After 15 years IM, here is my best advice …

In my neighborhood, there are a number of places where you can buy a good burger. The competition is big. Over the years, I've noticed that I always feel attracted to a certain place. Of course they are a great burger, but if you want to know the honest truth, if I long for a hamburger, I always choose this burger joint from 3 reasons …

1. The staff is so incredibly nice and they always smile when they see me coming.
2. You always treat me as if I was the only person buying a burger that day.
3. Whenever you make a mistake in my order, you apologize and are happy to fix it.

I have worked in internet marketing for a long time, there is not much I have not seen, done, got a t-shirt, written a book, made a movie with a soundtrack and worked on the sequel, but today I want to Just tell you what I think is one of the most important lessons I've learned about online marketing …

That works, no matter in which niche and how well the burger tastes.

This may sound simple, naive, and too trivial to believe, because it's not rocket science, you do not need a cent to implement it, and you've probably heard it before, but you'd be surprised how many people ignore it and do not use it to his full advantage, sometimes even at your own risk.

Here's your … are you ready?

Customer service

To prepare a crappy burger is one thing. If you ignore your customers' reasonable request for help and make them feel like a profit rather than a PERSON, you can come back to persecute and hurt you. I do not care if you've just created an unprecedented, groundbreaking burger that makes people ten years younger with every bite. If you treat people like crap, they will remember how you feel about them and pass it on because crap generates crap.

Treat people the way you want to be treated and they will remember how you treated them. They will pass it on and come back for a different taste. Why? Because customers like to know that you care not only about their business, but also about their concerns. All in all, life is short, if you leave this earth, someone else will own all your stuff (including your burger joint) and the only real value you'll leave behind will not be the tasty burgers you bring with you Have built profits. ..

But the great relationships you have built up with people.

Hope this helps, take care of yourself and God bless you.

[GET] Jason Fladlien – IM Time Management System | Proxies-free

[GET] Jason Fladlien – IM time management system

My name is Jason Fladlien and I bet I did more in 3 hours than in a whole week.

I produce more income generating material in 30 days than the average marketer in a whole year.

My techniques enable me to earn passive income, active income, enormous income, and any other conceivable income.

For example, I …

Sold $ 117,036.04 in the month my daughter Laney Elizabeth Fladlien was born.
I created 4 different products that I launched next month, which gave me more than $ 30,000 in sales. (And still counting!)
He wrote and published a book on Amazon in less than 48 hours, and was 54th in the Amazon charts 4 days after its release.
Often, $ 500 is paid per pop to create simple, small sites for customers … Does not seem like much? It only takes 15 minutes.
On average, over $ 850 an hour to write sales for marketers, because I do it so quickly.
Manage new skills in less than 5 days with these productivity secrets, which you can start using today for only $ 39.95 (risk-free).


You have to give a presentation today at 19.00. It is already 16 o'clock. You have not done anything yet.

You have no product to offer. No sales copy No presentation written

What do you? They use the weird productivity tips I've given you to prepare this presentation in less than 30 minutes. You make an offer from the air, because you know how you are a productivity machine.

You're making a short sales letter because you know what to focus on now … because you're a time management fan.

You get a call and sell products worth nearly $ 20,000.

Sound too good to be true? I have done it more than once. Effortlessly! I can do it anytime, on demand. Because I know productivity secrets that you simply do not know. Still…

What about it?

A customer writes in a forum that he necessarily has to complete a project within 24 hours. They are willing to pay three times as much for the quick settlement.

Nobody else can do it. You can.

You enter and make a few wings just because you want it. Easily access your new-found productivity capabilities and you're done.

Big payday Unexpected payday Easy payday. If you cash the check, the bank does not care! You still have it in your account.

I do things like that all the time. Now you can too!

What productivity techniques
you will discover

If you get my hands on "Doubling Your Productivity for Life in 48 Hours," flip it to the first chapter.

You will read the chapter title, which states:

The easiest way to become more productive immediately!

These secrets allowed me to create 32 front-end products in 25


As you go through this first chapter, you will notice:

To reduce your time-consuming task to 1/4 of the time … It only takes 25% to complete!
A simple, one-of-a-kind question that you need to ask about each task to perform twice as fast with double the quality. (You'll be faster AND better.)
A nine-letter word that automatically gives you the same results as people who master the 80/20 rule. (They'll laugh as they "accidentally" do what these poor bastards needed years to master!)
Like a little-known law from a 1955 article in The Economist, I was able to produce 32 front-end products in 25 days. (True.)
This step-by-step secret routine automatically eliminates mental hurdles and obstacles. (The routine is as easy as shoe-binding.)
How can you use anger to never finish a task? (That makes so much money that it's crazy.)
If you do this in 5 minutes, you will notice an immediate increase in productivity in the next 24 hours.
CASE STUDY – How I created a product in less than 2 hours that earned $ 7,000 4 days later. (I break up the entire productivity system with this example!)

And more!

Chapter 2: The Real Scoop On Systems

You know how your heart beats automatically? And you wink with your eyes and breathe without consciously thinking about it?

How to design your systems. So they become effortless, unconscious and automatic … and as easy to use as it is to breathe.

Sound hard? It's not like that if you know what to do. You will learn this in this chapter.

You will also discover …

Case study: My book writing system in 48 hours, on which I publish


Secrets for $ 1,000 an hour when using your newly found productivity capabilities!
The most important part of the least used system (90% of people trying to systematize their business completely skip this step … result? Guaranteed error!)
Write without thinking – works with writing products, sales copies, e-mail copies and everything else. (You can master this in a few days.)
The first question you MUST MUST guarantee that you develop the "right" system. (This 8 word question makes the difference!)
How to do almost any habit of having your "default" in 7 days or less. (Fuck the traditional school of thought "It takes 17 days to create a habit" … you now have a better method!)

And more!

Chapter 3: Focus and Flow State

Here you will learn how to become almost "one with the task", so spend the hours … with you, you will be done more than ever before … without you being aware of it!

If you combine this technique with those of the previous chapter, you will be unstoppable.

You will also discover …

2 hours a day is all you need to build a six-digit number


How do you get involved in the same way as world-class athletes like Michael Phelps, who seemingly always seem to be peaking when the pressure increases?
Why do you only need 2 hours per day to create a low or medium level six- or six-tier company in less than 13 months!
Case Study: How to start almost every day so I can do more in the first 45 minutes of my day than most marketers (even 7 figurine markers) do all day!
The only kind of "breaks" you should take in your company. (This will help you get more done and more fun!)
Scientists say that the average time to enter the flow state is 15 minutes – I can show you how to do it in 15 seconds!

Chapter 4: Less choices

Here's a big secret revealed – to achieve more, you have to make fewer decisions, each one being a good one. Then you can randomly choose what to do next, and you will be successful.

This chapter will show you how to do it!

You can also find out …

How I scored over a million dollars in sales from scratch is less than 38


Find the "few but powerful" options for every task or system in 7 minutes. (Your success rate and speed are improved by 200%.)
Why is there no information overload? (I can easily handle millions of pieces of information in my head … and if you do, you can.)
How the less-choice method can instantly give you guru status. (You can better communicate and present information, as it makes it easier for you to communicate to your audience.)
How a piece of straw brings more than 2 hours of extra productivity every day. (Strange, but true.)
The 60-second rule has been refined. (Improvements to this golden time management secret.)
Case Study – How do I apply the "Less Choice" method to find and exploit hot niches in 5 minutes or less …
Why intelligence hampers your productivity and your actions (and what you need to focus on instead)

And more!

Chapter 5: To-do lists are garbage

I do not use to-do lists. I use two different types of lists instead.

Throw away your to-do list.

I guarantee it slows you down. Instead, consider automatically improving your productivity and satisfaction using my two special lists instead.

You will also discover …

Case Study – A day in the life of Jason Fladlien from the beginning


How hidden "productivity patterns" can be discovered. (They are actually a productive machine, but they do not know it yet …)
The free "fancy" technology that I use to manage all the tasks in my million dollar business a year. (You'll be shocked by what this powerful "fancy" technology can do!)
If your schedule is _________ too complicated, you are not working at high productivity.
Immunize yourself against the "fundamental attribution error". (Most people suffer from this single biggest productivity roadblock.)
I accompany you from start to finish for a whole day, finishing up a boatload of things that made me crazy money.
How do I schedule "just for fun tasks" that are as enjoyable as a video game, but still make "vacation and mortgage". (Have fun and pay = great!)

And more!

Chapter 6: Mind State Tricks

This is reserved for the senior "Jedi Master" in time management only.

Only use this stuff after you have introduced the "immediate productivity enhancement" techniques from the previous chapters.

What kind of things am I talking about? These…

Case example of my "brain coding" technique. (Spy inside me


Make the best decision in 9 out of 10 cases using this 12-second "Mind Location" technique.
How I discovered President Barrack Obama's secret trust that I now use in my own business. (I hate the guy's politics, but love him for that …)
The biggest secret I've stolen from Tony Robbins about peak productivity that has not been published in any of his books, audio programs, DVDs, or live seminars. (Sneaky!)
What I discovered years ago as a musician at a sweet 16-birthday party of a child has forever changed my life through massive productivity breakthroughs.
Brain coding techniques (not for the faint of heart … reserved for those who want to be inappropriately productive.)
And more!

Chapters 7 and 8: Profit Hours and Your Study to Action Ratio

At profit times you do not think – you only trade.

But what are profit hours? Unfortunately not every tenth person knows. If so, then I guarantee that you have a successful, flourishing business.

Now is your chance to find out. You will also discover:

This makes everything you ever buy online 200% more


How to make a sales force (including your own) immediately more profitable.
How to make money when I am in line at the supermarket. (No, I'm not talking about passive income streams.)
Why the cliché "knowledge is powerful" is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. (In most cases, a certain knowledge deficit is better!)
How much time in your business should you focus on education and study (and the magic number to achieve dramatic growth almost overnight)?

And more!

Chapter 9: Small Time Management Adjustments

We're completing this training with a few simple things that you can use to give you small but noticeable productivity differences.

You will discover …

Just like email is treated once and for all!

A tool that should not be a marketer. (And it has nothing to do with internet marketing.)
How do I use text editors to make money fast?
Dealing with post, phone, shopping and more!
To use Gmail as a customer support hub. (A huge time savings for all customers with customer support.)
How can you be an experienced note maker?
And 17 more simple tips!

The associated risk …

A few minutes of your time!

If you do not (at least) double your productivity within 48 hours, contact my support for a refund to

How do you know that this is a cheap investment? Simple – if you are already making money on the internet with any money, you should invest a multiple of your investment in this product within 30 days.

If you are not yet making money online, this is the investment to accelerate your cash flow.


These productivity secrets help you in all areas.

Do you need traffic?
Do you need to create products?
Do you need to write a sales copy?
Do you need to write an e-mail?
Partner pre-sale pages?
Design web pages?


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I am looking for e-mail lists or FM group owners in IM and MM niches

Hi Guys! My name is Daniel. I'm looking for partners in the field of "Internet Marketing" or "Making Money" who own e-mail lists, Facebook groups / fanpages, websites, or other sources associated with these niches, so you are in favor of my product can advertise.

I've created an e-book with a huge list of info products and business ideas (more than 9,000) for people who want to create their own info product or start a small business, but do not know which niche to choose. The topic of my ebook is pretty general. Therefore, it is basically intended for anyone who is interested in internet marketing or making money.

Here is something else. I do not do it to create a list of buyers so I can promote other products to their subscribers. I know how much time you spent collecting your subscribers. This is completely win-win deal. I have created an e-book in which you offer this product for your people and we share 50-50 of every sale.

If you are interested, just PM me.

Boolean Algebra – Test if the code contains a sequence in the array (IM DESPERATE PLEEEEAAASE !!)

Instructions: Write a code that determines whether A, B, and C in the number field appear in sequence, sequentially, and return the result.

For example, suppose A is 1, B is 2, C is 6 example array that returns true based on the instructions.

[1, 2, 6] – RETURNS TRUE

[1, 1, 1, 2, 6, 8] – RETURNS TRUE

[1, 4, 5, 1, 2, 8, 7, 9,] – RETURNS TRUE

[6, 2, 1, 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 7,] – RETURNS TRUE

Examples that return false:

[0, 2, 6] – RETURNS WRONG

[6, 2, 1] – RETURNS WRONG

[1, 2, 6, 1, 2, 6, 1, 2, 2, 2] – RETURNS FALSE (appears twice)

[0, 2, 4, 0, 2, 2, 1, 2, 6, 1, 2, 6, 1, 2, 6] – RETURNS FALSE (appears three times)

Finally: The code works for every input of a, b and c. And the code must work for any input array of length 1 or more.

This is the code I have written so far:

private static boolean codeVariables (int[] Numbers, int a, int b, int c) {
boolean d = true;

for (int i = 0; i <numbers.length - 2; i ++) {
if (numbers[i] == a &&
numbers[i + 1] == b &&
numbers[i + 2] == c) {
d = true;
} else {
d = wrong;

Return d;

This code returns false for these issues:

(The remaining problems are correct)

a = 2, b = 4, c = 8



[1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 2, 4, 8, 2, 7, 4, 8] RESET WRONG: SHOULD BE TRUE

a = 1, b = 5, c = 7


Question: How can I return the code accordingly? Is there a way to manipulate the code so that the program knows that a, b, c are in the array, keeping in mind that the order must be the same and occur only once?

Your help is appreciated!

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8 – Warum wird in meiner Seitenansicht ein Fehler von 500 im Browser angezeigt?

Ich habe eine Ansicht erstellt, um die Benutzerseite zu ersetzen.

Wenn ein Benutzer das Konto eines anderen Benutzers besucht, weist er einen Fehler 403 auf.

Hier ist seine Konfiguration:

Geben Sie hier die Bildbeschreibung ein

Geben Sie hier die Bildbeschreibung ein

Wenn ich zum Konto des aktuellen Benutzers gehe, funktioniert es. Wenn ich zum Konto eines anderen Benutzers gehe, habe ich einen Fehler von 500 in meinem Browser:


In den Drupal-Protokollen habe ich viele Fehler, aber keine Details:

Geben Sie hier die Bildbeschreibung ein

In den Apache-Protokollen habe ich den folgenden Fehler:

[Sun Nov 18 13:02:17.467832 2018] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 17384:tid 140440486577920] [client]  AH01071: Fehler 'PHP-Nachricht: Schwerwiegender PHP-Fehler: Zulässige Speichergröße von 134217728 Byte erschöpft (versucht, 20480 Byte zuzuordnen) in / var / www / www-domaine-com / web / core / modules / views / src / Plugin / views / display / PathPluginBase.php in Zeile 397  n '

Ich verstehe nicht, warum die Seite nicht funktioniert. Wie kann ich das beheben?