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In February this year I had a hotel booked with It was classed as non refundable but was cancelled because the hotel went into administration just before travelling. promised a refund. It did not send refund so I telephoned again to be told refund had been processed. I checked with my bank and it had not. I have been very patient due to coronavirus but I cant get through by phone, chatline is not helpful and they do not provide an email.

How should I deal with Delined Card on

I reserved a hotel room through and the card was rejected due to the exceeded limit. However, you could charge me a part of the bill (one of several nights).

I've increased the card limit, and now the hotel can charge me the rest of the bill. However, I have a communication problem because people do not speak English very well and do not answer my emails immediately.

What should I try in this situation?

The request for payment came from the hotel and not from (or at least from the bank). The reservation will not be refunded.

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Hello everyone,

I would like to sell my refund service for, which I have been selling for quite some time in other forums (such as MPGH). There is no fraud / scams, in essence I get a better price due to their price match policy and the refund is made directly from the company to your original payment method. Your booking will remain active and you will also receive the night balance for your account program.

To use my service, we charge 40% of the refund amount. If your booking is refundable, you will receive a refund of the original payment method. If it is non-refundable, you will receive the refund as a voucher for with a 1 year expiration date.

You can also reach me via Skypee: Fireimg

SEMrush Refunds The card was charged immediately if a fee was charged at check-in.

I had made a fully refundable, non-refundable hotel reservation and canceled the reservation 33 days before the deadline. They say I never paid and did not refund money. It was clearly charged to my card. I wrote to and was told that they need to initiate an investigation that will take two billing cycles. Has anyone experienced such a thing?