[ Politics ] Open question: Why do so many Americans reject Bernie Sanders ideas?

As the question says, why do you think so many Americans are against Bernie Sanders ideas like Medicare, I ask because every other developed country in the world has universal health care. Why do you think people think he's a communist when he clearly wants it? make our country more like most European countries

Software – Ideas for a photography social media platform

One thing the community is currently lacking is the kind of permanent archive that was old flickr before the economy forced them to betray … A way for people who want to document something to do so and their work for the good of the (not just photographic) community, then forget it without the archive forgetting it.

A lot of old Flickr stuff was not so much about the photographer as what was documented. That actually rocked.

Obviously it will be difficult to fill this vacuum as it requires a way to ensure an economically viable long term storage …

Forget about making it into social media, there is already too much social media in current photo platforms.

The vacuum that needs to be filled at the moment is about non-commercial spaces, where photography can act a little more about the subject and about the photographer as a photographer (as an artist, technician, NOT as a social media animal).

Ideas for a server / service monitoring system

due to license restrictions and security risks. I have to find a solution to a need that we have in our team.
Basically, I need to create an app that monitors services and displays them graphically, e.g. B. a sequence diagram or a service diagram.
I am currently using C # and need the structure with which I can start this project, such as the offer of Dynatrace or AppDynamic applications.
For example, do I generate a class for each service and a relationship class?
to make it dynamic.
I can use node, js, vb, does anyone have an idea? Was someone in the same position?

Best Website Earn Money Ideas For $ 2000?

Why not hire a good mentor to advise you where to go in the future? I see so many ideas coming up here, but at the end of the day, you don't seem to have enough experience to complete a project and earn honest money. Maybe it's just me, but that's how I see it.

The most difficult task with a website is to make money with it. Have you even thought about how you want to monetize the website? Promotion, creation yeah yeah bla bla … it's easy. What will you do if you invest money in traffic and achieve a 0% conversion rate? My first 10 attempts with PPC were total failures. I was always missing something. Until I found out. But I've lost a lot of money in the meantime and for the moment you only have 2K. That's a lot for someone, but it's a very small amount if you want to go with PPC.

From your questions like: & # 39; & # 39; How important is SEO? Is it worth spending money on an SEO expert to deal with this side of things? “And with that kind of experience you will burn out.

Dating is probably the most profitable niche out there. Thousands of people invest hundreds of dollars a day and pull millions out of this niche. But you have to have experience and know where and how to invest money and ultimately get something big.

In my view, you have three options:
1.Try it without investing money and save 2,000 euros.
2. Hire a mentor to teach you things you don't know.
3. Get on the first train, burn out and give up.

An attempt is being made to import CSV files (~ 2 KB) into Gmail. According to Gmail, however, the size must be less than 20 MB. Any ideas what's going on?

An attempt is being made to import CSV files (~ 2 KB) into Gmail. According to Gmail, however, the size must be less than 20 MB. Any ideas what's going on? The extension was changed from TXT to CSV, but a message was displayed that G-Mail did not recognize the file. Any ideas??

How ideas are influenced by illustrations

Illustrations are undoubtedly one of the best ways to arouse interest and attract attention. Apart from that, they also affect the development of our imagination. For example, cartoons and children's books affect the children who see them and help them think outside the box. How do you think creative imagination is influenced by illustrations? Can you give some examples?

24 super essential sales and marketing ideas that big companies would never tell you

[IMG]To make the transition easier, you have to

Gaining maximum customers for a company is something that all companies want, but we know that it would never happen magically. You have to pay for it. Developing sales and marketing strategies is essential to make your product more visible to customers. Companies use different advertising and marketing strategies to attract more customers to their company, but in most cases things don't work as expected. In this article I will present some marketing ideas for sales that could be useful for your company. You should understand that not everything works for your company in terms of marketing and sales. You need to understand the interests and needs of your customers to find the best advertising ideas that can help you grow your business.

Complete article: https://www.temok.com/blog/sales-marketing-ideas/

gameserver – I made a server-client-TCP connection, but this only works if the server and client are on the same computer. Any ideas?

So I want to start by being an absolute beginner in networking.

I create a game in C ++ and use SFML for networking (both the server and the client are in C ++, SFML). And I successfully created a server-client connection so I can send packets from one to the other. However, this only works if the server and the client are on the same computer (or on the same Internet connection (router)).

What I want to achieve is a server on my computer that can connect to my friends (who are not on the same router) after starting.

I tried to forward the port I'm using from the PC the server is running on, but it doesn't seem to work.

Any ideas?

Need ideas for my old website

It's been a long time since I posted anything on this forum. Excuse me if I make mistakes.

I bought a website in 2007 for a very small amount of money. Website is mymedicalsuppliers.com .. I tried to promote it for a maximum of 1-2 years but then had to employ some other companies so it was left on the sidelines.

When I check the website, it doesn't even work properly at the moment. Most likely something is wrong with databases, etc. I am also not very skilled at programming, so it is very difficult for me to find out exactly what is wrong. Nevertheless, I have the website files and have owned the domain for 13 years.

In summary, I would like to know your comments about what to do with this website. Should I try to work with someone or should I just sell it? Do you think it would be worth anything?

Give me ideas for a math project in the last academic year about Boolean satisfaction and SAT solvers

I am a student starting an undergrad math project.
I was instructed to read Donald Knuth's Fascicle 6: Satisfiability and develop ideas for a project from this material.

Enter image description here

I have 13 weeks for the project.

I read the sample application section of the book carefully and over Christmas managed to encode Conway's Game of Life in Boolean Logic and look for interesting seeds that develop into predetermined patterns.

Enter image description here

Enter image description here

Today I find it difficult to think of a research question (or project idea) that contains this material and that I can answer or complete under my time constraints.

I could provide Boolean Logic encodings for any sample application that Knuth describes.

I could translate all of the applications in the Sample Applications section in Python 3.

Here are the applications Knuth explains in the Sample Applications section.
A boolean coding recipe book for this could be useful for future readers?

  1. The becoming function
  2. Exact coverage
  3. Four color theorem
  4. error tests
  5. Machine learning
  6. game of life
  7. Mutual exclusion
  8. Digital tomography

Maybe I could solve a new problem with a SAT solver?

Propose an undergrad research project using SAT solvers and Boolean coding

So much basic research is pointless. That rubs my soul. Because of my inexperience, I have trouble asking a reasonable research question.

So help me to use my time wisely and think about a useful research question that I can spend my 13 weeks with?

I would hate to waste those 13 weeks doing something senseless.

Please suggest some ideas.

Basically, you have 13 weeks of cloud time on a rather inexperienced research robot. Please think of an interesting way how this research robot can spend this time.

I would like to add a small sheet to the tree of knowledge.