Do you have a fruit tree in your garden?

There are no fruit trees in my garden, although my mother has several on her property, namely lemon, apple and pear. Lorikeets ruin most of the fruit, often a single peck, although the possums also get a share, but the lemons are handy. If there are too many lemons for family, friends and neighbors, we will pack them up and bring them to charities to share them with. Mother also grows tomatoes, rhubarb, strawberries and raspberries with variable harvest results.


What do you think about Sarah Sanders leaving the White House?

Trump's Tweet about this topic:

"After three and a half years, our wonderful Sarah Huckabee Sanders will leave the White House and go home to the Great State of Arkansas at the end of the month …"

Does Trump think Sanders has been in the White House for 3 1/2 years? That would be a decent trick.

Something very fitting for Trump, who wishes Sanders all the best and then does not clarify his facts.


Legally, if you are married and your spouse does not want a person living in your house, but you give him permission to stay?

What is the law about this? If I give someone permission to stay in my house that I bought with my name on it, can my wife kick him out legally?

What difference does it make if I sign a lease that gives them the right to stay in my house? A lease before my wedding with my wife?

I am a man from the ground up. If I tell someone that he can stay somewhere, he can do exactly as I said. Even if it is no longer pleasant. As a man from the ground up, I do not think it's right to throw someone out of my house just because my new wife does not like it when he lives with us. My roommate / tenant rights have lived here for years and at the moment have no way to go where. I understand now that I'm married. My wife has over half of my rights. And I respect her opinion and agree that the house would be better for me and her. However, I have given my word to this man that he can live here for the underlined time that the treaty provides. Which will expire early next year.


My house is sold and now I want one more?


Need some advice

Need some advice

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  1. Need some advice

    Hello everybody. I live in a rented house, but I want to buy my own. Does anyone have experience in moving and transferring things?

  2. Hello, I moved to another apartment last month. I left all the furniture and electrical appliances in my old apartment and had to transport only small personal things. I did not have time to do it alone because of the work, so I used a courier company called Wefast. I called her and made an appointment. To be honest, I was afraid that the courier would be late and I miss the job, but he arrived on time and all my belongings were delivered without damage

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wants to get a divorce, but husband does not leave the house – everything else

Long story, but in short, we have 3 children and are (unfortunately) married for 15 years.

I want a divorce, but my husband does not and refuses to talk about it at all. I asked him to move out and he refuses to suggest that I move out with the 3 children (leaving him in the 6-bedroom house with very little mortgage left).

I could probably rent a 2 bed flat on my salary with all the other expenses for the 3 kids, and I am desperate to get out of this marriage.

Where can I find cheap legal advice, what to do and how to get a divorce from someone who does not agree?

And how do I make sure that there is a fair separation – financially?

A bit complicated, knowing that my husband "hides" most of his income in his business and pays only a very small salary – on paper, I look like the main earner of my job, but he "invests" 60,000 a year into the business and only taking the minimum wage – so the business – his business has a lot of money in it – with his whole family as (unpaid) directors.

Sorry – gets complicated now. Can anyone advise me on what to do and how much it costs to get legal advice?

Should I take off with the children?

dnd 5e – Are the house rules of the Darker Dungeons of GiffyGlyph balanced?

I came across the rules of the Darker Dungeons extension by GiffyGlyph for D & D 5e and find it fascinating. I really like some of the concepts and the fact that you can choose what you want to include.

I plan to switch from Standard 5e to this set of rules to accommodate conditions (thirst, hunger, fatigue), fatigue, intelligence for initiative, slit-based inventory, and wounds and injuries.

I would like to include them, but I could not find any reviews or opinions online.

Does anyone have any experience of involving them in an actual game? Are these rule extensions balanced?

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