iphone – A security system on wifi from hotspot that runs on 2.4 ghz

I am making a security system to protect something very important in my room. Its the ink in printer. I have many enermies and they have done black magic on me so I am tring to fight the black magic by making holy water and taking ruqyah baths with it see the links below for information on:

  1. making holy water with prinitable Quran sheets. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECWkTPaaTvw

2]Ruqyah baths. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqklNcAvCRQ

3]black magic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2nUG5eMBus&list=PLv5GL22SuWj-SW-ZdlH62Sl8BMyTv58GI

The black magic allows these people to probe in my mind. So there is no point using for example corded locks. These people will go to all lenghths to contaminate this ink so it does not work, My mother is on their side and has the key to my room. Althogth these people want to contaminate this ink badly they also do not want to get caught at it or for me to no they have done it.

So i decided i will set up a motion camera in my room, that will allow me to see when motion is detected in my room.
As my mother will simple turn her wifi off. so i decided to get a moblie phone to make a wifi hotspot in my room to connect to my phone.

Now the problem is that everything works on 2.4 ghz. I think from the internet, its better to buy and andoid moblie than iphone to get a 2.4 ghz wifi, my question is will any of these mobiles do the job:



I am not rich so can only get cheap phones.

My second probelm is that this phone that make my 2.4 ghz internet in my room need to connect to my iphone 5s. I think this shoud be okay as its sending it to my e-mail account.

This is the plan i have but if you can think of a better security system i would like to know. Bear in mind these people can read my mind and are many people and are very driven to stop me for example if i get a pad lock and lock my printer in my suit case which i will also do, they will simple pick the lock.

dual sim – Double SIM hotspot WiFi problem

I use a dual-SIM on my Asus Zenfone Max Pro (M1) running on Android 9 to have data from an Italian and a German operator at the same time.

It works fine on the phone, but I noticed that when I use it as a WiFi hotspot (to connect my laptop), most of the times I got messages like “connected, no internet”.

My workaround solution is to disable one of the 2 SIM (toggling the SIM-selector in the Android settings), disconnect the laptop, and reconnect. It works, but it is very frustrating.

I suppose there is a better way to set my network properties on phone and laptop, such that they can communicate better.

Any idea?

Additional info:

ios – How to create an offline hotspot to transfer data between iPhone and another device?

I have a hardware accessory that (annoyingly) instead of supporting Bluetooth, requires a WiFi hotspot in order to communicate with an iPhone.

Unfortunately I do not have tethering on my mobile data plan, and it seems foolish to pay for that feature when I don’t need the internet aspect of it.

Is there a setting or app for iOS that will allow me to create an offline hotspot that nearby devices can connect to?

dhcp – Change my hotspot tethering Gateway IP address

I’m having a problem using multiple cellphones as cameras into the app IP Webcam. I use them with the USB Tethering since it has best image and latency quality, so after plugging them into the computer and enabling the USB tethering I need to put the Gateway IP that android creates in the USB tethering and here it starts the problem:

Every android when tethering uses the same Gateway IP ( and there is no way I can change it natively, so when I try to connect any other cellphone it will use the same Gateway IP. What I need to do is find a way to change the IP of one of my cellphones (one is rooted and the other one it’s not rooted) so I can use both cellphones as webcams.

I’ve already tried using DroidCamX that can connect without tethering or via LAN yet it’s latency and quality is much inferior to the IP Webcam. As well I found this thread yet I need to be agile to set up the cameras (open Android SDK and do all the right commands) and I can’t waste computer processing with the Android SDK running. If you think there is any other solution to my problem let me know.

As a disclaimer I want to warn you that I’m pretty new to android coding, I have no idea how to edit android source code and implement it, even wich tools to use. So if you could just point me out any manual or tutorial or even show me how to do it I would love to learn it. Thank you, guys!

wifi hotspot – DNS name resolution for local hostnames does not work anymore after android 9 > 10 change

I use my android phone(s) as a wifi hotspot, clients get IPs from the network.
Previously, when the phone was running android 9, internal name resolution for those clients worked fine, as those were configured to:

(root@laptop1 username)# cat /etc/dhclient.conf 
send host-name = gethostname();

and nslookup laptop1 yielded 192.168.43.xxx on laptop2.

Now, after the change to android 10 (new phone), this no longer works.

Seems like it is due to the fact that dnsmasq was replaced with something else in A10 (Hotspot mobile network tethering and DNS). How do I get the original behaviour back? Thanks.

Rooting is not an option, unfortunately.

adb – Reducing Tx_Power for mobile hotspot – hostapd.conf

I am using rooted Samsung J2 pro with Marshmallow 6.0.1. My mobile hotspot uses a lot of battery. And this battery usage is reported by Android OS process by Smart Manager.

I have reduced the tx_power manually from 4 to 1 in hostapd.conf located under /data/misc/wifi/hostapd.conf but it gets overwritten whenever I switch on the hotspot.

How can I make it permanent or is there a way to change tx_power through adb?

enter image description here

Mobile data doesn’t work with Google Apps and Firefox browser, but works with Non Google apps like WhatsApp. Hotspot works fine too

After migrating to prepaid, not able to use mobile data on Google Apps like Play, Chrome etc. Firefox is also not working.

However can use other non Google apps like WhatsApp, Drawing apps etc. Also able to use Mobile data on PC via Mobile Hotspot.

No root, no changes. Mobile: Samsung J7 Max.

wi fi – Set android as internet gateway to local router (Not mobile hotspot)


I have a local network and I want to have my mobile serve as an internet gateway when entering the network.

What I’m asking is asked here, here and here. An advanced version has also been asked here but all of them have no answers leading me to a conclusion this might not be possible. With this post, trying to list down what I tried, problems faced so as to open a discussion for a possible solution to this problem. Have tried this with relatively recent android 9, 10 and 11.

Some obvious steps

  • Have static IP for the mobile which will serve as a gateway.
  • Setup router to use the gateway.


  • Android connects to wifi and gives a warning that access point doesn’t have internet access. We can switch to mobile data but the local network is inaccessible as wifi is disconnected. Changing to always use mobile data in developer options also behaves the same.
  • Let’s suppose android is used as gateway and other devices are able to access internet, how will the device access local network? A probable solution is to make a middleware that decides to send packets to internet or intranet, or perhaps use internet as a fallback. I’m pretty sure mobile will need to be rooted for this kind of control. Is there anything developed which can be used directly?