Windows 10 – some app icons in search results (win + s) are overlayed with a photoshop icon

I would be most grateful for any pointers which lead to resolving the following issue.

The Problem
When I use windows search (win + s) the icons for windows 10 related apps are shown with a photoshop icon which appears to be layered over the top.

The icons are shown incorrectly on both the search pane as well as in the actual list of search results. It appears that it is only affecting Microsoft Store Apps from Microsoft such as calculator, calendar and the Microsoft Store app itself.

The correct icons are shown for all other apps including Word, Excel etc; they are all shown in search with the correct Icon, including some from the Microsoft Store.

The icons for applications that are affected by my issue are shown correctly everywhere else in the system just not within the search.

What I have tried.

  • Change display scaling.
  • Cleared the icon cache.
  • Cleared temp folder.
  • Reset the Microsoft Store App
  • Uninstalled one of the problem apps (calculator) and re-installed.

There was mention in a forum that BitDefender may be causing the issue but there were no specifics.

The screenshot below shows the issue if you look carefully it appears like the Photoshop Icon is somehow layered on top with the correct icons being slightly visible. Also, the command prompt Icon is shown correctly.

enter image description here

applications – App shortcut icons are changing from normal to the default app icon

I’m using an LG K10 LTE running Android 6.0, about two weeks ago I had the following happen to the apps on my phone:
1)The icons of each and every one of my apps changed from their regular image to the default Android Icon.

2)When I tried tapping any of the icons a small “app is not installed” message popped up.

At the time I managed to fix the issue with a full factory reset but about two days ago the issue returned, the first time this happened I ran a virus scan with Avast mobile and no threat was found.

This time around I did some digging online and found various methods none of which really work, the battery pull reset didn’t help, neither did removing the app icon from the main screen(the app isn’t installed according to the phone).

I think this might be a hardware or memory issue but I’m not sure, any help with solving this issue will be very much appreciated.

Hamburger menu icons – Recent trend of moving away from three full-width lines to having two full-width lines and a shortened line?

Some examples in various iOS apps:

  1. US BankUS Bank

  2. RentCafe enter image description here

  3. Uber enter image description here

The first two kinda reminds me of the icon for aligning text justified left.

I’m quite curious about the reason for this change. I couldn’t really find anything about it online. Could someone provide some insight and perhaps some online resources that talk about this?

gui design – Icons – clear way of presenting export and import action

I’m looking for a clear way of presenting “import jpg”, “import svg”, “export jpg” and “export svg” actions.

I want to make it clear by icon look, what is export, what is import (most of the icons which I found online are used interchangeably). Without seeing a tooltip, there is no chance that the user can guess which icon refers to the import action, which to export.

Also, when icons are presented together in a row, it takes a lot of time to understand that one icon refers to the jpg, another to the svg extension.

Any ideas or examples how to handle this?

icons: import jpg, import svg,export jpg, export svg

How to replace small icons in SharePoint Online lists via JSON

For icons that display next to field names like so on lists…

enter image description here

…How can we replace them with custom icons, or fluent UI icons?

My current JSON file for formatting the body, looks like this…

    "sections": [
            "displayname": "About the Recipe",
            "fields": [
                "Number of views",
                "Publishing Date",
                "Nutrition Facts",
                "Number of ingredients",
                "Number of servings",
                "Calories per serving"

I will design professional App and Web Icons for $10

I will design professional App and Web Icons

I have been designing flat icons for the last 4 years. My work is clean, simple, unique & fun!

I will need a short description of the icons you want to be delivered. If u have something on your mind, I will need few words on the style and the look you want for your icons.

The icons you will get from me are easily recognizable!

You will receive:

  • Good Image quality.
  • The original icon is a separated PNG file – the standard 1024×1024 or any size you need.
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  • The final Flat App icon will be Ready to use AppStore File.

Why choose us?

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Order now! and get your beautiful icons designed. If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask me or contact me.


web app – p2p web application, terms and icons to distinguish caller from callee?

I think more information is required to answer the question, but since the application only allows two peers to connect at any given time, I still think that you already have a point of reference in that one part will be “You/Username” and the party will be the “Peer”.

So I don’t see the need to have a pair of terms to distinguish them, since you can identify yourself easily from the rest of the group (using icons or avatar or other visual elements/cues).

The problem to be solved is then how to indicate which party initiates the contact/connection, and that can be done quite easily by using either a directional element like an arrow, or a symbol placed over the party that initiates the contact.

icons – How should the filter feature manifest itself in google material design tables

This icon is from the category of symbols used in / for buttons. It seems intuitive to me that if I click on the “filter list” icon in your example, the filters are displayed, because, without filters, the action can’t be completed.

How the filters will look, depends on the number of options, page UI and I think Material Design offer some guidance, but it is not so strict that we need to have clear specs for every icon.

In this case, “Material Design Data Table”, the filter is a search field. I didn’t expect this filter, but I can’t say this is not a good UX.

enter image description here

enter image description here

home screen – Get homescreen icons back to normal size

My dads phone (google pixel 4a, latest android version) seems to have changed the size of the icons on the homescreen while in his pocket. Is it somehow possible to get this back to normal?

We have so far tried the following things:

  • check display & font size in the accessibility menu is set to default
  • there is no option to customize the icon size by holding an empty spot in the screen
  • we werent able to find an option to change the grid layout on the homescreen

There is no custom theme/homescreen/launcher installed

Large icons on homescreen