bluetooth – How to connect Huawei earpods wireless with iPhone?

bluetooth – How to connect Huawei earpods wireless with iPhone? – Ask Different

rom flashing – How to fix Huawei P30 “Getting Package info Failed Error”?

I am trying to fix my Huawei P30 (Android 10) which gets stuck in recovery mode. I tried to fix it by using eRecovery but I get the error “Get Package info failed”.

Around the internet, I was told to flash a new ROM to solve this problem but there is no tutorial for flashing stock ROMs for Huawei P30 on the internet.
My Huawei P30 does not have an SD Card slot meaning I can’t use the method of adding to dload folder on an sd card.

I also cannot use ADB fastboot because the Huawei Android 10 does not have the image files required (boot.img, recovery.img, etc) Instead it has a myriad of images like Super.img, Ramdisk.img, erocovery.img etc
I don’t know which ones to select because I am unable to find a tutorial on the internet that tells me which files to select.

I also cannot use SP Flash tool because Android 10 stock ROMs do not have scatter file XML or txt (it has

I am unable to use SigmaKey as well because of the “SmartCard resource manager not running” error ( I’m on windows 10)

I have exhausted many options with no luck, please help me

water damage – Huawei Y6 Elite – Wet, Can Charge But Not Booting

(If this is the wrong place to ask this question please tell me.)

I am in a bit of pickle right now.

It was quite rainy where I live, so when I took my phone (Huawei Y6 Elite Android 5.1) outside it fell in some water. It worked initially – I dried it and all.

Then, at the end of the day I powered it off.

I was trying to watch some YouTube, but then I couldn’t power it on. I am 15 years old, and my dad gave me the phone (which used to be his) so I just said I’m going to charge it to him so he wouldn’t be suspicious.

OK, so GOOD NEWS incoming.

Whenever I charge it, it shows up with the ‘charging’ screen.

I tried charging it for 1 hour and it wouldn’t boot although it would show the charging screen.

Tried to put it in a bowl of rice for 1.6 days – took it out and still nothing.

I’m panicking right now as my dad would absolutely kill me if he finds out what I did to my phone, I need help ASAP.

Some of my ideas is to try to charge it for some more time and pray to G-d that it boots.

Another idea would be to tinker inside the components and dry them.

I need other ideas immediately. I am quite worried.

Thank you StackExchange – you have helped me with many issues at StackOverflow and I’m sure you can help a good friend out with this too.

❓ASK – Huawei income stagnated outside of Chinese market | Proxies-free

As reported by ZDnet, Huawei, the giant Chinese tech company has reported that their income from non-Chinese market has started to decline. This due to the bans several countries impose upon them, preventing them to conduct business and expand their operation to another countries. Some of the countries that ban Huawei products are US, Sweden, Australia and UK.

google play store – How to Unlock Bootloader in HUAWEI P30 Lite New Edition (MAR-LX1B) phone?

I want to root my HUAWEI P30 Lite New Edition (MAR-LX1B) phone. To achieve this I wanted to install Twrp on my smartphone. TWRP and the stok rom I already have.
But now to my problem.To install TWRP you need FASTBOOT. But unfortunately you need a 16 digit code to unlock FASTBOOT. The official site of Huawei to unlock FASTBOOT was unfortunately shut down. Therefore, I wanted to ask how to get the 16 digit code to unlock the Booloder.

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