acegen – AceFem crashes immediately after plotting

I hope everyone has a great day / night.
I've generated an item in AceGen, where I'm now conducting an analysis on AceFem. Evaluating the AceFem notebook executes and renders the plot, but Mathematica crashes immediately afterwards.
I have:

1) The AceGen element was created in debug mode, so there should be no issues with it.

2) An attempt was made to run a regular non-AceFem / AceGen 3D drawing on mathematica (as described in these posts, SIGSEGV errors on 3D drawings, why does mathematica crash when I rotate a 3D graphic?), To check if my graphics and graphics are error free it went quite well. I could turn the picture of the plot and Mathematica did not crash.

My machine details are:
MacBook Pro (13 inches, 2017)
3.1GHz dual-core Intel Core i5
Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB. I use Mathematica 12.
Any ideas / suggestions on what might have caused this are welcome. Thanks for your time.

How can I immediately transfer money from Neteller to Western Union?

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How can Google index my website immediately? – SEO help (general chat)

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Windows Server 2012 R2 Bitlocker sometimes appears as active immediately when policies are set

The setup looks like we have a bunch of laptops for people connecting to Windows Server (2012) AD. We have an AD group (I did not set it up so that it is not 100% secure) that allows you to store bitlocker keys for each device and force users to Bitlocker USB keys before going on it can copy. Sometimes it seems like a breakdown, so that one of two things happens:

  1. The normal way (as it should be): We want to move a device to Bitlocker (this could be after a reinstallation or a device that was not yet on Bitlocker in the past), so we put this device in the AD group, report Every now and then in Windows on the device. We then right-click on C: and select Turn On Bitlocker, and it leads us through the setup. If the guidelines are met, we will not be prompted to insert a flash drive, etc., to secure the key while it is being sent to the server. It will then take a while for the drive to be encrypted (of course faster with an SSD, the devices with hard drives take ages).
  2. We use the same method. After moving the device to the AD group, we will log in again and it will appear that Bitlocker is already enabled on the drive.

In the second option, this is the case even for new installations (so I know that Bitlocker has never been activated) and happens immediately (even with hard disks). This seems to me that while it is reported that Bitlocker is enabled, is it actually? Since we do not receive the wizard when it's on, we can not encrypt the entire drive. Therefore, I appreciate all data that was on the drive before reinstalling Windows (if it was not) Bitlockered before reinstalling it) would not be protected (if someone had performed a full recovery on the drive and searched for deleted files) , Has anyone else experienced this and has anyone done any tests to determine if the data is encrypted?

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A PC with Ubuntu 18.04 will automatically restart immediately after shutdown

I have ASUS X550LD with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS installed. The problem is that my PC starts automatically right after shutting down. To fix the problem, I visited some threads. One solution I found is disabling Wake on LAN Setting from the BIOS, but I could not find that in my BIOS settings. There was one wake on lid Option that I disabled.

If the laptop does not charge and is on battery power, it will not start automatically after shutdown. However, if the laptop is charging, the problem continues.

Is there a way to fix the problem?

Unity ball hitting the paddle that does not reflect immediately

After the ball has hit the paddle, it continues for one or two frames in the physically reflected direction. Then my onCollisionEnter2D function is executed and changes the speed. At least it seems that way. I'm a noob at Unity, so I have to misunderstand something.

if (other.gameObject.CompareTag("Paddle"))
        float dist = ballRb.transform.position.x - paddleRb.transform.position.x;

        if (dist > 0)
            ballRb.velocity = new Vector2(4, speedY);
            ballRb.velocity = new Vector2(-4, speedY);

Thoughts about why it comes after a detour to a bucking? I slowed it down so you can see better what happens.

reactjs – React useState is not updated immediately in the component function

I have a feature that sets my data when changing a selection. It works halfway – It will be updated as expected in the following change. Obviously, that's not ideal. I'm obviously doing something wrong, but I'm not sure what ?!

Any guidance where I'm wrong would be great. Thanks!

const App = () => {

    const (data, setData) = useState(());
    const (filteredData, filterData) = useState(());

    useEffect(() => {
        const getData = async () => {
            const result = await axios('/myapi');
    }, ());

    const handleChange = (e) => {
        const value =;   

        filterData(data.filter(function( obj ) {
            return === value;

        // This doesn't work as expected - On subsequent function call it returns the previous function calls data.

    return (
        // ...
        // Select with onChange={(e) => handleChange(e)}
        // ...