mysql – ERROR 1130 (HY000): The host & # 39; localhost & # 39; must not connect to this MariaDB server

My user table crashed and I had to fix it. Now the error is displayed:

ERROR 1130 (HY000): The host & # 39; localhost & # 39; must not connect to this MariaDB server

No matter how I try to connect

mysql -u root

mysql -u root –host =

mysql –host = –user = root -p

mysql -h -u root -p

Now I can only open the database

mysqld –skip-grant-tables

However, if I gain access through this method, I cannot return the original permissions

grant all on *.* to root@localhost with grant option; FLUSH PRIVILEGES;

ERROR 1290 (HY000): The MariaDB server is running with the –skip-grant-tables option so that this statement cannot be executed

Is there a solution to escape this hook 22? Or am I meant to use –skip-grant-tables forever?

I really don't want to export and import 30GB worth of data into a new database.

Linux – mysql cannot be installed on Fedora Worksation 31 & # 39; ERROR 2002 (HY000): Connection to the local MySQL server via socket & # 39; /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2) nicht not possible

I can't use mysql on my Fedora Workstation 31.
Basically, I followed this workaround for installing

But when I try to start mysql from the shell, I get the error message:

ERROR 2002 (HY000): Connection to the local MySQL server via socket & # 39; /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' not possible (2)

Although mysqld.service is running and I mysqld tyoe, I get the following message:

2020-01-24T22: 42: 12.251874Z 0 (system) (MY-010116) (server) / usr / sbin / mysqld (mysqld 8.0.19) is started as process 6861
2020-01-24T22: 42: 12.253114Z 0 (ERROR) (MY-010123) (Server) Fatal Error: Read the "Security" section in the manual to find out how to run mysqld as root!
2020-01-24T22: 42: 12.253150Z 0 (ERROR) (MY-010119) (server) abort
2020-01-24T22: 42: 12.253235Z 0 (system) (MY-010910) (server) / usr / sbin / mysqld: shutdown completed (mysqld 8.0.19) MySQL Community Server – GPL.

Does anyone have (or have had) the same problem and know how to solve it?

php – How to "Warning: mysqli :: __ construct (): (HY000 / 1045): Access denied for user" user # 39; localhost "(with password: YES)" under MacOS fixes

If I try to connect to my database on XAMPP, this error will be displayed

Warning: mysqli :: __ construct (): (HY000 / 1045): Access for user & # 39; user & # 39; @ & # 39; localhost & # 39; denied (with password: YES)

I have created another user and logged in to xampp. I use the Atom Editor and am on MacOS Mojave. This is my code –

Please help me with this

node.js – ERROR 1364 (HY000) MySQL

I start with the API and the MySQL database and have trouble inserting values ‚Äč‚Äčinto a table in my database.

This is the table I want to enter data in:

Enter image description here

In the terminal I use the following command:

INSERT INTO User (name, password, birth, gender) VALUES (& # 39; Test & # 39; test123 & # 39; 1999-12-30 & # 39 ;, & # 39; times & & # 39; # 39);

And I get the following error:

ERROR 1364 (HY000): The field & # 39; Training_idTraining & # 39; has no default value

Should all PKs have a value in their respective tables? Can not I just insert the original attributes of my user entity, like the one specified in the INSERT INTO command line?

In my API I follow the same form of insertion and it is not possible to insert the data.

mysqli_real_connect (): (HY000 / 1045): ProxySQL error: access for user & # 39; id10551939_pas_php & # 39; @ & # 39; 2a02: 4780: bad: c0de :: 19 & # 39; denied (with password: YES)

I am having trouble logging into my database on phpMyAdmin. I tried to create a new table when I noticed that I could not even access my database in 000webhost. Everything was fine last week, so it makes no sense.

I changed the password several times, because in every forum that I checked for this error, this could be the reason. Nothing changes. I'm pretty sure my host, username and password are correct in my PHP file and my server is online in 000webhost.

Is there something I could miss?

Thanks for your help.

php – mysqli_real_connect (): (HY000 / 1045): access for user & # 39; root & # 39; @ & # 39; localhost & # 39; denied (with password: YES)

First of all, I commented that another bug had previously been fixed (mysqli_real_connect (): (HY000 / 1698): access for user # root; # 39; localhost # denied) if root permissions @localhost and the plugin were updated from the & # 39; user & # 39; table.

This new error will now be displayed to me when I try to log in to phpMyAdmin. All configuration of mysql, apache and php is done through the command console. So I did not use an installer like XAMP or Bitnami.

I'm pretty new with everything PHP, MySQL and databases, so if you can recommend a guide that would take me a bit, that would be great.

Thank you

Does anyone know what I can do? The most likely thing is that I skipped some steps in configuring the MySql server, although it would seem strange to me because I used it for several months for database practices in the faculty.

mysql – ERROR 1794 (HY000): The slave is not configured or could not be properly initialized

This is my my.cnf file


server_id = 1
log_bin = /var/log/mysql/mysql-bin.log
log_bin_index = /var/log/mysql/mysql-bin.log.index
relay_log = / var / log / mysql / mysql-relay-bin
relay_log_index = /var/log/mysql/mysql-relay-bin.index
expire_logs_days = 10
max_binlog_size = 100M
log_slave_updates = 1
Auto-increment increment = 2
Auto increment offset = 1
Binding address =

I clearly mentioned the server-d in my.cnf, but I get this error when I stop the slave.

Stop slave;
ERROR 1794 (HY000): Slave is not configured or could not be initialized properly. You must set at least –server-id to enable either a master or a slave. Additional error messages can be found in the MySQL error log.

Anyone can help me as soon as possible.

mysql – PHP – mysqli :: real_connect (): (HY000 / 2002): Invalid argument in the file

In one work project, I test a PHP service on MySQL 5.6 loaded on a robust Google Calculation Engine VM. After passing a certain number of requests per second in my load test, mysql seems to start cracking and gives me errors like:

mysqli :: real_connect (): (HY000 / 2002): Invalid argument in

I've confirmed that we'll pass the same arguments to mysqli real_connect before and after the alerts start failing.

The VM memory and CPU consumption is very low, we have no limits when writing iOPS (our load test is hard to write) and none of the charts in PMM reveal anything that goes wrong at this time.

Any ideas why this could happen?

ERROR 1130 (HY000) must not connect to this MariaDB server if there is a problem in granting the permission

I am trying to connect to Mariadb, who is running another container. The error is displayed
$ mysql -u root -h test-mysql -port 3306

ERROR 1130 (HY000): host # test_1_73f6dacd1d23.test_bluenet & # 39; may not connect to this MariaDB server

MariaDB server:
I tried the following
MariaDB [(none)]> SELECT host, user FROM mysql.user;

+ -------------- + ------ +
| Host | User |
+ -------------- + ------ +
| 00a7a6a8d0af | |
| 00a7a6a8d0af | Root |
| | Root |
| :: 1 | Root |
| localhost | |
| localhost | Root |
+ -------------- + ------ +
6 rows in the set (0,001 sec.)

MariaDB [(none)]> ALL PRIVILEGES ON , Roots & # 39; @ & # 39; # 39% & ;;

ERROR 1133 (28000): A matching row can not be found in the user table