24PayGold – 24paygold.com – Hybrid Programs

Project start: 11.03.2019


24PayGold.com helps you use modern tools and techniques to increase your trading profits. Not just for newcomers, we also want to support middlemen and even experienced traders by providing them with the latest equipment that can fully realize their trading and investment investments.

Hosting: GoDaddy
SSL: Good
GoldCoders: licensed
Sleeper: No.



Plans: 1.08% to 1.3% per hour for 96 hours, 4% to 9% per hour for 48 hours, 14% to 20% per hour for 24 hours

Min.: 10.00 USD
Transfer: 2%
Payment method: Immediately
Payment Processor: PM, PY, BTC, BCH, LTC



What Animal Improvements Can a Simic Hybrid Druid Keep on Wild Shaped?

What Animal Improvements Can a Simic Hybrid Druid Keep on Wild Shaped?
Manta Glide, nimble climber, underwater adaptation, lifting attachment, carapace and / or acid spit?

Does the type of beast that I am working on Wild Shape determine, if I can keep a certain animal improvement? For example, if I wanted to make a wild crab, would I keep my trailer attachment feature? What if I wildly turn into a bear?

Mypassivetrades – Mypassivetrades.com – Hybrid programs

The website is worth our attention.

Earn up to 1.25% Passive every day with a sustainable plan and real trading evidence.

We offer all our members a fantastic opportunity to generate more traffic and ultimately more business, while providing a passive revenue stream from our highly sustainable and proven trading activities that are mirrored by our free trading signal service – providing complete transparency and a track record for you to follow. You can also earn big commissions through our unique affiliate system in our business school

Minimum investment: $ 5

Accept: Bitcoin only

Online since November 2018

Maximum yield: 125%

My strategy: Start with $ 500, daily 100% compounding for 125 days, after 125 days – payout at $ 234 and reinvest $ 1000 for another 125 days with 100% coumpounding.


Initial investment – $ 500
Total received- $ 1234.37
Total profit – $ 734.37
Total interest rate 146.87%
Average daily rate – 1.17%
Break Even – 111 days
Total duration – 125 days

Initial investment – 1,000 USD
Total received – $ 2,468.74
Total profit – 1,468.74 USD
Total interest rate 146.87%
Average daily rate – 1.17%
Break Even – 111 days
Total duration – 125 days

Link: mypassivetrades

[EU] ServeByte – Since 2005 – Reliable HYBRID KVM VPS for 15 Euro / month

ServeByte Limited is proud to offer our unique service with Hybrid VPS! A dedicated CPU core for your VPS and SSD storage means consistent performance at an affordable price.

2 GB Dedicated ECC memory
2 Dedicated CPU cores
Unmeasured 25 Mbps bandwidth
1 IPv4 address included
/ 48 IPv6 block
Location: Dublin, Ireland
15 euros per month, free and immediate setup

VPS Information Page – Specifications, Control Panel, Operating Systems
About us – Speed ​​Test, About ServeByte, Network Information

МММ – sergey-mavrodi.live – hybrid programs

I am not a project administrator.

Begin: December 23, 2018

Language: Chinese (English is added in March, other languages ​​in perspective)

437e3446c02f.png "src =" https://d.radikal.ru/d00/1902/8a/437e3446c02f.png "/></span></b>
<p dir= 4 types of deposits:

1) 1 month + 10%

2) 3 months + 60%

3) 6 months + 160%

4) 12 months + 480%

After the deposit has expired, the principal amount with profit is fully available for withdrawal.

Referral Program:

Depending on the payment period selected by your transfer, you will receive a direct compensation of 2%, 7%, 15% or 32% of the deposit amount.

Accepted: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Yuan (other local currencies will be accepted in the future)

Minimum amount of deposit: $ 10

Maximum amount of deposit: $ 100,000

My deposit:

2019.January 24 – 0.0095 BTC –


2019.January 25 – 0.0095 BTC


Join now

AdBlast & AlterNET – adblast.alternet.com – Hybrid Programs

Make money with AdBlast – the best of 2019.

750x200.jpg.46b9e0f64af881d159485527f57d15a0.jpg That's enough to prove the attraction of dual interest.

🔹Possibility to increase your income for you

🔹Developed over a year with over 2,500,000 subscribers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

🔹The language is translated into almost 20 languages ​​and is constantly evolving.

🔹Very easy to take off (MIN $ 10).

Let's start with Alternet LLC. The company is headquartered at 613 Saddle Rider Court, Henderson, Nevada, United States, and is registered at NV20171642056. Now, Alternet LLC is moving from the United States to the United Arab Emirates.

You can earn unlimited money through:

Adblast display platform

Business Matrix System

MineBlast e-money mining service

Alternative social media platform

Cryptocurrency Binaro (soon).

AlterExchange (soon).

If you are able to build and develop a good team, the opportunities to earn money are unlimited.



Important links:

1. Marketing Plan:


2nd conference video:


3. AdBlast AdPro promotional video:

If you have questions, contact me.


Bitconnect – www.bitconnect.co – Hybrid programs

BitConnect is an open source platform where you can buy, sell and sell Bitcoins or BitConnect coins to other members of the community. Bitconnect members interact directly with a P2P platform so they can buy, sell or lend to all other members.


This Paltfrom launched his own crypto currency at the end of November 2016. The sale of Pre ICO was one of the best cryptocurrency sales in the history of online business models.


BitConnect Coin is a decentralized, open-source, peer-to-peer and community cryptocurrency that allows people to deposit and invest money in a non-government-controlled currency, and even a passive one with their investment To earn income.


1-Description of the platform:


BitConnect Coin can be bought and sold online or offline. Most common, however, is the conversion to cryptocurrency trading platforms where you can buy, sell, or trade BitConnect Coin for another electronic money or currency. At the beginning of the publication, the value is 1 B worth $ 0.7. Now the price for BCC is 1 BCCoin = $ 2.04.


There are three ways to earn money with this platform:

1- First you need to save your coins in your BitConnect Desktop Wallet:


Each BCC coin becomes an active investment with a return of 120% per year through PoS reward.

To earn with this method, you must keep these coins in your BitConnect QT portfolio.


2- The mining:


BitConnect Coin can be mined with CPU / GPU and does not need an ASIC minor like Bitcoin. The BCCoin can be dismantled or your laptop or a mining poll.


Properties of BitConnect Coin:

Algorithm: Scrypt (PoW / PoS)

Abbreviation: BCC

Maximum number of coins: 28 million

Ripe of corners: 50 blocks

Total number of PoW blocks: 262800


PoW Block Reward: 10 BCC

Distance of the blocks: 2 minutes

Minimum age for use: 15 days

Maximum age for use: 90 days

3- The third way to listen to BitConnect is with investments:


You can only invest your Bitcoins or BCCoins into the Bitconnect lending platform through the BitConnect dashboard. This investment option includes the use of the bitconnect trading software and the volatility software. You receive a daily profit based on your investment option. At the end of the investment, you will receive your invested capital.


This means you may be withdrawing it from the loan platform or may reinvest it in the platform to continue making daily profits from your investment.


This loan platform offers 4 investment plans:

Plan 01:

Investment start from 100 USD to 1000 USD.

– Daily interest according to Bitcoin volatility software.

– ROI up to 400% (annually).

– You can withdraw your invested capital anytime after 299 days.

Plan 02:


Investment from 1010 USD to 5000 USD:

Daily interest rate according to Bitcoin volatility software + 0.1% per day.

ROI up to 436% (annually).

Investments can be withdrawn at any time after 239 days.


Plan 03:

– Investment from 5010 to 10,000 USD.

Daily interest rates according to Bitcoin volatility software + 0.2% per day.

-ROI up to 472% (annually).

-Cancell capital anytime after 179 days.


Plan 04:

Investment from $ 10010 to $ 100,000.

– Daily interest rate according to Bitcoin volatility software + 0.25% per day.

-ROI up to 490% (annually).

Can withdraw capital at any time after 120 days.

There will be no payout without checking the login shield. The check is performed every time you try to log in with an unrecognized device. You will also receive an e-mail to confirm the withdrawal. This step is to ensure that hackers can not penetrate.

Bitconnect.co You will receive your capital at the end of the period in which you have agreed to lend some money. The borrowed money will be used to acquire facilities to mine more Bitconnect coins purchased at higher prices. The interest in the process is shared Bitconnect.co and the lender. Investors can lend USD or Bitconnect coins.

Téléchargement (1)

Another form of investment is the deposit of Bitcoin. You will receive a bitcoin address to which you can send some bitcoins.

Bitconnect.co has 7 levels of referral bonus in the order: 7% -3% -1% -1% -0.5% -0.3% -0.2% from level 1 to 7. This is a great chance to earn more than you've ever dreamed of , Your referral link is ready at the time of registration. You can find it in the top left corner of your dashboard. The bonus is only valid if your referral lends money. Commissions are immediately paid to the affiliate's Bitconnect purse and can be instantly withdrawn as BCC or BTC.

If BitConnect Coin is familiar to you, it is because this is a form of cryptocurrency that is actually traceable on the public market. You can easily generate your BitConnect Coin wallet and search for coins to make money, but the BitConnect MLM option really has nothing to do with it.

People who join BitConnect invest real money (either Bitcoin or USD) and convert it into BitConnect coins. The coins are then parked for either 120 or 299 days in the BitConnect company, resulting in an ROI.

The ROI of 40% per month offered to affiliates is allegedly achieved through the company's "Bitconnect Trading Bot and Volatility Software". However, there is no information to prove that this software actually exists or does anything at all.

At the end of the day, the only money BitConnect generates is generated from connected investments.

Newly invested funds are turned over and recycled to pay out the ROI of existing members. BitConnect turns into a Ponzi system.

What's worse, the variable nature of the offered ROI leads to an extremely slow collapse of the opportunity. This means that the anonymous administrator has plenty of time to build a decent piece of chain and then run without anyone tending to be smarter. At the same time, most affiliates remain.


The affiliate program is based on 3 levels, the first level is 5%, the second level is 3% and the third level is 2%.

3-Information for payment:

You can make deposits and withdrawals with: Bitconnect (BCC) and Bitcoin (BTC).

The minimum amount to invest is: 10 USD

The minimum withdrawal amount is: 1 USD

4-Other information about the website:

Alexa Ranking: 10000

Website language: English, French and Arabic

5-My report on the website:

The real risk in our lives is if we take no chances, Bitconnect may just be a Ponzi scheme and a scam, and maybe it's real because this crypto-crime is listed on Coinmarketcap and many other bartering sites. Just one piece of advice I can give you, do not invest what you fear in such an online business.

You can join the site here

Having a HYIP investment business in a few minutes – hybrid programs

Own a HYIP investment business in a few minutes

Starting a business is tough.

Starting a cryptocurrency investment business without knowing the capabilities of creating web and apps – that's impossible.

That has to change now.

Because we have a solution for you.

Yes / Yes. There are already a few options.

Some are ugly (synonym: NOT PROFESSIONAL), others are expensive and many are both.

Among all self-claimed HYIP scripts we distinguish ourselves: We also offer mobile apps in iOS and Android.

Okay, I know, we won. I let our work speak for themselves.

Take a look at our demo link here:


HYIP Business Landing Page

HYIP Dashboard

User Login
E-mail: [email protected]
Password: Pass88 !!

Admin Login
E-mail: [email protected]
Password: Pass88 !!

If you've come this far, it means you're unlikely to start your own HYIP investment business.


Here begins your journey to become a wealthy entrepreneur.

dnd 5e – Which size class is a Wereraven in hybrid form?

Lycanthropes can generally switch between their humanoid, animal and hybrid forms. In humanoid form, they are medium sized and in animal form they are the normal size of the animal, but there is no clear indication of the size of the hybrid form.

A Wereraven would be Tiny in animal form, as Ravens are Tiny. Would the hybrid form be medium (like the humanoid shape), small (midway between the two) or tiny (like the raven shape)?

The stat block of the Wereraven is in

Curse of Strahdp. 242

and it lists the shapechanger property:

Shape changer. The Wereraven can use its effect to transform into a raven-humanoid hybrid or into a raven or into its human form. Their statistics are the same in every form except size.