macos – Completely remove iMessage access from MacBook (icon appearing when I text)

I don’t want iMessage on my MacBook anymore, at all. I’ve signed out of all accounts on my MacBook but when I start a text on my phone, this creepy icon appears, so it still knows I’m texting. dock

I’ve read various related questions here, here, here and here but they’re not quite getting at the same thing.

Does anyone know how to prevent this? I’m running Big Sur and hadn’t noticed this previously, but I tend to leave a while before updates (precisely because there’s always something annoying like this).

iphone – iMessage sent to contact that I did not type or send!

I have an iPhone XR with iOS 14 with security issues in the past. One of my email addresses showed up on to data breach websites and the password I use was the same for all of my accounts like a dummy. Accordingly, my Apple account was hacked at the same time and password was changed by whoever hacked it.

I was really worried about my bank information and things like that so I changed all of the passwords that I could.

For a while everything seem to be going all right, until this morning I noticed a blue bubble message that “I” had sent to my lead at work, and I put quotation marks because it most definitely wasn’t me. And no one else had physical access to my phone at the time. And it was at three in the morning. Here is a picture of the message circled in red that was sent by someone

enter image description here

It was 8 AM before I noticed the message was sent to her and I apologized and told her that it was not me. I might even believe the stretch that it was an accidental voice to text but there is a question mark Emoji on the end that I never use.

At this point with everything that happened with my accounts being hacked I am almost certain that my phone has been compromised somehow by hackers. I’m paranoid about checking my bank account to make sure my money is not wiped out every day.

Has this ever happened to anyone before?

I was reading other forum post about this and people said that it is almost definitely the work of somebody remotely controlling from a computer terminal for malicious reasons. I think at this point I’m going to invest in an android with better security like a OnePlus unless someone has any better recommendations? You really can’t get a whole Lotta protection in Apple’s sandbox 👶🏻


How safe is using iMessage in China WITHOUT iCloud?

I know that Apple has moved to local iCloud hosting in China as of 2018 but what is the implication to using iMessage without an iCloud account setup?
Not sure if I’m reading it correctly but this blog states that iCloud Keychain is stored on hardware located on Apple property… which would be in the US? I guess what I’m asking if how confident is the netsec community that China is unable to access iMessage content that is not backed up to iCloud.

iphone – RE: iMessage on iPad and MacBook

Good Afternoon,
I need to disable iMessage from my MacBook and iPad. No matter how many times I utilize the Apple ID and password request in iMessage on my MacBook and iPad, I find it open and running almost everytime I log on. I share these devices with someone and have told him I only want messages on my iphone. How can I take care of this once and for all? please and thank you?

iphone – How to stop FaceTime and iMessage alert

I have a data only sim which has poor signal at home. Every time my phone loses signal and gets signal again it displays this message.

Der vom Netzbetreiber gefallene SMS-Schaden beim Aktivieren von
FaceTime und iMessage

Which means it could not sent an sms to verify the number for FaceTime and iMessage.

If I leave my phone for a long time it connects to the network maybe 30 times then I have 30 alerts to dismiss before I can use my phone.

I really don’t want to change my number as I’m only using a data only sim while in another country.

ios – How can I make sure texts from friends with iPhones don’t go to iMessage instead of my Android phone?

I have always used an Android phone, but text messages from certain friends get hijacked by iMessage. How do I prevent iPhones and MacOS Messages from sending me iMessages? I need all messages to be SMS or MMS.

Some friends with iPhones will text me, but I don’t receive the message. Today I noticed the Message app on my Mac had notifications. I never open this app since I don’t use iMessage, but I looked today, and found multiple “lost” messages from several weeks ago.

Please note that this is NOT the same question as Removing phone number from iMessage. My Android phone is not, and has never been, registered with iMessage, and I have already followed those instructions. Another poster (cpcallen) had the same question as me–How can I ensure that friends with iPhones send me SMS/text instead of iMessages?–but it was closed, being deemed as the same as the Removing phone number question. It’s actually fairly different.

I have tried:

  • Leaving my Messages app closed on my Mac. But somehow messages from these people get hijacked.
  • Deregistering my mobile number using Apple’s online Deregister iMessage tool. When I attempted this, I got the message “Your phone number is not registered with iMessage.”
  • Finding a setting on my Android phone that addresses this. The
    problem is apparently (and logically seems to be) on the Apple end.

Things cpcallen says he tried:

  • Closing I still get macOS notifications of messages.
  • In Messages > Preferences… > Accounts > (my email address), untick “Enable this account”. Then my friends messages disappear and I never
    see them at all, at least until I reenable in
  • Looking in System Preferences and on and to see if there is some setting I can disable—but
    I’ve not found anything relevant.
  • Using Apple’s Deregister iMessage tool to unregister my mobile number. When I attempted this it gave me the message “Your phone
    number is not registered with iMessage.”

icloud – Forward iMessage – Ask Different

Situation: group chat needs to remain iMessage only, while other entities need the info.

Question: how can an iMessage be forwarded by SMS or as an email?

Further info: the iMessage can be received either by an email address (preferred) or phone number associated with iMessage, and then needs to be forwarded either by SMS to a non-iMessage number, or forwarded as an email to an email address. The receiving email address could be iCloud / iMessage capable if needed, but will not be accessed on an apple device.