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Project start: 16.11.19

About the project:


Boublr is a fully automated Bitcoin duplication platform that works without human intervention, except for regular server maintenance by our employees. Take advantage of our fast and legal platform for Bitcoin doubling. You get a double of bitcoins in 100 hours.

Investment plan:

Minimum. Quantity: 0.001 BTC
Max. Amount: 50 BTC
Running time: 100 hours
Profit: 100% at the end of the term
Deposit and% refunded at the due date

withdrawals: automatically

Payment systems: Bitcoin

Affiliate: 3-stage: 8% -3% -1%

Technology. Properties:
– Domain: Tucows Domains Inc., 2019-11-04 – 2020-11-04 (Registered for 1 year)
– Hosting: USA Cloudflare, Inc
– IP address: (live sites on IP: 35), (live sites on IP: 1)
– SSL: CloudFlare Inc ECC CA-2 CloudFlare, valid from November 13, 2019 until October 9, 2020
– Script: not defined
– Novelty: Design: 0 | Pattern: 0

Our deposit (listing)

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TBM Trust – – HYIPs

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Beginning: 10/22/2019

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<p><strong>About:</strong><br />The company operates internationally and distributes the attracted investments into highly profitable assets. So far, a team of highly qualified portfolio investment specialists has been formed and adapted to a variety of businesses. The goal is the security and increase of mutual funds.</p>
<blockquote class=

We are a professional team of risk managers, lawyers, traders, business analysts and IT specialists. Investors from different countries trust us. Our job is to diversify assets, hedge risks, preserve and increase capital.

Advantages of TBM – Trust:

Analyzing Market Technologies – Every day, we conduct a search and trial of highly profitable businesses and start-ups to transform trust management commitments into reliable and highly profitable assets.

Diversification and risk management – hedging risks by concentrating gains and available funds in the Company's reserve funds, diversifying and distributing assets across the businesses reviewed and tested to eliminate and minimize the investor's risk of capital loss.

Security of Funds and Capital Increase – Your investments are aimed at truly highly profitable industries and are working to increase your capital. We have control over the management of the investment portfolio, the return of funds to investors and the payment of profits in tightly regulated conditions, completely eliminating reputational risks.

>> Forex:
Interest rate – 5% *.
The investment period is 3/6/12 months.
Capitalization – Yes **.

>> Cryptocurrencies:
Interest rate – 7% *.
The investment period is 3/6/12 months.
Capitalization – Yes **.

>> agricultural trade:
Interest rate – 2% *.
The investment period is 3/6/12 months.
Capitalization – Yes **.

>> Betting forks:
Interest rate – 3% *.
The investment period is 3/6/12 months.
Capitalization – Yes **.

>> Mining:
Interest rate – 3.15% *.
The investment period is 3/6/12 months.
Capitalization – None.

>> IPO: ***
Interest rate – 0% *.
The investment period is 3/6/12 months.
Capitalization – Yes **.

>> ETF trading: ***
Interest rate – 0% *.
The investment period is 3/6/12 months.
Capitalization – Yes **.

* – The interest rate is dynamic and is set by the company on the last calendar day of the month equal to the actual result in the business segments.

** – Activation is possible with a deposit of 6 or 12 months.
*** – The "IPO" and "ETF" programs calculate and disburse the passive income at the end of the investment period.

Notes TBM – Trust:

– The concept of income distribution from the company's activity: 60% to the investor and 40% to the company.
– The end date of the asset is the last calender number of the period chosen by the investor.
– The activation period for the down payment is up to 3 working days from the date of payment.
– Passive income is accrued monthly on the last calendar day of the month.
– A cash withdrawal request is made up of 1 to 3 calendar numbers.
– The payment scheme is up to 5 working days from the date of application.

Recommendation Commission:
The company's marketing plan includes a partner program with the payment of premiums for the acquisition of new partners in all existing investment areas. The only requirement for gaining new affiliates and earning rewards is the existence of an active deposit of at least $ 100 in the company.

>> First Bonus:

A one-time payment of 1% of the deposit of first-level referrals only if the affiliate has an active deposit of at least $ 1,000. Payment will be made on the 15th calendar day from the date on which the partner activates the deposit.

>> Second Bonus:

Includes monthly accruals and referral fees from selected partners at seven levels. This bonus is accrued and disbursed on a monthly basis as a percentage of the passive income of the attracted partners (if the partner has an active contribution in the company) in accordance with the rules for accrual and disbursement of the passive income.

Payment processors:
AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin

Minimum deposit:
100 US dollars

Domain:, LLC, 2018-02-24 – 2020-02-24 (Registered for 2 years)
Hosting: Ukraine Ltd Hostpro Lab
IP address: (live sites on IP: 1)
SSL: cPanel, Inc. cPanel Certification Authority, valid from August 18, 2019 – November 16, 2019
Script: WordPress
Unique design
Registered company

Our deposit:
Date: 18.11.2019 20:27:09 (UTC + 3)
Payment date: 18.11.2019 20:28:56 (UTC + 3)
Recipient: TBM Trust / (complain)
Order Number: C4397-4398
Payeer ID: 105749314
Payment system: Payeer
Amount: 151.44 USD

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Beginning: 27-Oct-19

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Investment plans: 0.7% daily for 30 days; 0.9% daily for 60 days … and more planning!

Minimum expenses: $ 10
Maximum expenses: 10,000 US dollars
reference: 5% – 1% – 1%
Retreat: Manual

Payment systems: Perfect Money Bitcoin | Payeer | ether

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Where can I buy the best HYIP Script with 50% discount? – HYIPs



An entrepreneur should keep an eye on all business aspects and have a clear goal in mind when founding a virtual casino. The following tips can help you to ensure that your casino game is a great success in any market it targets.

Explore your market / competition

This is the first and most important step, no matter which business you operate. Know the market you are addressing, the age group, their interests, and all the information you need to boost your business. You also have to learn everything about your competitors. Analyze your app, its built-in features and users.

Use Whitelabel Casino Software

A white label software is one that you buy from a development company and market as your own. Why is that important? You can delegate the technical aspects of your business to professionals for better results. You do not have to make an effort or acquire technical knowledge. In addition, a white label casino solution offers high customizability, lower costs and faster time to market.

Hire white label casino providers

You should make sure that you hire the best developers in the market. I mean experienced and innovative. Where do you find these experts? The Internet is full of solutions and companies offering these solutions. Investigate well so that you can make an informed decision.

Market your app strategically

When your app's development is complete, ask users to use it! You can even hire app marketing experts to make sure your app reaches a broad audience. Another way to attract players is to provide great prizes and offers.

Source URL: white label casino solution


MySharesAds – – HYIPs

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Beginning: August 15, 2019

Properties: DDoS protection | Unique design | Unique script

About HYIP:

Distribution of revenue. Revenue share up to 120%. Advertising. Best advertising solutions to increase your traffic. How do I buy Adpacks? You must first click on the Deposit option so that your money appears as a proof of purchase in the option purchase: After clicking the Revenue Share + AdPacks + Ads option, add your ads /ads.png

Investment plans: 2% – 2.2% daily up to 120% ROI
Return on investment: Included in%
Charging: calendar days

Minimum expenses: $ 10
Maximum spending: $ 10,000
Recommendation: 3%
Retreat: Immediate

Payment systems: Perfect money

investment.png "data-src =" "src =" "/><br />Date: 19.08.2013 16:42<br />From / to the account: U13677507<br />Amount: -30,00<br />Currency: USD<br />Batch: 276580715<br />Note: shopping cart payment.
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Fortune Store – – HYIPs

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WS-728.gif "data-src =" "src =" " /></p>
	<strong>Beginning:</strong> September 26, 2019
	<strong>Properties:</strong> Expensive DDoS protection <strong>|</strong> SSL encryption <strong>|</strong> Unique script <strong>|</strong> Online Chat
	<strong>About HYIP (machine translation):</strong></p>
<blockquote class=

Our mutual fund has been created thanks to the careful work of many specialists, verified ideas and a lot of time. We will seek to create the most favorable investment conditions for each investor by combining profitable and diverse marketing and a generous referral program. You can expand your investment portfolio and earn decent profits. Our team minimized our customers' risks, gave up to 70% of trading profits, and allowed us to look to the future with confidence.

Investment plans: 1% daily for 130 – 200 days
Return on investment: Included in%
Charging: calendar days

Minimum expenses: 100 rubles
Maximum spending: No Limit
Recommendation: 5%
Retreat: Immediate

Payment systems: Payeer

investment.png "data-src =" "src =" "/><br />Operating date: 2019-10-01 21:34:14<br />Task ID: 868162883<br />Transaction Type: Transfer<br />Shop:<br />Status: Success<br />Charged: 65.01 USD
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Create a HYIP website with minimal costs! – HYIPs



There is a time in our career when we become experts in our field, but we continue to share our services with others. We do not use our expertise for ourselves, and others benefit from it. I firmly believe that you can start your business, work for yourself and get the most out of it. In this perspective, I want to continue to tell you about amazing deals that bring you high returns with low capital investment. Making money with this business is very easy and easy, many people make a big profit with this business. The business is a high-yield investment program or can say simple terns crypto business. For this business you do not need too many things like a physical business. In this business, all you need is a computer and a stable Internet connection, since a website is first created. To build a website, you should use HYIP Script, as this is the only way to protect your business and make it easy and smooth to start. HYIP Script includes many features that are essential for starting your crypto business. Anyone can use this script because it does not require any technical knowledge. Buy and install it, and your website can be published. If you visit the zeligz webshop website, you will learn more about it.


Robix – – HYIPs

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728x90.gif "data-src =" "src =" "/></p>
	<strong>Beginning:</strong> November 17, 2019
	<strong>Properties:</strong> DDoS protection <strong>|</strong> SSL encryption <strong>|</strong> Licensed GC script <strong>|</strong> Dedicated server / IP <strong>|</strong> Unique design <strong>|</strong> Online Chat
	<strong>About HYIP:</strong></p>
<blockquote class=

Our website offers the opportunity to benefit from the latest developments in the field of technology. It is very profitable and always relevant. On the Internet, projects such as Libra, sound and others are becoming more popular but inaccessible to most people. We are open to investors no matter what country you operate in and how much you earn. We will build a powerful investment platform and become a major player in the investment in new technologies.

Investment plans: 3% – 6% daily for 7 – 28 days
Principal Return: In the end
Charging: calendar days

Minimum expenses: $ 10
Maximum spending: $ 30,000
Recommendation: 10% *
Retreat: Manual

Payment systems: Bitcoin | Bitcoin Cash | stroke | Dog coin | ether | Litecoin | Payeer | Perfect money

investment.png "data-src =" "src =" "/><br />Date: 17.11.2013 14:25<br />From / to the account: U22587838<br />Amount: -165,00<br />Currency: USD<br />Batch: 289916707<br />Note: shopping cart payment. Deposit to User sqmonitor.
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Deposit Maker – – HYIPs

Beginning of 2019-11-17. PerfectMoney Verified, 0.1 Trust Score (s) (Germany DE.GIF "data-src =" "src =" "/> ), Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin
<p>	Languages: EN
	<img class=

We Create a Unique and Innovative User Experience The Deposit Maker Investment Platform wants to stay in business for a long time and do its best to earn high income from investors' deposits. The main objective of the Deposit Maker team is to achieve the highest possible trading profits on the Cryptocurrency Stock Markets and the start-ups of ICO. If you're dreaming of using the powerful potential of the crypto-currency trading business, get into Deposit Maker – your investment opportunity that will bring you greater prosperity and prosperity. Our team of highly professional experts works hard to ensure a respectable income for each of our investors.

Investment plans:

10% daily for 12 days ($ 25.00 – $ 50000.00)

or 8% daily for 17 days ($ 25.00 – $ 50000.00)

or 7% daily for 21 days ($ 25.00 – $ 50000.00)

or 6% daily for 28 days ($ 25.00 – $ 50000.00)

or 114% after 7 days ($ 25.00 – $ 50000.00)

or 130% after 12 days ($ 25.00 – $ 50000.00)

Our deposit:

17.11.19 14:46 Bank transfer sent Payment: 150.00 USD to account U21981936 from U1294xx. Batch: 289918523. Note: Shopping cart payment. Deposit at User allhyips.


Minimum deposit: $ 25
Maximum deposit: $ 50,000
Agency commission: 5% -3% -1%
Payments: Manual
Features: SSL, DDOS

Who is:

Registrar NAMECHEAP INC NameCheap, Inc.

Dates 18 days old
Created on 2019-10-30
Expires on 2020-10-30
Updated on toget12-31

name server
NS1.DEPOSITMAKER.COM (has 1 domain)
NS2.DEPOSITMAKER.COM (has 1 domain)


Royalmoney – – HYIPs is an investment company founded by commercial traders with ten years of experience in the successful Forex market and crypto currency exchanges. Since 2005, our team has been developing its own strategies for trading and currency exchange. We apply all the expertise, techniques and skills that enable us to generate stable cash flows with minimal risk of financial loss. These rules are developed by experts in the field of multi-currency trading and the fundamental analysis of the Forex market. They are ideal for our business and are constantly being improved.