applications – Android creating lot of images when created app icon

applications – Android creating lot of images when created app icon – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

flutter: how do i add an item in cart by clicking on “+” icon?

how do i add item to cart by clicking on “+” icon. give simple example using listtile.builder.

class _CameraState extends State {
var cam = (‘Dahua 2mp’, ‘Dahua 4mp’, ‘Dahua 5mp’, ‘Hikivision 2mp’,’Hikivision 4mp’, ‘Hikivision 5mp’, ‘Hilook 2mp’, ‘Hilook 4mp’,’Hilook 5mp’);
var camp = ();

Widget build(BuildContext context) {
return Scaffold(
appBar: AppBar(
centerTitle: false,
leadingWidth: 0,
backgroundColor: Colors.white ,
title: Text(“Camera”, style: TextStyle(color: Colors.blueGrey.shade800,fontSize: 28,fontWeight: FontWeight.bold)),
actions: (
icon: Icon(
color: Colors.blueGrey.shade800,
onPressed: () {
// do something

    child: ListView.separated(

itemCount: cam.length,
itemBuilder: ( context,index){
title: Text(cam(index)),
subtitle: Text(camp(index)),
trailing: IconButton(
icon: Icon(
color: Colors.blueGrey.shade800,
onPressed: () {},
) ,
) ;

    separatorBuilder: (context,index) => Divider(),

  floatingActionButton: FloatingActionButton(
    onPressed: (){},
    child: Icon(Icons.shopping_cart),




mac appstore – App Store app icon is duplicated in Lauchpad

mac appstore – App Store app icon is duplicated in Lauchpad – Ask Different

No folder permission options/lock icon in Mac Catalina

On a 2018 Mac Mini that came pre-loaded with Catalina, when I get info on a folder, under “Sharing & Permissions” it only displays “You can read and write” but there are none of the standard read/write columns nor any lock icon like in previous versions.

What am I missing? Am I not logged in as administrator? I’ve never encountered this before.

ios – What app (system or otherwise) does this “IPHONE IN USE” icon belong to? Or where does it live on the Big Sur filesystem?

As a followup to this question in better understanding what is causing the notification to show up in the Notification Center, I want to isolate the app or system process that’s issuing this notification.

The icon that is appearing in the notification center is the following (blown up quite a bit for help in recognition):

notification icon

What is this icon/image from? If no one knows, where is it on the filesystem?

Camera icon was deleted

So my father managed to delete the camera icon from his app drawer. I searched the app drawer to see if it got hidden in a folder.. I checked his app settings to see if the camera is enabled. His camera is enabled. Double tapping the lock button still brings up the camera. I tried to reset app defaults and permissions that didn’t do anything. I booted into safe mode it was not there. The camera app isn’t set as default. So I tried downloading another camera app to see if I could trick it into allowing me to make the camera default again. No such luck. I have no idea what else try short of factory reseting the phone which he doesn’t want to do

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