Upload images to Javascript and the Python API

Hello, what's the best way to upload a b64 photo to a Python backend?

I tried to turn the photo into a blob and then upload it, but I did not fully understand the concept of this type of image.

The photo flow will be:

Take a photo through a webcam, take this photo, upload it to Python (with Flask) and render it to AWS.

Is there a way to encode this photo, send it to python and run the "decoder"?

Saving Images in MongoDb Atlas

I try to save images in my existing collection.
For example, one of my documents looks like this

{"_id":{"$oid":"5dc5a4851c9d440000cb2d5b"},"Name":"Johnny's Tavern","Monday":"11:30am-10pm","Tuesday":"11:30am-10pm","Wednesday":"11:30am-10pm","Thursday":"11:30am-10pm","Friday":"11:30am-10pm","Saturday":"11:30am-10pm","Sunday":"11:30am-10pm"}

So I'm trying to add a "pic" field to save an image like https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/11/fc/6d/bb/restaurant-frontage.jpg the URL Link or from File Explorer.

Troubleshooting – Why is my image not as sharp on RAW images as it is on saving as a JPEG?

This question already has an answer here:

Beginner question here.
I've taken a picture in low-light JPEG format and it's sharp, but when I shoot raw at 1/125 on a normal day, my picture looks blurry most of the time. Unless I maximize the sharpness increase and yet they are not as sharp as when they are taken directly in JPEG or with a phone.

Below, I have two pictures for comparison. The first image was taken with the settings for saving as JPEG. I took the second image of the flower in RAW and then saved it as JPEG in Adobe Camera Raw, without making any changes. The picture was taken with 1/125 f25 at 55 mm (plus cropping factor) and VR enabled. – I do not think that at this focal length and speed, the movement that is triggered by pressing the trigger is a problem, right?

Both were taken with the same Nikon D5500 DSLR with the base lens 18-55 3.5.

I like the flexibility of RAW-format filming, but I hate it when all my pictures are a bit blurry. What settings does the camera use as a JPEG when saving and how can I edit my images in Camera RAW to achieve the same sharpness of the baseline? Is there a good read on RAW format and saving in JPEG to get me started?

crisp example saved as JPEG
Although the DOF is short, the ball in front is very crisp. We can see the dust on the glass bowl.
Flower blurred
Picture taken in RAW, not so sharp. I do not see the details on the petals as much as I would like.

PS. I realize that the two pictures are hard to compare, but I only use them to express my question. It should not be a scientific analysis, but a means to communicate my question. I have many other pictures taken in RAW that present the same problem. My question is: Do I miss something obvious that could explain this?

Thank you very much!!!

Defective image links, although the links are correct and images are present

I recently migrated my site from BlueHost to Siteground. The upload folder was not migrated properly, so I had to manually FTP many folders. Most pictures are now displayed correctly, but some are still not. For example, most photos are missing in this post. But there is one who is. However, when I go to my file manager, I see that the photo is there.

For example, the first photo that is corrupted refers to "https://i0.wp.com/madhouseheaven.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Santo-Antão-021-1024×579.jpg?resize=1024" % 2C579 & ssl = 1 "

When I look in the folder, the picture is there.
Enter image description here

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Portrait – What type of lens should be used to obtain sharp images of people from a distance?

Let's say these images use the entire frame of your camera or a similar section of it. At the same aperture both images are in focus.


the single childrens frame can be 0.6m wide, you could easily handle your pose. In short, it's a headshot.

and the flagpole, which makes the composition so beautiful, could be 6 m high. The lighting looks more diffuse. Looks like it was pretty windy, so you had to scream to prepare everyone for the shot. Depending on the shutter time, a tripod and the use of the self-timer can be helpful here.
In short, it's a landscape with a group in it.
And if you want to see people in more detail, you need to forget the flag, move closer, and get the same landscape shot.

Greetings Boudewijn van der Drift

legal – ownership of images

I am new here and hope someone can help. I was employed by a company and initially had a low job, which I took as a foot in the industry, but I'm a photographer. At first I started to take pictures for the company, mostly outside of business hours with my own equipment. A picture of me formed the work of an international campaign and various others for various aspects of the business
Since then, they've bought a camera for me and I've grown organically into a purely photographic role – though this has not yet been confirmed with a title or salary review / change. There was a brief addition to my job description that said I'm taking a bit of photography – but it's not part of my official role and I never signed the revised job description because it was so vague and there was no provision for the rights to take pictures , I'm currently taking pictures for social media campaigns and other corporate resources. How does this work with the property? I enjoyed helping and gaining experience, but now I feel like I'm being exploited and I want to understand my rights.

Thank you very much

Why do images on the back of my Nikon D5500 look like comics?

Enter image description here

I think I've enabled a setting that makes my pictures look like comics when using the playback picture on Nikon. The picture below shows a screenshot of what I see on the Nikon. When I download the picture, it looks normal and sharp. This image was used with the setting Automatic and not with special settings. Please specify how you can disable this setting. Thanks!