Do you think taking bitcoin(small satoshis)contributions will be a good idea for your new blog? | Proxies-free

The proceeds will be kept as donations

I think viewing ads is a good way to get donations, and you can put your bitcoin address in your support page for donations, but I think offerwalls where you kept all the rewards is not gonna useful here, as offerwalls takes abit of time to be finished depending on the offer that could take alot of time from the one doing the offers , most of them will ignore the offerwall section as it is time consuming and they got nothing from it

web application – Is running bash script that is taking arguments from site dialog box a good idea?

I’m building a site that will use youtubeAPI to keep track of playlist changes.
In order for 3rd party to use it I would supply a dialog box in which user would type his/hers playlistID – this would be read and then put as an argument into bash script that in turn runs curl/python scripts to connect with API (ran on my machine) and another bash script that would mkdirs on my disk.

Does this potentially endanger me/my files somehow ?
Can someone input some magic command that would do “rm * -f” or similar malicious endeavor ?
Should I use some external server instead of my machine ?

I know nothing about security, Ive read few topics here but didnt find similar problem.

popup – Since late 2019, why are we seeing a massive increase in pop-up notifications, and why do UI designers think this is a good idea?

This might be slightly broad, but I think most of the questions on this site are somewhat subjective and broad anyway.

Since about late 2019, the number of pop-up notifications and potentially similar types of notifications has suddenly increased dramatically. Every other time I open a website or a program on my computer, even if it's something I use every day, I keep having to dismiss notifications that I simply don't care about. Quite often these notifications are designed to let the user know about certain updates and UI tweaks. . . but they're completely irrelevant 99% of the time and are quite stressful and distracting from the core features of the website or program.

Stack Exchange responded very well to a related question and has generally kept their sites very clean from this type of thing. Personally I feel that is one of the reasons Stack Exchange is as popular as it is: While it does provide notifications, they are generally relevant, and they are generally not distracting pop-ups that have to be dismissed.

In that context, notifications are great, but pop-up notifications and irrelevant distractions are deterrents against continued use of a site. So why, just about everywhere else except SE, have pop-up notifications suddenly multiplied since late 2019, and why do UI designers not see this as a bad thing?

Bill Gates offers an idea to fight the coronavirus pandemic – and AOC strikes back with a growl


Didn't you do it

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dnd 5e – I have this character idea, but the magic is weird with it and I can't figure it out

It sounds like you're new to 5e and trying to create characters.

The approach you have chosen is that you have chosen a character concept – you want to create a character that can control metal – and you want to create it as a 5e character.

My advice is that as a first-time player, you will probably have more fun choosing one of the existing character classes and following the standard rules for character creation. Once you understand how the system should work, you can experiment with new character concepts.

The best way to develop a "character who can control metal" concept is likely to be to spice up an existing class. For example, you could take the warlock character class that normally deals damage Eldritch explosion::

A beam of crackling energy hits a creature within range. Perform a ranged attack on the target. If hit, the target suffers 1d10 power damage.

and you would season it as new telekinetic metal explosion::

A cloud of metal scraps strikes a creature in range that is hurled by your telekinetic metal control forces. Perform a ranged attack on the target. If hit, the target suffers 1d10 power damage.

If your warlock has received other spells and powers, you can taste them again if you want.

This doesn't change the game mechanics – it just changes the narrative – so your DM is more willing to let you create a character to do so.

Would it be a good idea for a large company to develop a device for mobile games?

I was wondering if it would be a good idea for a company to develop a device that targets mobile games. This is a device that only focuses and processes the game apps from Play Store, iOS Store or other mobile stores.

I explain why from my experience it might be a good idea. I play Clash Royale a lot, the same goes for a lot of games and I know that a lot of people around me wouldn't play because their phone doesn't have the performance requirements, or if their phone could, the screen would be too small for them to do it might consider.

Nevertheless, I find it very frustrating from my experience that even with the latest mobile phones the battery is so quickly used up when playing mobile games. We could expect a mobile gaming device to have a much better battery life.

It may be like tablets, but they can be too expensive. I think there is a wide variety of apps that you can use, for example any app from the Play Store. And the battery problem remains. Perhaps there could be a wide price range for such a device, from a few tens of dollars to a few hundred dollars?

In addition, eSport for mobile games is constantly evolving, so I think that such a device would be suitable for this type of competition. Finally, I have a little cousin who only uses her tablets for games. Such a device could be suitable for you.

It looks like a PSP from old times, but for mobile games. If this is a good idea, why hasn't a company made it? And if this is a bad idea, what are the main disadvantages?

Coinbase transaction – An idea for a Bitcoin soft fork that can be used to compress the blockchain

I've been thinking about a soft fork that can reduce storage costs.

Why don't we force miners to embed the height of the TX Merkle tree in the first two bytes of the 4-byte block header version?

It would have two advantages:

  • It would fix the leaf node brute force weakness (CVE-2017-12842), which is currently only fixed by standard rules but not by consensus rules.

  • Similar to the description in BIP 141, we can introduce a node type that is neither a cropped node nor a full complete node, but would do so txindex=1 for transactions with unspent expenditure. These nodes would first store full blocks. When the next block arrives, they search for the block with their txindex, look for the transaction and check whether all expenses are spent. In this case, they remove the transaction from the memory of this block, but only keep the hash. This would save a lot of space since it seems to me that most scenarios are used to query a txindex-enabled node gettransaction in transactions with unspent expenditure?

Any comments? I don't think it's worth sending this to Bitcoin-ml.

Social Engineering – Is Using a Non-ASCII Name a Good Idea in America?

There are even Chinese in the United States. They call their children 李某. Would that be a problem? No. Some systems support these names, others use versions that have been converted to ASCII by romanization. The only non-ASCII character in X Æ A-12E.g. in Danish names like Ægidius, converted to ascii Aegidius.

A good example of such a conversion are machine-readable passports: The last two lines of each pass contain only the characters A – Z, 0–9 and the filler <. Passports convert every name in the world to ASCII.

Sometimes using plain ASCII is more problematic than using non-ASCII characters, which can be easily encoded in UTF-8: Small Bobby tables has such a unique name as the little baby musk. This Robert doesn't have a social security number because he's a fictional character, but for real people the name isn't an obstacle.

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