Can I usb boot win xp or 7 on my intel core 2 duo IMAC 5,2 1.83gh 2009?

Can I usb boot win xp or 7 on my intel core 2 duo IMAC 5,2 1.83gh 2009?

I dont give a crap what version of win has to go on.
i just need to run some xp apps.
7 would b great but plech…
There’s gotta b a way.
Ive got 10.5.8 running now, does it matter?
Can’t (wont, way tomuch installed on it) reformat my drive. May as well swap out drives…

Just a simple usb boot. no garbage..
Thanks in advance..

macos – G4 iMac OS installer doesn’t work – is it the right version?

The original OS installer CDs that came with Macs were specific to each model of Mac, so you have to be very careful about pairing them up.

However, the only iMac that came with 10.2.3 is the Early 2003 17″ 1Ghz G4 model (and the 15″), so it should be the right disk, as far as I can tell. I can’t find any online confirmation of that, though.

There are other 6,1 models that came with 10.2.7, but they have a 1.25 GHz processor.

The USB ports on that Mac are v1.1 (12 Megabits/s!), so they would be painfully slow, even if you did get it working. I don’t know if that might even contribute to the error.

I had one of these models recently – and I replaced the internal drive with a new 2.5″ laptop drive, using an IDE to SATA adaptor. It ran well on OS X Tiger 10.4. Leopard was a bit slow, and with Tiger I could still use Classic.

So, if you want to get this up and running, my advice would be to find a ‘generic’ Tiger installer DVD. (There are even disk images available to download.)

(I’ve since turned the iMac into a lectern….)

mac – iMac Ubuntu Resolution Problem

I’m trying to install Ubuntu on a 2007 iMac, and on when I boot into Ubuntu trial mode to install it (with or without safe graphics), I get this weird problem:
borked ubuntu

It looks like ubuntu thinks the horizontal resolution is larger than it actually is, and so each line drawn to the display is wrapping around to the next line of physical pixels, but I’m not entirely sure. Any ideas how to fix this? (I’m booting with nomodeset, in case that’s relevant). I have tried googling around but as you can imagine, it’s quite hard to describe this problem to google.

I’m running Ubuntu 20.04

dual boot – Want to move Ubuntu from external drive to replace MAC OS on iMac and keep Windows 10

I have Ubuntu 21.04 installed on an external SSD, on an old iMac which is already set with dual boot Mac OS and Windows 10. I want to replace the Mac OS with Ubuntu. And if possible, I would like to use the content of the external SSD as I already set up Ubuntu with all the softwares I need.

The iMac have 8 Gig of memory, Intel Core I5-4570S CPU @2.90Ghz x 4
SSD 1 TB, partitions MacOS 400 GB, BOOTCAMP (Windows) 599 GB

Partition image

(I should have made this 500 GB each)

Ubuntu: version 21.04, GNOME 3.38.5

Present external drive with Ubuntu is 500 GB (leaving 480)

PS: I’m not planning to never reinstall mac OS if this can help.

PS2: I’m scared of loosing Windows for the time being as it has everything I need on it. I’m planning to gradually move everything to Ubuntu and eventually, one day, remove Windows 10 to leave only Ubuntu.

I need to make the booting as smooth as it is between Windows and Mac OS. i.e. once I toggle to boot in Windows, every reboot starts in Windows. If I toggle to boot from MacOS, every reboot starts in Mac OS. I dont want to select the boot every time.

At the moment, to boot from Ubuntu, I have to connect a wired keyboard, hold the ALT key then turn on the power. Then, the boot selection appears, and I must select the yellow icon that saids WINDOWS to boot in Ubuntu.

Boot window
I know I should backup Windows first, but that never garanties that restoring the backup will work. Sometime, the problem is related to boot sector, or any other things.

Can someone lead me into the right procedure?

display – How to connect 2nd monitor to iMac 2020 without usb-c?

display – How to connect 2nd monitor to iMac 2020 without usb-c? – Ask Different

Does unlicensed Apple hardware damage a late 2015 iMac?

Does unlicensed Apple hardware damage a late 2015 iMac? – Ask Different

hdmi – How do I connect a Cintiq 13HD graphic tablet to my Late 2015 iMac?

hdmi – How do I connect a Cintiq 13HD graphic tablet to my Late 2015 iMac? – Ask Different

boot – Black screen after installing Ubuntu 20.04 on 2010 iMac 21.5″

I followed the guide on lifewire How to Install and Dual-Boot Linux and macOS

to dual-boot a 2010 iMac running High Sierra & ATI Radeon HD4670 and suffered the common ‘black screen’ issue when first attempting to boot the live USB flash drive into Ubuntu. Wait long enough and the start-up sound happens, so the system is booting – presumably a display issue.
I found quite a few questions about this on various forums, one of which got me as far as being able to install Ubuntu but now when I boot, the screen goes black as before.

imac – Cannot reinstall macOS from Recovery partition

I have an iMac – Oct 2015, 27” 5K display, External OWC SSD, OS 11.5.1
About 6 months ago, the iMac’s internal HD, a 1 TB Fusion HDD – for lack of a more precise description – started acting “flaky” and I decided it was time to stop relying on it. I purchased an external OWC 500 GB SSD and all has been well since.
For the record, I also have an OWC Dual Dock Drive with two HDDs devoted to alternative TM backups.
I decided I might as well get some use out of that internal Fusion HDD so I shut down, detached the OWC SSD, booted up in Internet Recovery Mode and did my best to erase the Fusion HDD before reinstalling the macOS. This may have been a mistake.
Disk Utility Screenshots of that Fusion HDD.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

That done, still in Recovery Mode, I went back to macOS utilities and chose Reinstall macOS.
macOS Sierra was what was offered – the macOS my iMac came with.
I clicked on Continue, saw the drop-down noting Loading installation information, then Agree.
And here is where things stalled out. I got the macOS Sierra window and Select the disk you want to install macOS.
I waited and waited and waited but no disk was forthcoming and so I could not choose Continue to move forward.
If any one is having a quiet weekend and can offer any suggestions/see anything I have done wrong, I’d greatly appreciate your input.

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