Professional website design, coded and SEO ideas

Looking for a professional website designer

Specifically to:
1. create a PSD file
2. code the PSD into wordpress
3. install the webite
4. integrate it with twitter and Facebook for blog posts
5 SEO advice (optional)

I like the look of landing page scrolling but it needs to be more business.

The business website will be providing mediation services to companies that otherwise would be looking at legal action.

The website needs to be adaptable to desktop, mobile, tablet etc.

The site would also need a blog section that could be posted to and static pages rather than only hyperlink jumps on the page.

So we are looking for Landing page / internal static page / blog section template.

They should all blend with one another in terms of style and colours.


The colour scheme is Orange, White and Blue.

An example of the colours but not the professional service we want to show would be:


Let me know your rough price for the above, and if you would be available to talk on zoom / microsoft teams.

Most importantly I need to see a professional business portfolio to show my colleagues.

if you can do some SEO for us then great just say – you get bonus points to being chosen

I am UK based and English speaking, but I do not mind where you are from as long as you don’t mind staying up/waking early to talk :)


What are some basic ideas for making money in the crypto industry? – Cryptocurrencies Corner

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tables – Ideas for *intuitive* bulk action pattern for a medical CRM?

The “bulk action” dropdown sounds fairly similar to what’s seen in gmail so that seems like a safe bet that a large chunk of your users have seen it before and will expect that behaviour. A clear label and potentially highlighting it when users select more than one patient would be even better.

You should test that against your column header action bar idea. Although I’m not certain why the action bar would need to replace the column headers. Couldn’t you have both?

Side little bit of food for thought, what are the users needs for bulk emailing patients? Bulk email systems usually have someone send something accidentally or confusing at least once, we’ve all seen it. Remember if you’re designing a system that can message a ton of people those people all also your users. Anything we can do to safeguard them from frustrating, confusing or erroneous messages?

Ideas for trading cryptocurrencies and the latest news

As the cryptocurrency receives increasing attention worldwide, it becomes a widespread asset with enormous exponential growth potential.

There are many alternatives and variations of Bitcoin that are referred to as alternative coins or altcoins.

I want to dedicate this thread to my cryptocurrency analysis and the latest news and look forward to your replies and comments.

First of all, I would like to draw your attention to Golem and Siacoin



Do passive income ideas really work? | Proxies-free

Do passive income ideas really work? Is it really possible to make money online?

Why am I asking? I will tell you my story.

I was always skeptical. And yes, I've always followed the path of "working hard to make money". When I first heard of a “new but great” project that would bring huge profits, I was only deaf to all of these praises.

Meeting my old friend made me change my mind. While we were talking, her smartphone was full of messages.

"Is something wrong?" I asked.

"Something is great!" She answered. "I make money online."

It seemed like she had joined a project. And yes, that was the project I've heard of so many times!

I was more than interested. I was impressed. Especially when I saw over $ 315,000 in her account. Can You Collect $ 315,000 in Three Months? I can not. But she got up!

And no, I'm doing my due diligence. I interviewed everyone I could. And no, I'm asking you.

Do passive income ideas really work? Is it really possible to make money online?

Thanks in advance!

Angular 2+ – ideas for a good way to communicate with components

Consider a single input field like the following:

Skill name Add

Enter the image description here

It adds a category to the list of available categories. How should I generalize this component? In a non-general manner, the "Add" button triggers the ADD action in the corresponding status slice after the form has been successfully submitted.

My idea:

  1. The component contains all status disks and all models.
  2. Pass the name of the status slice as a string.
  3. Send the add action

Is there a better way?

Computer networks – Windows 10 Remote Desktop fails after the laptop screen expires. Ideas why?

I am in a domain and am using the laptop to remotely connect to a server that hosts the medical software suite. Our server is set up so that the screens are automatically locked after 15 minutes if there is no activity. In this case, it either takes forever for the Remote Desktop connection to connect to the other server, or no connection can be made at all. If the screen is locked manually with the Win key + L, it works fine. All of our other laptops work fine even if the account is automatically logged out.

Any ideas what could cause this or how to fix it? Since it's isolated for this laptop, I considered it a Windows 10 issue – even though it's a new Dell Latitude 5500 that does this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

Australia adventure travel ideas

Me and my 7 friends are planning a visit to Australia. Need a guide who can suggest the best sights in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane.

My friends have listed 75 different sources. Insane ! How do I find the best one?

Finally, I found the 12 best websites that were relevant to my needs. Can anyone suggest which source is the best to find a guide?

How to Visit Australia on a two week vacation

Australia Road Trip Planner: How To Plan The Perfect Road Trip In Australia

Hey there! Need an evaluation and your ideas

We're updating our project and arguing about the main service page that offers a simple divorce in California: One of us would like us to remove a brief description of "Get Qualified Help With Filing a Divorce in California Without a Lawyer" and " File "create for divorce" button bigger, the others don't want to change anything. What do you think?