dnd 5e – Sprite-Genie Hybrid

A Sprite and Genie both exist as creatures in the DND Monster Manual, but are not viable PC races. A Hybrid of these two things does not exist.

As well, granting wishes is an extremely high level spell (it’s even described as “the mightiest spell a mortal creature can cast”), and it is unlikely your character would be able to do so early in the game.

I would recommend you check out the Genasi player race (from the free to download Elemental Evil Players Companion) as this is most similar to what you have described. Their is also an Unearthed Arcana (playtest material) based around having a warlock that is subservient to a Genie, which may fit your character as well. Something to discuss with your DM would be reskinning this class to fit what you are describing, while still remaining in the bounds of the game rules.

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dnd 5e – Homebrew magic idea for DnD 5e: Chromatic Blade. Chromatic ball + Green Flame Blade Hybrid. Looking for feedback and potential compensation

I always love it when players have an idea for a unique skill that they want for their character. Even if this were a little overwhelmed, I would consider allowing it. Overall, it looks pretty good and I think you did a good job and thought out the overall balance of the spell. I will only highlight a few things that I noticed while reading.

"Incandescent light" is ambiguous

While I understand thematically what you wanted. Emitting light is a mechanical term in D&D and "incandescent" is not a type. It would be better to just stay with "dim light" or "bright light" and specify a distance. Or if you don't intend it to emit light, you should rephrase or remove it altogether.

The scope is wrong

A 5 foot cone would only hit the first target. I think the right area for the effect you want is a 10 foot cone that is yours and is aimed at the target of the attack.

The damage is overwhelming

For a second-level spell, the damage isn't that spectacular. You also compare it with the magic Searing beam has significantly more range and Dragon breathes has up to 10 activation per casting. I think you might think about increasing this, like spells Burning hands and Ice knife in your comparison.

No saving for additional destinations

Basically, this is an AoE spell that only requires an attack roll against the nearest enemy within range. When used skillfully, you can target a low ac target and have a high ac target as one of the additional targets that will automatically take damage. Instead, I would consider something like the Ice Knife mechanics, where the extra effect is a hit or a failure, but allows a half-damage save.

The absence of the attack roll is associated with high costs

There are currently huge opportunity costs to cast this spell. Provided the fighter is at least level 5, he gives up his additional attack and a second level spell slot to deal additional damage. If you miss the attack roll, everything is wasted.

I would suggest either activating the effect strike or failure as mentioned above, or looking at the paladin's spells that will be activated on the next melee hit, rather than as part of the action to cast it.


I like the spell overall, I think it's a good start. And although I think it could be improved, I don't think it's so unbalanced that I would ban it at my table. As you make changes, keep in mind that each of my comments on this topic have been isolated. Some of the problems are related. So if you change one, consider how it affects the others.

Good luck and remember to wait at least 3 days before posting a new iteration to allow time for multiple responses to be entered.

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Driver – Hybrid Graphics on Ubuntu 19.10 early 2011 17 "Macbook Pro

I will start as an introduction as this is my first post. I played with Ubuntu in the 11-13 range. That was a long time ago and I decided to go in that direction to learn more about Debian and boycott OSX and Windows if I can. (Which will hopefully be 100% one day!)

Anyway, I have an old but golden 17 "Macbook Pro in early 2011, and since OSX is NOT SUPPORTED (although there is a looparound to make it work …), I chose Ubuntu 19.10 and eventually upgraded on April 20th when it comes out.

Now to my problem. This laptop has Intel HD Graphics 3000 and a Radeon HD 6750M.

When I tried to install Ubuntu LTS for the first time, a black screen was displayed immediately after pressing Enter on "Install Ubuntu". I then tried Ubuntu 19.10 and the same story there. So I did it with safe graphics mode and it worked! Which led me to believe that there was some kind of confusion with my graphics cards. I know that both graphics cards are in good condition, so it cannot be a hardware problem.

After installing Ubuntu in secure graphics mode, I encountered another problem. After the installation was complete, I was told to remove and restart my USB stick, and I did. The same thing had happened, and when I looked at it, I had to add a "# nomodeset" command to one of the lines in my Grub2. I started "Test Ubuntu in secure graphics mode" and chrooted my Grub2 root directory with the added line "nomodeset". This fixed my boot problem. Now I can boot and use my operating system almost perfectly. When I got on the system I did all the updates and upgrades and the computer works really well. Except for the graphics.

To my knowledge, the & # 39; nomodeset & # 39; line had disabled my ability to use a graphics driver. I have encountered a bug where the backlight does not turn on after waking up the device when I go into suspend mode. I can hear my audio being pushed up and down so I know the system is on but the backlight is off. But that's not a big problem for me.

I mainly want to use my dedicated AMD card to use 3D programs and possibly video games.
So that's the hard part.

How do I use my Intel card for normal tasks and switch to a graphics card if I use more sophisticated software? (To save battery, that's a big deal for me)

And since the & # 39; nomodeset & # 39; line is the only way to start the operating system, would installing the drivers fix the problem for me?

It looks like I already have the standard drivers for my Intel card and my Radeon card (Radeon uses Radeon drivers). In addition, no graphics cards are known on my "Additional Drivers" tab.

As I understand it, the nomode set must work, and my Intel card must be my default, and I also need a command to switch between the two GPUs.

If you got this far, thank you. I look forward to any advice. I worked on it for 1 day and it seems I haven't gotten anywhere yet. : D.

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Temporal complexity of a hybrid sorting algorithm for merging and selection

I am trying to analyze the temporal and spatial complexity of the following algorithm, which is essentially a mix of merging and selection. The algorithm is defined as follows:

def hybrid_merge_selection(L, k = 0):
    N = len(L)
    if N == 1:
        return L
    elif N <= k:
        return selection_sort(L)
        left_sublist = hybrid_merge_selection(L(:N // 2))
        right_sublist = hybrid_merge_selection(L(N // 2:))
        return merge(left_sublist, right_sublist)

I think the worst case is when $ k $ is extremely large, which means that the insertion sort algorithm is always applied, which leads to a temporal complexity of $ O (n ^ {2}) $, Where $ n $ is the length of the list and the best scenario occurs when $ N $ when $ k == 0 $Therefore, the algorithm for sorting mergers is only applied, which leads to a temporal complexity of $ O (n log_ {2} n) $, Could someone give me a more detailed and mathematical explanation of the time complexity for all scenarios, namely worst, best, average.