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Redirect HTTP to HTTPS | Web Hosting Talk

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  1. question Redirect HTTP to HTTPS

    Why is not redirected to https? I'm just wondering

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htaccess – Incorrect route appended to URL when redirected from http to https

I have an OVH-hosted WordPress site and problems redirecting http to https. Keep feeding nicely Keep feeding nicely

however continues to lead,

I do not know where this extra www comes from.

My .htaccess looks like this:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} (L,R=301)

https – Why can not Open Graph Checker detect Open Graph data?

After adding an SSL certificate (Let's Encrypt), I can not get a preview of Facebook or Twitter on my page when the link is released. I've followed the Open Graph protocol and added the following Open Graph tags:

All 3 Open Graph Checkers I use –, Abhinay Rathore's Open Graph Tester and Facebook's Object Debugger – say there is no Open Graph tool. There is one exception, however: Iframely's embed codes

Since all three checkers have problems with it, this is probably not just a problem of Facebook, as in FB OpenGraph o. G.: Image does not pull images (possibly https?). Even so, nothing changes even though I've tried to use only HTML links to remove and use spaces ,

Do you know why this happens?

https – "Unsupported version of content type" error message in Chrome

I'm working on creating a sample API to see how they work. The example works in Firefox, but not in Chrome. The version of Chrome used is 76.0.3809.100 (Official Build) (64-bit).

Below is a screenshot of the errors Chrome displays. Underneath, the headlines are displayed. The content type response header appears to match the request header for the acceptance charset=UTF-8 attached. What causes the error message "Unsupported version of content type" and how can I fix it?



apache2 – Apache redirects HTTP to HTTPS without preventing HTTP


I added an SSL certificate with Lets Encrypt / Certbot on my Debian 9 (Stretch) host.

To change my Apache configuration, certbot essentially copies the vhost.conf file, encloses it, and inserts the Include, SSLCertificateFile, and SSLCertificateKeyFile entries.

The old HTTP file, vhost.conf, has been modified to be easily redirected to HTTP over HTTPS using Rewrite rules.

I'm glad that the site is HTTPS for all end users, but I might want a PHP script to be able to request something from localhost over HTTP and force those requests to use HTTPS when the traffic is complete Local seems unnecessary.

For the purposes of this question, I reset the old HTTP vhost.conf file to handle HTTP traffic as before.


So my question is if this works correctly in my HTTP vhost file.

    Redirect permanent "/" ""

It certainly is from my tests appear However, I am concerned that SSL is new to me, and while it is generally straightforward, there is great potential for out-of-the-box situations where things may not work as intended.

More weathering

I like my suggested solution like that should Redirect all users with a modern browser to use HTTPS without completely blocking HTTP access. I also prefer to use Redirect permanent Override rules as this is easier and probably more efficient. But again, the fact that a fairly high percentage of Internet advices suggest using the method of rewriting is somewhat disconcerting!

wordpress – Why is disabling "Force SSL with https redirect" causes http links to be redirected to https?

I realize that this question can be an XY question.

After upgrading my site from http to https, FB OpenGraph og: image has not taken any pictures. The solution seems to be to use http links instead of https in the above meta tags. Still, the images are still not retrieved, probably because I have activated this button:

Enter image description here

However, if I disable it, http links will still be redirected to https links.

Do you know how to stop it? The software is WordPress and DirectAdmin. I have also enabled the Really Simple SSL plugin, but it is now disabled.

https – Why should I pay for an SSL certificate?

I paid for a SSL certificate from Namecheap. I think it has been certified by ComodoSSL. It took me $ 7, the activation took a week, and I had to do it myself out of SSH while editing the conf files on my site.

Then a friend introduced me to Letsencrypt, which not only issues free SSL certificates, but also installs them from a single command line.

I'm sure I miss something here, but why should I pay for an SSL certificate if I can just have one installed and renewed automatically?

seo – Favicon does not appear in Google search results after migrating to https

I recently migrated one of my sites to https, and now the favicon in Google's search results shows the global globe instead of the favicon of the site.

This is how the favicon is defined:

The favicon is defined exactly like the http version of my website. I made sure that it could be accessed and the favicon displayed correctly on the Chrome tabs.

I've also made sure that the main page of the site is indexed in the Google Search Console.

Pages that are still displayed in the search results with their (still to be crawled) http version, have the right favicon.

Any ideas?

url rewriting – How to to https: // www example com / gadget / post-new / rewrites

For a custom post type, my URL example was

Now I've added amp and want to rewrite the custom post URL from to

That is, I want / gadget / to come in the URL above. I've already done this, but the challenge is that the old URL will not be redirected to the new URL structure

Can someone lead me please ….?

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