html – Detects the closing of javascript tabs

I am developing a website where I have to switch between different screens. Once the tab is closed on any screen, that user's session is about to be ended.

My problem is that using onbeforeunload and adding some conditions so that you do not leave the session while browsing the different screens of my website works. However, if I use the Chrome browser buttons back / next / refresh, I can do that as well Log out

How can I make sure that I leave the session only when I close the tab, not when I press Back / Next / Refresh?

That way I can control when to close the session:

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HTML – SUITCSS Methodology – Code Review Stack Exchange

I'm trying to understand the SUITCSS method of writing front-end code. I've written this code and would like to know if this is a good SUITCSS methodology by using class names:


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My main concern is about Message--danger, As if I have Message class and I want to add danger class To the message component that you should do right: or .Message--danger? If I unterstand that correctly is-danger should be used for the animation? And -part should be used for Message class like Message-footer Message-header Message-body etc.

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Does it affect SEO if a country's name is based on the site's HTML code?

My website recognizes where the visitor is coming from. If the visit is from Guatemala, the title is:

[Company name] | Discounts in Guatemala

If the visit comes from El Salvador, the title is:

[Company name] | Discounts in El Salvador

I do that for SEO purposes. However, I'm worried because I'm not sure how Google crawlers will interpret this. Will save Google [Company name] | Discounts in Guatemala and ignore it [Company name] | Discounts in El Salvador, or the other way around? Corresponds to a dynamic </code> and Google about what's confusing <code><title></code> to use?</p> <p>My goal is to achieve a high ranking for the query in Guatemala <code>Discounts in Guatemala</code> and also rank high in El Salvador for the query <code>Discounts in El Salvador</code>, But I'm not sure if I follow the right approach with a dynamic <code><title></code> based on the location or if I'm confused with Google and should use it instead:</p> <pre><code>`<title>[Company name] | Discounts in El Salvador and Guatemala`


`[Company name] | Discounts in Guatemala and El Salvador`


How can I view my local / offline HTML file on the iPad?

I've saved my HTML file in many places on the iPad to start it.

  1. In files. When I click on the HTML file, a preview (with a blank white page) will be displayed, as this step does not call links (js, css, etc.). I tried to type and hold to see if I could open it with Safari. No luck, and I did some research. It is said that you can not open HTML with Safari or another browser on the iPad because the links in the folder are not called.

  2. I tried to open it dropbox also. Again it shows a white blank page.

  3. I tried to start it right after downloading the file (I sent it to myself) and no option to start it. It only gives me the opportunity to save it.

  4. I have saved it in files, icloud or dropbox. I have previously downloaded an app called Documents by readdle, Find the file. If I clicked on it, it worked perfectly. In the app itself. No browser needed. But suddenly after updating the app all HTML folders I stopped working.

  5. I tried too Documents per app: no luck

  6. goodreader app: opens the file, but freezes and the app stops responding.

  7. I have not found a way Safari to find and open a specific file it.

so I reached the "give up" phase. And I'm looking for help help

html5 – sat, javascript, html layout / theme workflow

I'm looking around at Google to make the best choice I can make when creating layouts from sketch / adobe xd / other similar software programs.
I looked at the webpack bundler, but either I did not set it up properly or it does not work the way I want it.

So my main question is, how do you handle your workflow when creating a complete theme for a layout or creating a layout based on a sketch project?
We have problems that we need to compile, minimize, pretend, etc., and we have Javascript in our projects.

I tried to have multiple entry points into the webpack and the output, which was fine for HTML files, but the CSS files were still bundled into one, and I want to have a CSS file for each HTML page which is the same for JS code, since not all pages would share the same CSS or Javascript.

SEO – Does Adding Keywords and Description Tags to my HTML Page Help with Search Engine Results?

I'm trying to improve my search engine results on Google and Bing. The content of my website contains microdata to define the content. Currently, I have a keyword tag on every page of my website. However, sometimes I find myself updating the content of the page, but I forget to update the keywords. The content of the pages is keyword-oriented. In other words, the written articles are searched for relevant keywords to promote organic traffic. I'm worried that the search engine will find the keywords that do not fit the content and maybe tag or discount it.

When stack overflow, I do not see that they use the keyword tag. I'm not even sure if the tags are used for anything other than grouping the questions.

Is it a good idea to remove the tag word from all my pages? Can I also remove the description tag for the same reason because I have microdata that define the content of my pages?