magento2 – Magento 2: How to make Product image uploader rename the image file if the same filename exists?

I’m using Magento v2.3.4 and Cloudflare to cache css, js, and images. The problem is when i tried to upload product image from the backend using the same filename and extension, the image uploader still showing the old image, if i turn off the cloudflare caching , this issue doesn’t exists because the file is not being cached. Is there a way to rename the image when uploaded using the same filename or extension using the product image uploader ?

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CentOS 8 OpenVZ image

I open this topic to ask for help, im a freelancer right now but i allways tested new things in server and vps for some years with up’s and down’s. Right now im on one project myself, no big deal, and i am trying to learn the new operating system’s is giving, when i stopped working on Server Administration i stopped on CentOS 5.4, it still existed MySQL as a free Database Server, well years passed but i allways like this job, for me is not. I want to ask for some help of the community, today or right now i made the first CentOS 8 image from Virtuozzo 7 with ploop, some people still using 2.6 kernel’s or even without ploop module i wanted to know if the image i made works outside the environment i have to see if works. Don´t forget to install the ez xD

Right know it works for me but i wanted to know and put to the test for you people, if works well, we can all make virtual servers with it

The link is:

And its something strange in it the quest kernel is different the the host kernel.
Host: 3.10.0-1127.8.2.vz7.151.14
Quest: 4.18.0

Quest is not kernel dependent? Or this is one way to be updated with new releases of CentOS 8?

Help is allways wellcome xD


Woocommerce showing featured image on hover of the product variation

I would like to ask some help regarding on my issue for my wordpress site

When I click product color variation, the main feature image is showing when I hover the picture. The green image should be display when hovering the image
Thank you so much in advance
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graphics – Mathematica 12.1 Crashes when making large partitions of an image

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image processing – Is there a more practical way to remove backgrounds from a list of files in a folder on my computer?

Is there a more practical way to remove backgrounds from a list of files in a folder on my computer?


Imagine a folder with three image files… Unfortunately I waste time manually renaming the files in the folders so that my code can be done …

enter image description here

The code below eliminates the background and adds a suffix to differentiate the files:

n=3;(*Number of files*)

The result is satisfactory…

enter image description here

…but I was thinking of making this code cleaner and adding something that eliminates my manual file renaming action

Files used in the test:

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here