usa – Why do American gas stations’ bathrooms apparently use these huge keys?

In one episode of Beavis and Butt-head from the 1990s, they are out back at a gas station. There is a vending machine with a bathroom door on each side of it marked “MEN” and “WOMEN”.

A woman comes walking (supposedly from the gas station’s store area) carrying a key which has a huge, clunky, metallic thing hanging from it. She stops at the door marked “WOMEN”, unlocks it with the key and leaves the huge thing hanging in the door on the outside as she enters the bathroom.

I understand that the bathrooms are probably locked in order to discourage homeless people from sheltering in there, and to require some sort of “permission” to use them, meaning the key, but my questions are:

  1. Why does the key have such a large thing hanging from it?
  2. If the customer/bathroom user leaves it like that on the outside, doesn’t that mean that somebody else can just open the door while she is in there? Or does it separately lock from the inside? Is this how it was/is actually done in reality?

I’m making the assumption that this “background detail” is based on reality, which is usually the case in this animated show’s universe. Typically, it’s just the main guys who are stupid, but anything that happens around them tends to be “how it really is”.


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In C files are compiled into one huge file, if this is the case then how does static work?

You are indeed overthinking it.

When compiling and linking a C application, only a very small number of the names you used in your source code can actually be found in the executable file that gets created (probably a few more if you are building in debug mode). And all of those are slightly to significantly different from what you typed in your source code (most of them will have at least an _ added in front of them).

When compiling your source file into an object file (to get from source code to a format the linker can understand), the compiler throws out as many names as it can. And it it encounters a name that cannot be thrown out for some reason and must also not be confused by the linker with similar names from other files (for example, because the name refers to a variable or function declared with static), the compiler will transform the name in such a way that it becomes unique.

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sql server – Storing huge file collection in database

I’m in a planning phase of developing a web site where public users will be able to store their documents, by nature it could be anything like documents, pdf, audio, video or images.

We are expecting large number of files stored in the database like numbers could be a few millions on average file size of 10 Mbs of one file.

I want to know a direction the way i should start learning/thinking on, for example in above case how many files one table should contain and how many such tables should be contained by one database.

What are the best practices while dealing with such scenario.
What are the major things i should be taking care of while working on such project, I can use MS SQL Server database, My SQL is not a priority unless it has some advantages (its all based on available resources).