How to fix IMAP Error 0x800CCC0E in Outlook?

IMAP error 0x800CCC0E can occur in Outlook for various reasons, including network connection problems, security application conflicts, Outlook profile compromised, PST file corruption, and so on. As a result, this error can be fixed manually by disabling antivirus software and the Windows firewall, checking the Outlook profile, and adjusting the port number. Use Microsoft’s built-in repair tool "Scanpst.exe" if your PST file is damaged. However, the Scanpst may fail. In that case, find and patch the corrupt PST files with the Stellar PST repair tool.

Gmail Nederland

python – imap on generator object without monkey patch?

I am processing an unknown “length” of generator object.
I have to keep things “lazy” because of memory management.
The processing is compute heavy, so writing it multiproc style is the solution (or at least it seems for me).

I have solved this problem of multiproc on generator object with a combination of monkey patch and a bounded Queue.

What really itches me is the monkey patch…
Do you think this is fine to apply imap on a generator object? How would you do this?

I would like to underline that the focus is to compute the outputs of a generator in parallel.
From the perspective of this “minimal example” :

process_line, process_line_init, process_first_n_line

are the functions I am most interested about your opinion.

import multiprocessing as mp
import psutil
import queue 
from typing import Any, Dict, Iterable, Set

def yield_n_line(n: int)-> Iterable(Dict(str, str)):
    for i in range(n):
        yield {'body': "Never try to 'put' without a timeout sec declared"}

def get_unique_words(x: Dict(str, str))-> Set(str):
    return set(x('body').split())

def process_line(x:Dict(str, str))-> Set(str):
        process_line.q.put(x, block=True, timeout=2)
    except queue.Full:
    return get_unique_words(x)

def process_line_init(q: mp.Queue)-> None:
    process_line.q = q

def process_first_n_line(number_of_lines: int)-> Any:
    n_line = yield_n_line(number_of_lines)
    if psutil.cpu_count(logical=False) > 4:
        cpu_count = psutil.cpu_count(logical=False)-2
        cpu_count = psutil.cpu_count(logical=False)
    q = mp.Queue(maxsize=8000)
    p = mp.Pool(cpu_count, process_line_init, (q))
    results = p.imap(process_line, n_line)
    for _ in range(number_of_lines):
        except queue.Empty:

def yield_uniqueword_chunks(
    n_line: int = 10_000_000,
    chunksize: int = 1_787_000)-> Iterable(Set(str)):
    chunk = set()
    for result in process_first_n_line(n_line):
        if len(chunk) > chunksize:
            yield chunk
            chunk = set()
    yield chunk

def main()-> None:
    for chunk in yield_uniqueword_chunks(
        n_line=1000, #Number of total comments to process
        chunksize=200 #number of unique words in a chunk (around 32MB)
if __name__ == "__main__":
    main() – Apple Mail IMAP incorrectly moving to Gmail’s Trash, not Archive (All Mail) as intended

Setup: macOS Big Sur, using Apple Mail client connected to Gmail via IMAP.

Expected behavior: when deleting an email from Apple Mail client, Gmail should preserve it in All Mail (i.e Archive).

Behavior I’m getting: Gmail moves emails to Trash.

Gmail IMAP settings:
enter image description here

Apple Mail settings – Mailbox Behaviors:

enter image description here

Secure IMAP or POP3 Authentication Methods

I’m setting up my own personal mail server as big tech companies are getting evil each year. I find the username-password method archaic and insecure for something as important as email. What are my options? I like the concept of “access keys” from Amazon IAM. I also don’t mind using PKI for email settings. The point I’m making here is that I want something that’s not brute-forcible while revocable in case something goes wrong just like CRL.
I know that IMAP is flexible because it supports SASL+GSSAPI, but the question is whether there are implementations I could use on my Android/IOS phones and PCs.

email – What characters/length are supported in IMAP passwords?

I use a password manager and created the password LX7mQW9Tw^V0$Ef2Ag#v*

    (* don't worry, that's not my password any more, keep reading)

My DNS / email provider accepted it and I could use it successfully to log in on their webmail app.

I followed their document on configuring (basic TLS-wrapped IMAP & SMTP) in and kept running into trouble. Eventually, while verifying my password I got the bright idea to change it to something shorter and with less-special special characters. Finally, as the climax to about an hour of troubleshooting, it worked!

Now I want to add a note for account setup to help my people avoid this limitation in, apparently, (or not, but that’s all the evidence I have so far).

So back to the question in the topic: Are there known limitations as to what characters or length will support for IMAP accounts?

Thank you!

php 7 – Erro IMAP Certificate failure for

Estou desenvolvendo uma aplicação em que uso o Imap para se conectar ao gmail de um cliente, tudo funciona corretamente no local porém ao upar para o servidor e rodar o codigo recebo o seguinte erro can't connect: Certificate failure for self signed certificate: /OU=No SNI provided; please fix your client./CN=invalid2.invalid em meu ambiente local a aplicação funciona perfeitamente sem um certificado, como posso resolver isso ?

microsoft outlook – Export Email FROM Addresses from IMAP Server as CSV

I’m a publisher of a newsletter and many of our subscribers have ‘changed’ their email addresses and what they have are ‘replies’ to our email with a friendly notice that their email address has changed.

This is causing a problem for us because it stacks up in the thousands and shows up on our mail delivery software as if they ‘opened’ the letter when in fact it was a ‘bot’ that auto-replied.

I’m looking for a PHP library or a 3rd party Open Source tool that can simply connect to an IMAP server and export the ‘from’ address from a given folder one address per line and the subject.

The contents of the email do not matter. We just want the ‘from’ address so we can first remove them from the newsletter.

Does anyone know of a tool, free or paid that can read IMAP email and export CSV summaries of email activity?

Every tool I’ve investigated so far will let you save ‘1 message’ as a text file – completely useless.

What we need is a tool to export an entire IMAP folder where all the replies to our newsletter are neatly stored.

Thank you!

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