swift – Recommended size for the image button in UITextField as `rightView` or` leftView`?

I tried to find a recommended value for the size of a UIButton (holding a picture) within a UITextField either right view or left view, The documentation does not mention this.

My designer asked me what size to use for the image …

I have mostly seen values ​​of 25, 24, 20.

Can you find a hint?

iOS – Select a poster image to use in photos for a video

In the photo app on the iPhone / iPad, the thumbnail is automatically set to the first frame of the video.

With the To edit Control integrated into Photos app, you can trim the video. Trimming may change the first frame of the video, which will change the thumbnail image.

To edit a video, tap the video thumbnail. This will show the video in a larger view. Touch the Edit button, which is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

Now drag the left pointer towards the left corner of the screen to select the start frame of the video. You can also trim parts of the video from the end. The frame displayed after adjusting the start and end points becomes the thumbnail frame. Tap on Done Button as soon as you are done.

You can overwrite the original video or save the cropped video separately.

Cropping is the only editing operation available in the photo app for videos stored on the camera roll.

In the event that all videos are black, you can crop the video to remove the original black frame. This helps in making the simple distinction between them and the videos look presentable too.

The video thumbnails can not display a custom frame in the photo app Not a part of the video.

ALT attribute – OLD text image not available to inspect the item, and Google does not pick it up, but resides in the page source

To make sure that Google is actually informed about your images, use the "Get as Google" feature in your search console.

When retrieving as Google old are on the spot, do the next review: do one Page? ˅ Query in the Google web search, open cacheVersion of your page and look in the source code – are oldthere at the place?

If both tests are positive, just wait, create an image sitemap, submit it to Search Console, and wait again – so you need to be sure that everything is technically correct.

If old I'm not here to retrieve it as Google – seems to be how @Stephen Ostermiller wrote, they could be delivered via Javascript and you should debug what's wrong with that.

Darktable "Lighttable" view: How to display only a JPG or a RAW image in a directory?

I have just installed the 2.4.x (newest) chart on a new Ubuntu 18.04 PC. If I opened a directory of .jpg and raw files from a camera memory card on my old computer (Ubuntu 16.04), I would only see one image for each pair of .jpg and raw files in the "Light Table" view. That is, my camera stores both a JPG file and a RAW file for each shot. So there is a JPG file and a RAW file with the same file name except the extension.

In my new installation of Darktable the light table view shows me Pair of images for each individual image. Of course that's not terrible, but it would be nice if I could just show the pure thumbnail (if it's a raw file) and the JPG otherwise. (I usually have both types, but some old folders are just JPG files.)

I have turned on the "Do not use JPG thumbnails from RAW files" option, but I do not think that means what I'm asking. I think it's about RAW formats that contain an embedded JPG thumbnail.

Is there a configuration setting that I miss? I do not remember running any kind of setup on my old machine in the past, even though I started with an older version of the application before I upgraded my old machine to version 2.4.

GUI Design – The best way to show the ability to refresh an image embedded in Android

I'm sure you already know, but I have to say it:

First and foremost, the problem with charging is the problem that really should be addressed. I am not sure where these images come from, whether they are generated incorrectly or why they are rendered when they are only partially loaded. However, this is ultimately the problem that needs to be solved. Users have experienced long load times and can be prepared accordingly (load indicators, image placeholders, lower quality images replaced by high resolution images, etc.), but half-loaded images are unexpected, so a user would not do so. It must be prepared for it.

Until you fix the actual loading problem, I would suggest simply reporting it as a bug.

Nevertheless, your app reports errors, I would follow the same pattern and show that some images were not loaded. Provide the user with the ability to trigger a reload, preferably one that requests all erroneous images so that they do not have to search for and tap each erroneous image.

mock up

Download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups

Save the image or the http image in db

We have many customers. Some customers who use our app may want to be able to display their company logo in their reports when they are generated. Currently it shows my company logo. It will show you together.

I intend to have an upload page. I need some advice on two possible solutions.

1 – Have her upload a picture from her computer and save the picture as a blob in the database. I would limit the size of the image and redevelop it to avoid security issues.

2 – Let them enter the http path to their image and save this path in the database. I like this solution, but I'm not sure if there are problems.

I know there are security concerns with solution 1. Are there security concerns for Solution 2? and is that less risk between the two?

I assume the images would appear as "https://www.vectorstock.com/royalty-free-vector/cute-black-dog-icon-vector-13499587".

magento 1.9 – How to show shadows on product images (png image)

Working on the Magento 1.9 website (currently running on shared hosting)

I want to show a small shadow for all product images (png) on ​​all Categoy and product pages for all products (by default).

for example :
Enter the image description here

I would like to show shadows on all uploaded pictures like the second picture
Is this possible, can someone please lead?

Why is the Google Sheets IMAGE () function changing the targeting?

If you look at this sheet, you will see that the image in cell B3 shows a duck head to the left, but the actual image – in cell C3, clicking "zoom in" to see it – shows the duck with the Head up. The documentation of the IMAGE function is minimal and does not contain any signs for a parameter for controlling the rotation.

magento2 – Show media image that is NOT base, small_image or thumb? on the product view page

Steps to Reproduce:

1) Go to admin, create a product, add two images and set roles as

a) Basic picture

b) small picture or thumbnail

2) Now go to the product page in the frontend and reload the URL. You can display the base image as active. but I want to show a small picture or an added thumbnail.

Any suggestions ?

Many Thanks

Multicast – Symantec Ghost 12 restores image command lines

I have a laptop that is my ghost server (Symantec Ghost version, and I start a ghost session with the command line:

ghostsrv.exe "C:  Images  My Image Name.gho" mysession -N1 -C -UU

Connected via Ethernet (and a switch) I have another computer booted into a WinPE client running a Ghost client (Symantec Ghost version I start the client with the command line:

ghost32.exe -clone, src = @ MCmysession, dst = 1

Both computers have fixed IP addresses in the range, their firewalls are off, and I can ping between them.

Any ideas why both ends hang and wait for a connection?
I have Wireshark, but I'm not sure what to look for.

I always just want to reimagine a single computer, unicast.

If peer-to-peer is an option, does anyone know the server and client command lines?