How can I find the images in my Lightroom catalog that don’t yet have smart previews?

You can find photos without a smart preview by using a smart collection.

Go to Library → New Smart Collection… and add a condition Has Smart Preview is false:

enter image description here

This gets you the photos that do not have a smart preview.

Then you can follow the steps from the manual to create smart previews on the fly.

equipment recommendation – Data transfer rates required to edit images on an ext HD?

I am in the process of sourcing an external HD for my Mac to store and edit images using Lightroom and Photoshop.

I shoot with a Canon full-frame camera therefore, the raw image files are in the order of 30 to 40 MB in size depending on the ISO, and some of my PS PSD files are in the order of 500 to 900 MB in size depending on the number of layers.

I intend to edit photos directly form the external HD.

For cost reasons I am not going to purchase a SSD based external HD rather I am minded to purchase an external HD with enterprise class 7200 RPM drives.

My question is; whether the data transfer rates supported by the following interfaces technologies are sufficient to edit images directly on the external HD?

  1. USB-C
  2. USB 3.0
  3. Thunderbolt 3

Or put it another way what data transfer rates that I should look for in products to meet my demands?


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file system – Images and Videos not loading after transfer from ‘Internal Storage’ to ‘SD Card’

So I moved my files from Internal Storage to SD Card. But after that I found the files having errors in loading both on my file manager and my gallery. I have tried deleting the .nomedia but it still won’t resolve. Can anyone please help me with this?

Phone: Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, Android 10

when trying to play a video

when trying to view an image

python – How to update multiple images at a time?

Here I am trying to update each product image of a particular product. But it is not working properly. Here only the image of first object is updating.


class ProductImage(models.Model):
    image = models.ImageField(upload_to='imgs',blank=True, null=True)
    product = models.ForeignKey(Product, on_delete=models.CASCADE)


{% for image in p_images %}
<td><img src="{{image.image.url}}" width="50" height="50"></td>
<td>&nbsp;&nbsp;<input type="file" name="image"></td>
{% endfor %}


images = request.FILES.getlist('image')
p_images = ProductImage.objects.filter(product=product).order_by('pk')
for p, img in zip(p_images, images):  
  p.image = img
  # Tried this way too:

for img in images:

applications – How can I use a bunch of images as Live Wallpaper?

I have been trying to make it from a lot while, I guess there’s a way of getting it done with drawing it on XMl, and then setting xml as wallpaper.
If anyone can tell me How can I set A bunch of images as a live wallpaper.
And then double tap to change them.

javascript – Problems loading images in Front End environment

I’m trying to get an image to load up properly on my main page, but for some reason it keeps giving me an error.

Here is the HTML I’m using for it currently

<section class="about-section">
    <div class="container">
            <h2>Lorem Ipsum</h2>
            <p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque gravida neque elit, vel gravida nibh hendrerit eget. Integer pharetra risus in lorem luctus, vitae porta neque lobortis. Sed vel laoreet ante, sed porttitor risus. Pellentesque tincidunt imperdiet ante sit amet aliquet. Etiam non ligula id diam hendrerit venenatis. Sed accumsan in mi eu pulvinar. Mauris vel fermentum quam.</p>
        <img src="" alt="Images of Conan Bases">

Error Image

I am running a bit of a custom environment using Express, EJS, and Webpack (I plan on using React for a feature) so I’ll include the code for those as well.


const path = require( 'path' );
const express = require( 'express' );
const webpack = require( 'webpack' );
const webpackDevMiddleware = require( 'webpack-dev-middleware' );
const expressLayouts = require( 'express-ejs-layouts' );

const app = express();
const config = require( './webpack.config.js' );
const compiler = webpack( config );

// Tell express to use the webpack-dev-middleware and use the webpack.config.js
// configuration file as a base.
app.use( webpackDevMiddleware( compiler, {
    publicPath: config.output.publicPath,
    noInfo: true
} ) );

app.use( require( "webpack-hot-middleware" )(compiler) );

app.set( 'views', path.join( __dirname, './src/views/' ) );
app.use( express.static( './dist/' ) );
//app.set( 'layout', './src/views/layout.ejs' );
app.set( 'view engine', 'ejs' );
app.use( expressLayouts );

app.get( '/', ( req, res ) => {
    res.render( 'pages/index' );
} );

app.get( '/armory', ( req, res ) => {
    res.render( 'pages/armory' );
} );

// Serve the files on port 3000.
app.listen( 3000, function() {
    console.log( 'Example app listening on port 3000!n' );
} );


const path = require( 'path' );
const MiniCssExtractPlugin = require('mini-css-extract-plugin');
const HtmlWebpackPlugin = require( 'html-webpack-plugin' );
const { CleanWebpackPlugin } = require( 'clean-webpack-plugin' );
const webpack = require('webpack');
const HtmlCriticalWebpackPlugin = require( 'html-critical-webpack-plugin' );

const mode = process.env.NODE_ENV || 'development';
const isDev = mode === "development";

let config = {
    mode: 'development',
    entry: (
    devtool: 'inline-source-map',
    devServer: {
        contentBase: './dist',
        host: ''
    plugins: (
        new webpack.optimize.OccurrenceOrderPlugin(),
        new webpack.HotModuleReplacementPlugin(),
        new webpack.NoEmitOnErrorsPlugin(),
        new CleanWebpackPlugin( {
            cleanStaleWebpackAssets: false
        } ),
        new MiniCssExtractPlugin( {
            filename: 'styles.css',
            chunkFilename: '(id).css'
        } ),
        new HtmlWebpackPlugin( {
            template: './src/views/pages/index.ejs',
            filename: 'index.html',
            inject: true,
            excludeChunks: ( 'server' )
        } ),
        new HtmlWebpackPlugin( {
            template: './src/views/pages/armory.ejs',
            filename: 'armory.html',
            inject: true,
            excludeChunks: ( 'server' )
        } ),
    output: {
        filename: '(name).js',
        path: path.resolve( __dirname, 'dist' ),
        publicPath: '/'
    module: {
        rules: (
                test: /.js$/,
                exclude: /(node_modules)/,
                use: {
                    loader: 'babel-loader',
                    options: {
                        presets: ('@babel/preset-env'),
                        plugins: ('@babel/plugin-transform-runtime')
                test: /.ejs$/,
                use: (
                        loader: 'ejs-loader', // I have a suspicion this could be causing my issue
                        options: {
                            esModule: false
                test: /.html$/,
                use: (
                test: /.css$/,
                loader: (
                    isDev ? 'style-loader' : MiniCssExtractPlugin.loader,
                test: /.scss$/,
                exclude: /node_modules/,
                use: (
                    isDev ? 'style-loader' : MiniCssExtractPlugin.loader,
                test: /.(png|svg|jpe?g|gif|webp)$/i,
                use: (
                        loader: 'file-loader',
                        options: {
                            outputPath: 'images',
                            name: '(name).(ext)'
                        loader: 'image-webpack-loader',
                        options: {
                            bypassOnDebug: true,
                            disable: true

!isDev ? config.plugins.push(
    new HtmlCriticalWebpackPlugin( {
        base: path.join(path.resolve( __dirname), './dist'),
        src: 'index.html',
        dest: 'index.html',
        inline: true,
        minify: true,
        extract: true,
        width: 1920,
        height: 1080,
        penthouse: {
            blockJSRequests: false
    } )
) : null;

module.exports = config;

I was wondering if anyone knows what my problem here is?

magento2 – Product images not showing

This can be happened due to many reasons. please try each solution one by one.

try to increase memory_limit, after that run the Nginx server

Solution 2 (try this if 1st one does not reflect images on frontend):
try to run this command =>

sudo php bin/magento catalog:images:resize

it will take some time & then run

 sudo php bin/magento c:c

Solution 3
If both will not work then this can be happened due to the 3rd party module please check & if anyone related to product then disable each module & check again.

magento2.3.1 – Data Fetch Error And Images are not Loading (Display) in PWA Magento 2.3

I managed to run Venia frontend however facing the same issue. I have installed PWA venia in frontend magento 2.3.1 but images are not loading. Here are the comments to your questions. Please Help with your suggestions

Magento version : 2.3.1

Operating System + version: Ubuntu Linux 16.04

node.js version (node -v): v10.15.3

Yarn Version: 1.15.2

Note: Yes, Images are loading in local instance.

file / folder permissions yes

My instance is running on HTTPS

Please check the screenshot.

enter image description here

enter image description here