Sell ​​- I'm writing a HQ 350 word product description for $ 4.50

For just $ 4.50, I'll write you a quality product description that will help you sell the product. Each description describes the product in as much detail as possible, even if it is not as boring as your typical product description.

With the rise of Shopify and Dropshipping, there are a lot of people here who can use some high quality product descriptions. Simply copying / pasting content from your supplier will not prevent this. These cheap, generic terms will not help, and it's especially difficult to get social shares if your content is boring.

I will try to overdo every product as often as possible !! This is not a generic rewrite !!

Ever wonder why your FB and Google Ad campaigns are not helping you? !!? Your content sucks! Your product has a description that looks like it was created by a computer …

Let's do something cool! Only $ 4.50 per description. Contact me for quantity discounts.

I'm creating an FB business page or a fan page for $ 35

I'm creating an FB Business Page or Fan Page

About this gig
An FB corporate site is incredibly important to all types of businesses. It helps a company to achieve the highest position in the online sector. You can complete your website, product, service, etc. by creating an FB corporate page. The FB Business page enables you to realize precise customers and guests.

I will create a professional FB Business page.

My service:

1. Create a Facebook FB page or a Facebook fan page.
2. Set up a full business page suitable for mobile phones and PCs.
3. Design Business connected the brand
4. Design a business-related, engaging cowl photography
5. Creating a FB page and a cluster
6. Creating an online shop and e-commerce (for Shopify users only)
7. Setting up the FB analysis
8. Add the website address
9. Settings for tabs
10. Add data to your business
11. Set up a Business Connected Templet
12. Add Google Maps according to your address

Why order this appearance?

1. Punctual delivery
2. High quality service
3. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed
4. Support the buyer at any time

Note: Customer may need to provide their personal / business information, email and social media links for these services !!!!

If you have any questions about the above information, feel free to contact me.

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Gmail – I'm getting too much spam

In the last 3 or 4 months I have received a lot of spam. Most of it goes straight to the trash, and then I have to report it as spam. I also get a few that go directly to the inbox. I move spam from the trash to the spam folder every day. I sometimes get 10 or more a day, often all at once. I do not know where these spam come from, but I want them to stop.
I also receive some emails that I would like to send directly to my inbox and directly to the trash – for example Costa Coffee, Apple News, Starbucks, PDSA, Cole & Marmalade, Cats and Kittens, GBK. I want to have these in my inbox.
I'm so fed up with Gmail that I would have changed if it had not been so difficult to switch to another email provider (so many accounts would have to be updated).

Algorithms – I'm looking for an easy way to select values ​​from one column depending on another column in Pandas Python without consuming a lot of memory

I have a DataFrame down, but I need to select rows from each code, depending on the column for canceled orders and orders.

Suppose the code xxx has jobs (6, 1, 5, 1) and the job is 11. I need an algorithm that can select the lines that correspond to the total of 11 jobs with jobs (6 and 5), and then create a new DataFrame with the appropriate IDs and the sum of orders per code as follows.

If no lines match, select the closest IDs and add them to a list with the difference to the aborted IDs. 111111 is the ID selected and 35 is the difference between 55 and 20. I need an algorithm that can handle 10k lines

     **code**          **canceled**      **order**       **ids**
        xxx                 11.0            13     (128281, 128283)
        cvd                 20             55     (111111, 35)

df = (

I tried a solution from my last project, but it does not work. Although both solve the same problem, someone can help me here.

from itertools import combinations    
def combs(lst, n):
    return (c for k in range(1, n+1) for c in combinations(lst, k))

def best_match(lst, target, n=20):
    return min(combs(lst, n), key=lambda c: (abs(target - sum(c)), len(c)))

best_match(np.array(df('order')), np.array(df('canceled')))

# sorted Rows
sorted_rows = df.apply(best_match(np.array(CV('order')), np.array(CV('canceled'))))

I'm the new one

I have reviewed many of your articles and I can say nice stuff. I will make sure that your website will be bookmarked.

My homepage

Sharepoint Designer – I'm trying to customize the font and background for a list

I have a list app displayed on a SP page, but the fonts are small and simple. I'm trying to customize the background color and font and add a scroll bar to the items (which may have been expanded).

I managed to change the font size using the script editor and embed the following

.ms-vh2 {
Font size: 20pt! important; }
.ms-vh {
Font size: 20pt! important; }

I'm new to coding, so any help would be welcome

Circuits – Nandgame – I'm not sure I understand the data flip-flop specifications

With Nandgame ( solve increasingly complex puzzles that lead to the construction of a simple CPU. They start at the level of the Nand Gates and build everything else out of it.

I'm having trouble understanding the specifications for the data flip-flop puzzle. If I read it correctly, if the "clock" bit amendments from zero to one, the memory device should send its value to the output, but with the "clock" bit remains Whether one or zero, nothing should change the output value.

What I hold on is the idea of ​​a change in performance when and only when the clock changes from zero to one I can not find a way that does not allow the output to change at any time when the clock bit equals one (or trivially zero, if I dumped an inverter on fsr). But that leads to a failure when I present such solutions.

Could I just misread the specifications?

Here is a transcription of the specification:

A DFF component (Data Flip-Flop) stores and outputs one bit, but changes the output only when the clock signal changes from 0 to 1.

If st (store) is 1 and cl (clock signal) is 0, the value of d is stored. However, the previous value will continue to be output.

When the clock signal changes to 1, the flip-flop starts to output the new value.

If st is 0, the value of d has no effect.

If cl is 1, the value of st and d has no effect.

I'm going to design Google ad banner ads, website partners for $ 20

I design banner ads (Google ads, website partners)


This gig for the design of a series of Google ads / web banner design.

The images, dimensions, logo and other instructions must be provided by you.

Please contact me if you have any questions


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