Is replacing icons with emoji a good idea?

I am currently working on an application that I have created with fontawesome. Due to the rather large footprint of fontawesome (almost 2 MB with the more accessible SVG + JS version) I am considering using Emoji. These are already present on every computer and the users should be used to it.

I think this may be a good idea, as using symbols that already link users to their meaning might make it easier for them to understand how a button works, even if its text is not read. This is especially suitable for the illiterate, visually impaired or dyslexic.

There is still the text for screen reader users, and the icons are embedded in elements hidden from them.

The only downside I can think of is that Apple apps that use Emoji are sometimes not allowed. However, this application is proprietary and will not appear in any App Store. I do not think that would be a problem.

As far as I can tell, all users have an operating system that supports Emoji.

Is there something I miss?

Regarding streaming hosts. Has nobody thought of this idea? | Proxies-free

Regarding streaming hosts. Has anyone ever thought of the normal pop-up and the normal mess of ads. Why do not you go with the Youtube style ad ad?

Do you play the AD before the start of the video and do you have the opportunity for AD breaks like Facebook / Youtube ads?

It is much cleaner and, in my view, can generate more revenue from consumers and streaming hosts.

It's my only opinion.

Design Patterns – Is there any idea why Youtube videos titled Do not follow the natural reading direction?

I'm writing an assay about designing the layout and exploring the diagonal layout design pattern (setting the items on top left and bottom right to follow the user's reading direction exactly). I noticed that the Youtube player was only in to a certain extent the rule follows and you can see in pretty much every player view:

Enter the image description here

As you can see, the player has the title in a rather hard-to-spot location, while the feedback buttons and the subscription button are correctly positioned.
Normally, as shown in online articles, the header is always placed over the content and aligned left for the reading direction mentioned.

I was wondering why Youtube would choose this approach. The first thing that comes to my mind is that youtube just thinks you do not really need the title because you most likely clicked on it to get to the video, but I do not like to draw conclusions.

I have not found any good research on this topic, so I ask here.

Sorry if this is a rather noob issue. I'm still a beginner, to be honest.
Any help would be great 🙂

Can you give me an idea of ​​what this line of code says?

Thank you for your answer.

I'm trying to change the script file to get the daily earnings of the site. Instead, the amount is calculated from the amount in the u_paid_videos table (db table)> earn_amount (column) that indicates the amount earned that the uploader earns for each video sale transaction. I have tried this without success:

$ this_day_video_earn = $ db-> rawQuery ("SELECT (earned_amount) FROM" .T_U_PAID_VIDEOS. "c WO" time "> =". $ day_start. "AND`time".) <= ".$day_end." AND user_id_uploaded = ".$pt->user-> id);
// $ this_day_video_earn = $ db-> rawQuery ("SELECT SUM (Amount - admin_com)) AS Sum FROM" .T_VIDEOS_TRSNS. "c WHERE` time`> = ". $ day_start. "AND` time " <= ".$day_end." AND user_id = ".$pt->user-> id);


By "without success," I mean that the HTML page "Transaction" just hangs when selecting the "Transaction" html and does not redirect to it. However, if I remove my attempt to change, it redirects successfully.

Any ideas that help me with what I want to achieve are appreciated.

Sell ​​Search for an idea to be developed

Hi Guys,

I'm an expert on desktop software and looking for a good idea to develop. If you have a good idea, we can go as a partner. I'm thinking of creating something like a screaming frog

Would you tell me if it's a good idea to have such a solution and rock the market or what?
You can give me your Skype to talk in more detail.

Thank you in advance ,

Number theory – Not so well known applications of the idea of ​​deformation in algebraic geometry and other fields?

The idea of ​​proving something by deforming the general case in some special cases (for example, proving some equalities by considering both sides as functions / roles and showing that they are equal in some good areas). You can also investigate something like moduli spaces by deforming a point into a formal neighborhood to see the dimension and other properties (using the obstruction theory or other things), which is very powerful.

So the idea of ​​deformation in algebraic geometry and number theory is very good, and there are many known applications:

  1. Deligne proves that Hodge implies absolute hodge for Abelian varieties by deforming the general case into CM Abelian varieties (principle) $ B $).
  2. If $ X, Y $ are two smooth projective curves of the genus $> 1 $, then $ Hom {{nonconst} (X, Y) $ is finite by studying the Hom schema using deformation theory.
  3. We can use the deformation to find out the dimension of the moduli spaces that we hope to understand, or prove some theorems of smoothness / non-smoothness ($ mathcal {M_g} $, $ Bun_G $Hilbert schemes, smoothness of Jacobian for smooth projective curves, module of Calabi-Yau by Tian-Todorov.
  4. Abolition of theorems by taking into account infinitesimal thickening and algebraic theorems, eg. Grothendieck for curves, Serre-Tate for common Abelian varieties, Deligne for K3 surfaces (up to a finite extent).
  5. General vanishing theorem for Abelian varieties.
  6. Perverse continuation principle.
  7. Mori's bound and broken techniques.
  8. Deformation of Galois representations.

Of course there is more, I hope people can add other well-known applications.

What else are some lesser known applications of the deformation idea in algebraic geometry, number theory and representation theory? I think some are still very important, but maybe beginners do not know these ideas.

In a sense, the proof of deformation can also, in a sense, be regarded as something that has worked well in the good case and has used a density measure. A very naive example is that one can prove the Cayley-Hamilton theorem by first looking at diagonalizable matrices.

Just a silly (or maybe profitable) website idea

Okay, this idea was born in the presence of Kriek beer, but I still think that this could be interesting as a company. I searched around, found nothing, so it's either too stupid to work, or miraculously I had a new idea waiting to improve the Internet as it flourishes.

Just in case it resonates with someone with ambition and abilities in line with pure copyleft reverberation, I share the idea :)

Here's the idea: Warning, it's NSFW, a "normal looking Prn Finder website". You're uploading a photo of a face, the site is browsing through a facial recognition index as Focus # 1, and providing satisfactory results for adult workers whose faces look identical.

They market it as a lookalike search: the residents of Alabama will upload a photo of their cousin, the rest of the world will upload a photo of their colleague who has been taken on LinkedIn or something similar, and they will eventually find slippery results with A Woman (or a man who takes care of it) looks like the original.

Rather than returning piracy scores (or pushing them into the list), it's best to return affiliate links to the big players, as they have behind-the-scenes affiliate programs like Mindgeek, Mofos, and so on, to few actors. Any person who ultimately finds a compelling look on their real person has a high chance of acquiring membership in those large locations and will receive some of their membership fees.

I hope that was not an issue here, we are in the area of ​​websites and I strongly believe that there is a business opportunity that people with business skills and money can use.
@mods: If I failed and broke a rule, I humbly apologize for it, I'm usually only on the buy / sell forums. But please hit me with a PM to tell me what's going on.

Have a good day!