flash unit
  • V350-C mini-flash unit
  • TT685-C Speedlight
  • V860 II-C flash unit
  • X1T-C transmitter
  • XPro-C transmitter


Yongnuo has released similar compatibility updates for:

  • YN-565C III
  • YN-586C III
  • YN-685c

Nissin, Sigma, Metz

In the Nissin Compatibility Chart, all equipment is fully compatible with the T7.

The Sigma and Metz tables have not (yet) been updated to include the T7 / T100.

I would also say that (obviously) single-pole / manual transmitters / flashes like the Amazon Basics / Neewer TT560, the Yongnuo YN-560 series, the Yongnuo RF-60x triggers, LumoPro LP180 etc. do not work without a hotshoe sync contact.

However, flashes with a built-in wireless shutter can probably be synchronized outside the camera if the transmitter is TTL compatible and compatible with the new hot shoe. And every built-in optical trigger still works.

Early testers in this dpreview thread mention the incompatibility with Simpex 522, Nissin Di622, Yongnuo YN685 and RF-603, Neewer NW-670 and Godox devices. So if you're looking at third-party firmware-upgradable TTL devices, I'd check if a firmware update was released specifically for this issue. If not, I would expect incompatibility unless you find someone else to report.

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macbook – laptop charger gets very hot

The charger for my Macbook Air gets very hot and feels painful. I've been trying to replace another charger, and it's getting very hot too, so I do not think it's a problem with the charger.

Does this indicate a problem with the laptop?

Some other details that might also be relevant: The green / orange light on the cable indicating that the charging process is interrupted, and sometimes I hear a faint noise from the laptop. The charger gets very hot when it emits a tone, but does not get so hot when it does not emit any sound. The laptop is at least five years old. Therefore, I wonder if there is a problem with the internal power management hardware of the laptop.

Do these symptoms usually indicate a problem with the MacBook?

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