ibm cloud – IBM API Connect Gateway script is not being executed

I have conifgured my API DESIGN to hit a local python application
even with the assemble window being blank this works fine.

I have noticed that the gateway scripts are not being executed, also there are no errors.
This script should throw error but instead it hits the local python api & works regardless gateway script is present or not.

The image shows that instead being pointed to an external api in gateway script - it still hits the local api

Gateway script:

var urlopen = require('urlopen');
var options = {
            target: '',
            method: 'POST',
            headers: {},
            contentType: 'application/json',
            timeout: 60,
            data: {"Message": "DataPower GatewayScript"}

};, function(error, response) {
  if (error) {
    // an error occurred during the request sending or response header parsing
    session.output.write("urlopen error: "+JSON.stringify(error));
  } else {
    // get the response status code
    var responseStatusCode = response.statusCode;
    var responseReasonPhrase = response.reasonPhrase;
    console.log("Response status code: " + responseStatusCode);
    console.log("Response reason phrase: " + responseReasonPhrase);
    // reading response data
    response.readAsBuffer(function(error, responseData){
      if (error){
        throw error ;
      } else {
        session.output.write(responseData) ;

Linux on IBM x3200 M3 in 2020

Which of the current linux distributions does support IBM x3200 M3 server?
My idea is to try with Centos 7 and failback with Ubuntu Server. But even the last could be problematic.
I need to know that in advance, before of doing a complete backup and proceed with a new installation.

db2 10.5 – How can I add a user and specify a password for a in IBM Data Studio?

In Data Studio I can connect to a sever/database, go down to Users And Groups, right-click on Users and add a new one. But the program never asks me for a password. How can I specify it?

Also, no matter how many times I tried to “Save changes” they are never saved. I even tried to “generate change” and run it, but it always fails.

I am connecting as the only user that exists on the server: db2admin. If db2admin has no authority to manage users, then who has?

hard drive – IBM SAS/SATA Backplane connectors

I’m attempting to re-purpose an IBM SAS/SATA Backplane for a bit of frankenstein NAS system.
I worked out the voltages, and have tested it connected to an LSI HBA. It works fine with a SAS drive, but if I connect a standard SATA drive – They spin up, but cannot be detected by the HBA.

These backplanes have a ‘configuration connector’ – and I have to assume this has something to do with the board switching modes (perhaps?)

Any thoughts? I have a complete IBM server, with a similar backplane – fully loaded with SATA drives without issue – which is why I am assuming it might be the lack of a connection on the ‘configuration connector’ causing this issue.

ibm xseries – Recover data from IBM x3650 with SYS BRD ERR without Similar Server

i would to ask all the expert here to help, sorry for the rudeness, recently we are having power outage testing for the generator for the whole building, once trying to turn back on this IBM system x3650 7915, it never boot up with sys board error led lit on. I’ve tried with changing the same battery voltage and manufacturer but no luck.

I have no idea what Raid is configured into these drive, and i hope someone can help with instruction on how to retrieve the data from drive without the same or similar server. Please help thank you.

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hard drive – What connector type is on this old IBM laptop internal HD?

So, I am trying to wipe this drive to sell the ThinkPad 390X laptop. Yes, it was in a caddy with a number stamped on (34.43B27.XXXR01) – I’ve gently removed it and the connector is part of the drive – which is an IBM Travelstar (see pics).

I cannot connect this to a Sabrent SATA-to-USB device I just bought (which works for other PC drives). The connection type is different. I can’t find it anywhere online either.

Thanks very much.



Old IBM Thinkpad T42 – Super User

I have an old IBM Thinkpad T42 from college that alive been using lately to hook up to my car and diagnose issues. The last few times I’ve tried to use it, occasionally the screen would be very dark and very hard to read. Sunlight helped make it more visible. Yesterday when I turned it on to use it, the screen was difficult to see and the system wouldn’t boot. Shortly after initial startup I get two short beeps and it goes to the BIOS settings and shows me what’s in the system.

Any help is much appreciated.

IBM x3400 M3: hangs on “UEFI Platform Initialization”

I am trying to set up an IBM x3400 M3 machine.

However, every time I boot and reboot, the machine displays: “UEFI Platform Initialization” for a while and nothing happens. Even the error LED gets on.

I’ve tried all the followings from the official source:

Workaround 1

For this one, I don’t seem to find the “LPD Panel” neither the reset button, maybe I missed something

Workaround 2

I tried to add a jumper on the 2-3 pin on the jumper 29, but it only refused to boot. The power button did no longer work, therefore I removed it.
Further on, there was no jumper, to begin with, I fetched one from another computer, however no result.

Workaround 3

I remove the CMOS waited and put it back just as it is written, no luck.

I’ve also tried to play the memory in it. I tried the following combinations:
1 & 3, 1 & 4, all the slots an only in slot 1.

The server used to work around 6 months ago. Until then I haven’t boot it. However, I added another CPU, which after some hours of booting/stopping the server and removing it, I realized that the server was not accepting it. However, now it hangs at the message above.

Any other suggestions or any way to debug it?