250 Directory Submission In Less Than 24 Hours – Cheap & Best for $5

250 Directory Submission In Less Than 24 Hours – Cheap & Best

Dear Sir / Madam,

Welcome to my Directory Submission service

I will submit your business or website into niche directories Manually. Directory submission is very essential for business or website.Here I am providing 250 approved directory listings for just $5 in just 24 hours time.

After work done I will send you complete report with minimum 10 screenshots and submitted link to your given email id.


  • I am very Quick
  • Cheap in Price & Best Quality
  • 250 Directories @ $ 5
  • 500 Directories @ $ 10
  • 100% Client Satisfaction guarantee


i wil do professional video editing in 24 hours for $10

i wil do professional video editing in 24 hours

About This Gigbout This GigHello, are you looking for profesional youtube video editor?

Then you are in the right place! I have worked on television production crew for 2 years and I am willing to share that knowledge to make your youtube video be just the way you want it. Whether you want comedic video or high skill highlight I am your guy!

What I can do for you:

– Color correction

– Adding cam

– Adding intro/outro 

– Memes

– Special effects

– 24 hour delivery time

– Subtitles

– Cool transitions

– I can edit any After Effects or Premiere template. 

NOTE:  Contact me before purchasing!

Every video is unique in it’s own way so contacting me is perfect for me to know and for you to get exactly what you want.


Make 50 Top Local Map Citations With Proper NAP No1 local SEO Rank in 24 Hours for $5

Make 50 Top Local Map Citations With Proper NAP No1 local SEO Rank in 24 Hours

Are You Looking for the best 50 + local citations sites by business category?

“Then You choose A Right Gig.”

Local Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings.

  1. I Will Provide you Top 50 + Local Citations by Business Category.
  2. I have done Many Projects about Citation/Map Listing Building on Business Category ,Each of these was then Manually .
  3. Every Top 50 Local listing Only for 5$.
  4. Boost Your Website & Local Business Listing in 1 Service!
  5. Rank Higher on Maps!
  6. Rank Higher on Organic Results!
  7. Get NAP from G. Maps!
  8. Maps Contain Backlinks to Your URL & Listing!
  9. Geotagged Images Give Additional Boost on Maps!
  10. Geotagged Images Are Keyword-Optimized with Backlinks to Your URL!
  11. Mobile Friendly!

Your benefit for my service?

  • Local IPs
  • Manual Work
  • Backlinks from Google – Best For Local SEO!
  • Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird Safe
  • Fast Delivery
  • Free Consultation

What is need For Starting:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • URL
  • Keywords
  • Images (check FAQ below)
    I will Provide you More 10 Listing Extra For Bonus.I am Ready to provide you .


dnd 5e – What Class or Class combination will raise the largest controlled undead (skeletal) army in 48 hours?

I am planning on making a Necromancer type with the largest undead army available in 5e D&D. He has 48 hours to build it. I have an existing strategy but would like to hear your ideas.

  • Hardcover books only, no 3rd party or UA.

  • You cannot polymorph into a Beholder… (It breaks the story) You have to be a standard race caster.

  • No outside help. You are solo.

  • No prep beyond the 48 hours you have to create the army.

  • Assume you are at a graveyard with access to enough bodies.

  • Lv 20 character, no epic boons unless you have a way to get them through a feat.

  • Prefer no magic items, however if you have one that really makes a huge difference let us know.

  • We are looking to specifically raise Skeletons. No generals required unless it increases the overall army size.

  • All spell slots are available to go towards the army.

  • Buffing the army is not necessary, but if you have a way to do it without diminishing its size, I’d love to hear it.

  • TMD hosting. Dedicated server down every week for 12 hours

    TMD hosting. Dedicated server down every week for 12 hours | Web Hosting Talk

    var sidebar_align = ‘right’;
    var content_container_margin = parseInt(‘350px’);
    var sidebar_width = parseInt(‘330px’);

    1. TMD hosting. Dedicated server down every week for 12 hours

      It looks like I made mistake switching to TMD hosting. The sales chat was sweet and they transferred me within 24 hours. But then… server goes down it takes them 6 hours to push the reboot button. Same month, server down again, needs to be rebooted. It has been now 14 hours and all emails are answered with the same canned reply.

      PHP Code:

      The case is investigated by our system administrators and they will update you as soon as more information is available.


      have in mind that updating constantly one ticket or submitting multiple tickets will not speed up our working process so I kindly ask you to be patient. Considering the above we will now close this ticket

      Is that even a real company or got scammed and it’s just one dude running chat bots from his parent’s basement?

    2. A quick google shows that you’re not the first to complain about them here Cheaters and Scammers – TMD HOSTING or elsewhere https://www.bbb.org/us/fl/orlando/pr…064/complaints but there are some good reviews as well.

      Phil McKerracher

      Not a hosting company, but I fix hosting problems

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