iso image – PC game .iso missing music

As a kid, I got a free racing ad-game on CD-ROM, from the same company who made Mall Maniacs. As the disc’s becoming 20 years old, and the publisher went bust in 2003, it felt mandatory to make an ISO (or well, DAA as in PowerISO), to keep accessing it whenever the CD decides to die. The game is nowhere to be found on the internet anymore.

The iso, however, doesn’t contain (or at least won’t play) the CD-ROM’s in-game music. The only way to play the music is with the CD in the drive, and with that drive first in order. Is there any way to get around this, instead of burning another CD?


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boot – “unable to find candidate hard disks to install” installating recovery image dell XPES13 9360

I have tried to re-install ubuntu on an dell XPS 13 9360 which came with ubuntu-pre-installed 16.04. I hadn’t use it for a while and when I turned it on again it didn’t work. I have followed the instructions on the dell website to download and create a bootable recovery image. It is downloading the recovery image, but when it tries to install it displays the message “unable to find and candidate hard disks to install to”. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate any information on how to fix this.

where on earth – Is this image, taken about 1900, actually from Nuremberg?

I would suggest asking the Nuremberg Municipal Museums about this image or others tagged as Nürnberg.

Local museums are often interested in receiving such images taken by visitors since sometimes angles, viewpoints or a timeframe may complement their existing collections.

Based on @Arthur’sPass answer, which looks to me like a realistic candidate, the details on the right of your image might be of interest to a local museum in Zürich.

Nuremberg Municipal Museums
Direction and Administration
Hirschelgasse 9-11
90403 Nuremberg
Tel. +49 (0)911 231 – 54 21
Fax +49 (0)911 231 – 54 22

Florian Dierl M.A.
Department Head, Culture of Remembrance


image processing – Extracting informations from a graphic

I’m currently working on a data processing algorithm which involve (for now) grabing values from bidimentional graphs (x;y values) by hand. It is used to do polynomial fitting.
I speak about this kind of graph:
enter image description here

Because the amount of data to extract from these graphics can be very huge (multiple lines with different parameters) I realised that it could be really time consuming for the user. All the graphs we have are pictures.

I would like to know if in the huge world of image processing something exist for extracting a finite number of points with their coordinates from a graph.

Thank you.