User Behavior – Ability to hide the identity of the verifier from the entity being audited


Suppose I have a platform similar to Yelp, but it is just for ONE small town (80,000 inhabitants) and contains only a list of workers, not companies.

In such a small town, most people are closely linked to the social network. This means that it is relatively easy for one person to trip over another.

The problem

If Mary hires John for a job but Mary does not like the end result of John's work and leaves him a bad rating on the platform, How can you give Mary the opportunity to hide her identity in order to avoid an unpleasant situation if she stumbles over John? Not only unpleasant situations, but also harassment by John, what is a possibility, am I right?

Why just hide her name does not work:

If John had only one client (Mary) in a long period of time and then received an anonymous bad rating shortly after the job, he would do the math in his head and know that the author of the rating must be Mary.

My solution

I thought about just publishing anonymous reviews of groups of 2 or more so John would not know who the person behind the review was.

The questions

Feel free to answer one (or all) of these questions.

  • Have you had a problem like this? How did you solve it?
  • Can you tell me how to improve my solution?
  • Is this an old problem that I am not aware of? If so, is there a better solution?

co.combinatorics – A folding identity with $ 1 $ increments involving the Motzkin triangle

The Motzkin Triangle $ T (n, k) $ is built according to the rules:

(1) $ T (n, 0) = 1 $;

(2) $ T (n, k) = 0 $ if $ k <0 $ or $ k> n $;

(3) $ T (n, k) = T (n-1, k-2) + T (n-1, k-1) + T (n-1, k) $,

After some numerical proof I ask:

QUESTION. Can you provide combinatorial proof of the identity below?
$$ sum_ {k = 0} ^ nT (n, k) T (n, k + 1) = sum_ {k = 0} ^ n binom {2n} {2k + 1} binom {2k + 1 } k frac1 {k + 2}. $$

Note. It is okay to give other alternative reasons to make the discussion more varied here, but I would like a combinatorial argument.

Is there a Visual Studio code feature that lets you easily identify the identity (location) of an object for Python?

I want to see the location (aka object identity) of Python variables in Visual Studio code. (preferably in hex code)

I'd like to be able to highlight a part of the Python code in Visual Studio Code and view its location, or simply enter the name of the variable in an address field to translate it into a location and display the memory.

Is there a way to do this?

Browsing other responses to Stackoverflow proved to be unhelpful, as the previous question, "Is there any way in Visual Studio to display the actual objects in memory" with the instructions "Just go to Debug-> Windows-> Memory and open she "answered was one of the four available or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + M, 1-4. "
My Visual Studio code editor does not have a "Windows" button in the "Debug" menu, nor does the "Ctrl + Alt + M" shortcut work.
It seems that the answers available for the latest Visual Studio code are outdated.

I also found instructions for viewing and editing memory and registers in Visual Studio:–variables–and-registers-in-visual-studio

However, the instructions in the link above clearly state that this feature is not available in Windows 10, Version 1507, and later versions of the WDK.

After searching for "WDK version history" to try to download an earlier version that supports the "memory" feature, there are no previous WDK versions for Windows 10, according to Wikipedia: wiki / Windows_Driver_Kit # History_of_WDK

Therefore, I would need to change my operating system to be able to download an earlier version of WDK and to support the Visual Studio code I want to do according to the information in the first link above.

There must be a simpler way to view the location of a Python variable (also called object identity) in the Visual Studio Code Editor.

If Visual Studio Code does not have this feature, can you recommend code editors doing this? Many thanks.

Dungeons and Dragons – What would happen to the personal identity of an adventurer when he turns into a god?

They start with their own personality but can change afterwards.

This question is quite difficult to answer and will satisfy everyone: it is best if the interpretations are based on precedents. I suggest you take a look at the list of deities that used to be mortals and pick some examples and read them in the FR wiki.

If you want to focus on some well-documented examples, I recommend that you read Mystra, which had at least three incarnations. The mortals chosen to wear the cloak on each previous incarnation bore some of their own personality, as evidenced by the change in orientation.

However, it is also true that the personality can and does change to adapt to the job. Kelemvor, the Mortal Lover of Midnight, who became Mystra, was an extraordinary god of the dead immediately after his ascension. For example, he was "lenient" towards the unbelievers and the wrong people. However, this resulted in an imbalance in the world, and over time he returned to his work. Quotation from the FR-Wiki article:

Kelemvor wondered how he could judge the damned when he himself missed his personal judgment. Gradually, he realized that there was nothing human about being a god. To correct his mistakes, great changes have been made both in his domain and in himself. … [Kelemvor] free themselves from all signs of humanity to properly fulfill their duties, …

postgresql – pg_restore fails and the defaults default setting in the identity column

Trying to restore a Postgres 10.6 database via pg_restore, and it seems to want to, a DROP DEFAULT if it should do a DROP IDENTITY during the cleaning phase. See below:

pg_restore --verbose --format=custom --dbname=bosh --clean --if-exists --single-transaction --exit-on-error

pg_restore: dropping TABLE DATA cpi_configs
pg_restore: dropping TABLE DATA configs
pg_restore: dropping TABLE DATA compiled_packages
pg_restore: dropping TABLE DATA cloud_configs
pg_restore: dropping TABLE DATA blobs
pg_restore: dropping TABLE DATA agent_dns_versions
pg_restore: dropping DEFAULT vms id
pg_restore: (archiver (db)) Error while PROCESSING TOC:
pg_restore: (archiver (db)) Error from TOC entry 2493; 2604 16496 DEFAULT vms id postgres
pg_restore: (archiver (db)) could not execute query: ERROR:  column "id" of relation "vms" is an identity column

I'm doing this as part of an automation utility that's not trivial to changing the command. My best bet is to work around this -C to delete / create the database with pg_restoreBut is this a bug in the file or something we can do differently? pg_dump?

UK visa refusal and false identity card

I am a student, and I was refused a visa to visit the UK in accordance with Annex V, paragraph V4.2, because I exaggerated my monthly expenses, which was not consistent with a financial report I had submitted. Also, the refusal said that I was teaching in another country while I had provided enough, which showed that I have been teaching in my country. When can I apply again and what can I do to prove that I am a real visitor?

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SQL Server transactional replication: Issues with the identity column in the Subscriber

I have set up a transactional replication from server A to server B.
I have a table that has an identity column as a primary key.
In my publishing house for the table tb1containing the identity column,Id1 was set as "Not for Replication" as yes.

I used to get the error message "Cannot insert explicit value for idntity column in table tb1 when IDENTITY_INSERT is set to OFF"
But when I checked my subscribers, I saw that the same column was set as "Not for Replication" as no.
So I used the following script to change the setting in my subscriber tb1.

alter table [dbo].[tb1] alter column [Id1] add not for replication; 

And the "Not for Replicaiton" is also set to "Yes" for my subscribers.

Which ID1 value in the source should always be replicated to the Subscriber table.

But now I get the following error message
"Explicit value must be specified for identity column in table tb1 when IDENTOTY_INSERT is set to ON or when a replication user is inserting into a NOT FOR REPLICATION identtity column"

The value for the explicit identity in ID1 does not seem to be passed by the publisher.

Any suggestions.

SQL problem with user in identity ASP.NET

Hello friends, I have doubts about this identity.

I already have my security with that, but I need to know how to map this user ID or how to do it correctly.

I explain in more detail: I have an app with which I want to keep my expenses clear, each user must have their own user and enter their own expenses
Enter image description here

The question is, do I enter the ID of the table that generates the identity (AspNetUsers) in my GstGastos table? or how does that work?

If you had a small course, I would appreciate it.