macos files appear to be copied to iCloud Drive even though I haven't tried to copy anything

Apple has become increasingly aggressive over the years when it comes to enabling iCloud by default.

The most likely cause is that iCloud sync for desktop and documents is enabled in System Preferences -> iCloud.

Here are some screenshots. Note that I do this in my example Not Desktop and document synchronization is enabled.

Enter the image description here

Enter the image description here

ios – Does Apple leak iCloud username?

I just set up my first iPad and Apple device.

To be extra careful when setting it up, I created a brand new @ username that will be used as the Apple ID.

The username was 10 digits and contained random alphanumeric characters.

The password was also completely random and more than 12 characters long.

Just a day after setting up the device, I received a message that someone was trying to log in to a device in another city using my ID.

I obviously chose "Do not allow", but I am very concerned that this happened at all.

The ID was not there before yesterday, and the only place it has ever been used is on that particular device and on my secure home network.

How is it possible for someone to try to use my ID? I really can't believe anyone could have guessed such a unique username.

Does Apple publish its iCloud usernames anywhere?

icloud – Restore deleted SMS thread on a new iPhone from an old iPhone

I have an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 was set up by iCloud in early January and the iPhone 6s has not been used (turned on) since.

I have now accidentally deleted a thread with text messages (not iMessage) on iPhone 11 (the confirmation message said it would be deleted from all my devices). The messages are still on my older iPhone – I turned it on to check without being able to connect to the internet, assuming it would also delete its local copy.

Can I somehow get the older iPhone to upload its local copy of the messages to iCloud for iPhone 11 to download? In other words, is there anything I can do to have iCloud accept data from the 1960s instead of instructing them to delete their own local copy?

I have explored other options and do not believe that they can be implemented:

  • The iCloud backup of 11 has since been updated, ie the old copy of the backup in which the messages were still present has been overwritten
  • I don't have an iTunes backup from which one of the two phones can be restored

icloud – iMessage's Send and Receive option does not show the option to select my cell phone number [iOS 13.3 iPhone 11]

I recently got a new iPhone 11 and inserted the Sim as part of the setup. When I send a text message to someone, my email ID is displayed instead of my phone number.

I went to Settings > iMessage > Send & Receive but i don't see my phone number there and only see my apple id. The same applies to my FaceTime settings. Nobody can display me with my number in FaceTime and only with the email ID.
I have also confirmed my phone number at Settings > iCloud > Name, Phone Numbers & Email and I see my phone number added there.

I've checked this similar question, but as the answer suggests I've been waiting for more than 24 hours. Also check out Apple's support article, but still no luck:

I can see that a lot of people are facing this problem and can see posts on the internet, but nothing seems to work for me. I have also confirmed that my wireless service provider allows sending and receiving SMS.

Macos – is it possible to remove hidden iCloud folders?

I discovered that in the ~/Library/Mobile Documents Folder is a collection of directories for each app that has access to a user's iCloud drive. Some of these folders can be accessed via Manage Storage and selection of the associated app. However, there are folders from apps that have been uninstalled. Is there any way to remove these folders? I tried using Terminal but it looks like the folder doesn't exist.

iCloud Drive app folder

How can photos from an iPhone be imported into the macOS Catalina Photos app when iCloud Photos is enabled on iPhone and disabled on Mac?

How can photos from an iPhone be imported into the macOS Catalina Photos app when iCloud Photos is enabled on iPhone and iCloud Photos is disabled on Mac?

When the phone is connected to the Mac running Catalina, the Photo app only allows you to import videos from iPhone, not photos.

Photos app configuration
Catalina Photos app configuration