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As most positive analysts say, push, push, push, or leave Baleaf High Waist yoga pants with no notches on your stomach and wait. "The high diaphragm remains awake through a wide range of developments," said one analyst. Another satisfied customer, who wears them for work and yoga, said: "I love that they don't slide down, smooth my midsection without indenting the stomach or causing obesity like most sets with high Do waist.

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A brand new, hot ad format from TubeCorporate | Proxies-free

Hi Guys,

TubeCorporate has released a brand new, outstanding format that will blow your mind!

Floating banner (so-called in-page push) is a display solution that is provided by a small banner that looks like a push notification and is located in one place regardless of the scrolling.

Top 5 advantages of our new product:
-Can be installed in 6 different positions (lower right corner by default)
– Frequency can also be adjusted as you wish.
– Custom feeds for you: Mainstream or Adult – the choice is yours!
-High eCPM on almost all GEOs !!
-SSL certificate is not required

We offer to test this format for a period of one day to estimate the average earnings you can get from it. As soon as it is complete, you will receive information about the daily income you can earn from us.

If you are already using our push, you will benefit twice with our new format in the first few days and do not even have to do anything for it! Just write to us!

You only live once: man_dancing:

E-mail: (Email protected)

Skype: live: .cid.82ddf085b14cc97

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Here is a list of average CPM values ​​for key geographic data (yesterday).
Note: The CPM may vary due to market fluctuations

Desktop / Mobile (floating banner)
$ 0.32 / $ 0.41
IN – $ 0.19 / $ 0.28
DE $ 0.50 / 0.69
FR-$ 0.42 / 1.03
GB-$ 0.40 / 1.09
TH – $ 0.21 / 0.53