Photo editing – is there software that can automatically scan multiple images? (Windows 10)

I want to digitize my old family albums with a scanner and they contain a lot of photos. So far, my method has been to scan 4 images at a time and then crop them manually in a simple editor like Paint 3d. This was quite time consuming because 4 scans follow each scan. Scanning each image individually could be even more time consuming.
I'm on Windows 10. Is there any software (other than Photoshop) or a simple plugin that does this job?

Is there photo analysis software that pre-sorts images by identifying potential technical problems?

This is pretty easy if you can write in Python. Here is a good article on using an open source computer vision package to detect general image blurring:

Blur detection with OpenCV

Here's a quick script that sorts images into fuzzy / ok directories:

# Sorts pictures in current directory into two subdirs, blurred and ok

import os
import shutil
import cv2

BLURRED_DIR = 'blurred'
OK_DIR = 'ok'

blur_count = 0
files = (f for f in os.listdir('.') if f.endswith('.jpg'))


for infile in files:

   print('Processing file %s ...' % (infile))
   cv_image = cv2.imread(infile)

   # Covert to grayscale
   gray = cv2.cvtColor(cv_image, cv2.COLOR_BGR2GRAY)

   # Compute the Laplacian of the image and then the focus
   #     measure is simply the variance of the Laplacian
   variance_of_laplacian = cv2.Laplacian(gray, cv2.CV_64F).var()

   # If below threshold, it's blurry
   if variance_of_laplacian < FOCUS_THRESHOLD:
      shutil.move(infile, BLURRED_DIR)
      blur_count += 1
      shutil.move(infile, OK_DIR)

print('Done.  Processed %d files into %d blurred, and %d ok.' % (len(files), blur_count, len(files)-blur_count))

Your hardest problem is installing Python and OpenCV on your system. You can install Google Python3 for your operating system and how to install Pip with pip3 opencv. Or there are also some Python + OpenCV pre-installations. You do not need the latest version of opencv to run this script.

The script works great and measures general image blur. This is good for most pictures. However, the overall image measurement means that these background photos filled with a face and bokeh are placed in the blurry directory and you have to sort them out again. In any case, you should go through the blurry images to make sure there are no guardians out there.

I hope this script speeds up your workflow.

A nice improvement to this script is to include face detection, calculate the blur on the largest faces in the photo, and use these values ​​for the blur threshold. By default, total blur is used when no faces are detected. I leave this improvement to you!

How do I overwrite images in the content of the node?

Our website has problems due to the high resolution images in our articles. We already have thousands of items, so processing is not optimal. I am a bit new to Drupal and I just need to get the "HTML" body of the node so I can edit the images and then attach the updated HTML code back to the node content. I'm really new to Drupal and saw this hook node_entity_view, but I don't quite understand how to use it. I don't even know if that's the right catch. Can someone help me? Thank you so much!

Post-processing – refocusing of light field images using the Fourier Slice Photograph set

I am trying to refocus images from a microlens array light field using Renier's Fourier Slice photo set, which can be found in his thesis, Chapter 5, Equation 5.7. You can find this at -thesis% 20Lytro.pdf

In other words, the Fourier slice photography set means that a photograph is the inverse 2D Fourier transform of an extended 2D layer in the 4D Fourier transform of the light field.

Part of my confusion is the notation and applying in Python to a captured light field image. At first I understand what the Fourier transform is, but when Ng says 4D Fourier transform the light field, I'm not sure how to interpret it. I currently have my light field as a NumPy array, so my values ​​for u = i, v = j index on the different images with subaperture, each pixel in the image with subaperture having an x ​​and y coordinate, which gives me a 4D Light field array.

        lf_img = cv2.imread(lf_img, -cv2.IMREAD_ANYDEPTH)
        row_lens = lf_img.shape(0)/14 #14 is pixels under a microlens in this direction
        col_lens = lf_img.shape(1)/14 # 14 is pixels under a microlens in this direction
        vp_imgs = np.zeros((14,14,int(row_lens),int(col_lens),3))
        for i in range(14):
            for j in range(14):
                vp_imgs(i, j, :, :, :) = lf_img(i::14, j::14, 0:3) ##U,V,X,Y,(RGB)

Then I see pictures like this in Ng's thesis, where it looks to me like he just took the 2D Fourier transform of each lenslet and arranged it in a grid . So I'm not entirely sure how to interpret this 4D Fourier transform and how to cut. Thank you so much!

Example of what type of light field image I work with:

Media – Images cannot be added to the content "Image field is required"

When developing a new site with Drupal 8, I tried to add an image to a custom block. In the editor I clicked on the image icon and received a dialog for uploading an image. After I specified a file (to make sure it was within the size of the upload file), the strange error message "Image field is required" was displayed.

I took the error message literally and created a new custom block type by adding an "image" field to the block. Now in the form I have a body and an image field. When I try to upload using the "Image" field under the body, I get the same "Image field is required" error.

Error message when trying to insert an image

I tried to add an image file from the Content / Media tab again and the same error was displayed:

Media upload failed

(I also notice that there is a Caption checkbox but no box to enter a caption. I assume that I will have a text box after uploading the image.)

Drupal 8.8, all current.

I will remove the path from the background of 15 to 30 images with a 24 hour delivery time for $ 10

I will cut the background background removal from 15 to 30 images with a delivery time of 24 hours

Hi sweetheart.

I am a Photoshop expert with more than 5 years of experience. My Skills: Clipping Path, Background Removal, Image Editing, Photo Retouching, Masking, Product Retouching, Nick Join, Photo Croping,
Color correction etc.
Thanks a lot

Automatic resizing of images – WordPress Development Stack Exchange

I can't figure out why my picture changes size automatically when I upload it as the background of a section by adding a "300×195" behind my data BG URL.

data-bg-url = "×195.jpg"

My website is:

I use Fusion Builder as an editor. This only happened with the newly replaced image for the sections "VIP Gaming Room" (new) vs "Console Corner" (old)

Please advise. 🙁

Enter the image description here

mysql – Find the locations of all featured images of design contributions via SQL

I am trying to get the file locations of all images used in draft postings via SQL and phpmyadmin.

The "Posts" type attachment should include the position of the image in the Guid column.

SELECT voybp_posts.guid
FROM voybp_posts
WHERE voybp_posts.ID IN (SELECT voybp_postmeta.meta_value
                        FROM voybp_postmeta
                        WHERE voybp_postmeta.meta_value = voybp_posts.ID
                        AND voybp_postmeta.meta_key="_thumbnail_id")

This currently returns the locations of ALL mail attachments. I think I need a subquery to find only "draft" posts, but I'm a bit lost.