python – HTML query, result can not be found

I have this script to search web pages based on a result, and I do not see the problem, but I do not get results, even if the code does not show an error.

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup 
import requests

search = input("introdusca su busqueda: ") params = {"q": search} 
r = requests.get("", params=params) 

soup = BeautifulSoup(r.text, "html.parser")
results = soup.find("ol",{"id":"b_results"}) print(results) 
links = results.findAll("li",{"class":"b_algo"})

for item in links:
    item_text = item.find("a").text
    item_href = item.find("a").attrs("href")

   if item_text and item_href:

  1. No hay resultados parapizza

    • Comprueba la ortografía o prueba palabras clave diferentes

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html – Why is this layout so slow, especially on mobile devices?

The following code uses flex to display some divs that act as buttons: it's about creating a basic layout for simple games.

There are two problems with this type of encoding: first, the speed of execution and, secondly, the management of the percentage of each container.

Style makes a difference, does the trick on a laptop, but it is useless on mobile devices

what i miss thanks in advance


I use SimpleHTTPServer for testing over LAN. When testing mobile devices, iOS and iPadOS only run on Safari

Selection – HTML element: Quotation marks not selectable?

To include a quote in HTML, you could simply use quotation marks:

“Yes,” he said.

Alternatively, one could use the inline quotation mark:

Yes, he said.

The use of the inline quotation mark has some advantages, e.g. For example, it provides additional semantic information to any person or machine reading the HTML code.

However, I noticed something that seems to me to be a serious disadvantage of the inline offer element. In all browsers I've tried that, even though quotes are rendered, that's not possible choose the quotes.
Screenshot of unselected quotes

In Chrome and Edge, this predictably means that the quotation marks are omitted when the user copies and pastes. Interestingly, in Firefox, quotes are inserted into the inserted text even though they do not appear to be selected.

This behavior seems irritating to the user. Is it really the best way to quote in HTML? When should developers use the inline offer item?

Can I host my WordPress blog and my custom HTML, CSS, and JS pages under a single domain name?

I have this custom coded HTML page with lots of CSS and JS content. It took me about a month to code it. But later I realized that I needed a blog that could host articles for me. Of course I can use a static HTML template, but that's just extra pain in the A to maintain it.

My question is,

1. Can I host my custom coded HTML page on bluehost and host my WordPress blog on a completely different server, but under a single domain (if that's even possible)? I'll link my WordPress blog and my HTML page with a button.

2. Does my Google SEO Ranking affect it negatively?

Thanks in adv.

html – How do you align input fields vertically in an Angle dialog box?

I have a dialog box, and I have two input boxes in the dialog along with the Cancel and Send buttons. This is what my box looks like:


The input fields are horizontally side by side, and I really want them to be stacked vertically.

Clicking on this button opens my modal popups:


This is my modal template html:




In my component,

constructor(private matDialog:MatDialog){}

  openModal(templateRef: TemplateRef){
      width: '400px',

Drupal 7 WYSIWYG module with CKeditor library for removing forms and entering HTML tags when pasting into a block

I want to add some snippets of code from MailChimp. We use the WYSIWYG module (7.x-2.5) with the CKeditor library version ( If I add the code to a block, it will be removed when rendering on the page.

I'd like to add HTML tags for forms, inputs, and captions, but they'll be removed. What can you recommend for this form to be displayed in a block? We have this technique on another page, so I know it's possible.

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